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Canelo Vs Charlo Live Coverage

We are doing live coverage of the big end-of-September boxing matchup between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo. Earlier this, we put together a prediction piece which you can read here: https://fightgamemedia.com/2023/09/canelo-vs-charlo-prediction-can-jermell-pull-off-the-upset/.

After the fight, Carlos Toro and I will do a live post show on YouTube.

The audio will be on both on our Fight Game Media Network free feed as well as on our Patreon.

We’ll be back once the ring walks start.

Canelo Alvarez Vs. Jermell Charlo


Charlo has a decent height advantage, but Canelo is clearly thicker. Charlo moved around the ring and threw a couple of jabs before Canelo missed a wild and lunging left hook. Canelo threw a job of his own to load up on the right that landed on Charlo’s arms. Canelo showed some vertical movement as well in unloading a big right that again hit the arms. This was a missed opportunity for Charlo to steal a round.


Canelo is slowly stalking Charlo, who landed a nice counter shot. Canelo landed a body shot. Charlo’s movement was much more earlier in the first. Now he’s just moving straight back. Another missed opportunity for Charlo. Canelo pushed him back without much pressure.


Canelo didn’t even sit down on his stool between rounds. Canelo loaded a right hook to the body. Charlo tapped his hip as if to say it missed. Canelo is setting up his right hook to the body with a left hook to the body. Charlo is continuing to go backward without much pressure from Canelo. I have Canelo up 3-0.


Charlo opened up his arsenal a bit more. He didn’t just let Canelo’s punches come through without much fight back. But in doing so and counterpunching, it opened up Canelo’s counterpunching and that didn’t bode well for Charlo.


Canelo buckled Charlo’s legs a bit with a left hook to the chin. Charlo landed a few punch combination which was his best work of the fight. But again, all it did was turn Canelo into a counterpuncher, which he’s great at. Probably Charlo’s best round, but I’m not sure he got it.


Canelo bullied Charlo in the round. He was physically moving him with his gloves and near the end, started to measure his punches. He made Charlo look small in that round and cut him off and forced him into the corner.


Canelo landed a straight right hand and it hurt Charlo and then he went down on a knee in a delayed reaction. Charlo landed his best left hook of the night as Canelo was walking in for the kill. It stopped Canelo’s stalking slightly.


It was the first round in which Canelo looked a little winded. He was still throwing his big punches, but he wasn’t reacting well to Charlo’s counters. Charlo could use his movement more, but he seems to be willing to take the punches and try and followup. I have Canelo up 7-1 with the extra point for the knockdown.


I thought Charlo would try and find the energy to press Canelo more with more punches and movement. He fought a good round, but he didn’t take advantage of Canelo taking his foot off the gas pedal a bit. Canelo landed a wicked uppercut that snapped Charlo’s head back.


Canelo picked it up again in the first half of the round. He looked like he wanted to finish and landed a brutal combination. Charlo had a flurry of his own, but it wasn’t enough to win the round.


After getting yelled at by trainer Derrick James to step it up, Charlo didn’t step it up. He ate a couple of big right hands in the process. It was much of the same from the round prior.


Canelo seems like he wants to end it, but he’s also okay with winning by a clear and unanimous decision. It seems like Charlo just wants to show that he can hang in there. Charlo held on a lot late seemingly to make sure he finished the fight.

Decision: Canelo Alvarez by way of unanimous decision (119-108, 118-109, & 118-109)

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