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On this week’s episode, Fumi Saito & Justin Knipper talk about the illustrious career of Paul E. Dangerously a.k.a Paul Heyman, and focused on his time in ECW, which was launched 30 years ago this year. Topics include:

Heyman hanging at Studio 54

Getting bodyslammed by Scott Hall early in his career

Working with The Original Midnight Express, Eddie Gilbert & Missy Hyatt

WCW’s Dangerous Alliance

ECW: Creating characters like Raven, the Dudleys, Sandman, etc.


Picking up Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerrero, Chris Benoit & 2 Cold Scorpio

Bringing Psicosis & Rey Mysterio Jr. to ECW

Heyman’s phone conversation about Chris Jericho

ECW invading WWF in 1997

ECW + Japan: IWA, FMW

Barely Legal PPV

Heyman’s booking style

ECW + WWE One Night Stand

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