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AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2 Live Coverage – Bryan Danielson Vs Kazuchika Okada

We’ll be back later today to cover AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2 starting with the pre-show all the way through the end of the main event, which we believe will be Bryan Danielson Vs Kazuchika Okada.

Yesterday, we put up our preview of the show on Fight Game Podcast Extra that you can check out before the show starts.

We’ll add any news to this post that drops before the big PPV begins.

Tony Khan tweeted that there’s a change in the card.

Zero Hour

The dark match was Fithy Tom Lawlor Vs. Serpentico, so even though his match with Adam Cole was cancelled, he was still able to wrestle on the show.

Swerve Strickland, Toa Liona, Brian Cage, & Bishop Kaun Vs. Rocky Romero, Chuck Taylor, Trent Bereta and El Desperado

Swerve won the match with the double foot stomp off the top rope after Brian Cage hit a F5 cutter.

Winner: Swerve Strickland, Toa Liona, Brian Cage, & Bishop Kaun

Billie Starkz Vs. Athena

The winner faces Willow Nightingale in the second round of The Owen Cup. Billie may have gotten the wind knocked out of her. Billie got some shine and it was a competitive match, but clearly a vehicle for Athena to win impressively with the slam piledriver.

El Phantasmo Vs. Stu Grayson

Grayson hit a 450 from the top rope, but then Phantasmo won with the C02.

Winner: El Phantasmo

Jeff Cobb, Kyle Fletcher, and TJP Vs. Shingo Takagi, Bushi, and Hiromu Takahashi

This is the last match on the Zero Hour. Shingo won the match with Last of the Dragon on TJP.

Winner: Shingo Takagi, Bushi, and Hiromu Takahashi

Main Show

Hiroshi Tanahashi Vs. MJF

Tanahashi is moving a tad bit better than last night at Collision. MJF had an abdominal stretch on in the corner for a few minutes so he could do a spot with referee Bryce Remsburg where Remsburg kicked his hand off the rope that he was using for leverage.

Tanahashi hit a senton on MJF and then the standing high fly flow. MJF blew out his knee and then did a shoulder breaker on it, hurting it more. Tanahashi hit the dragon screw and then the Texas Cloverleaf. He went for the high fly flow but MJF got his knees up but also sold the knee. MJF got his title and the referee took it away. Tanahashi school-boyed him, but the referee was dealing with the belt so it was a late count. MJF bumped Tanahashi into the referee and then used his ring to knock Tanahashi out.

Winner: MJF

Satoshi Kojima Vs. CM Punk

Very loud boos for Punk during his entrance. Very methodical match. Kojima got some offense in early on, but then it was all Punk including a lariat spot in the corner when he yelled “Lariat!” and “Kojima!” Finally, Kojima got his comeback hitting his quick chop spot in the corner twice. Kojima went to the top and hit an elbow drop to the nards. Punk hit his own elbow drop that Kojima kicked out of and then Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice.

Kojima got one more comeback. But he missed the Lariat and Punk capitalized but missed the GTS. Kojima hit the brain buster for a two count. Punk finally hit the GTS for the win. Match hit a gear that I didn’t expect and was quite good.

Winner: CM Punk

Orange Cassidy Vs. Katsuyori Shibata Vs. Daniel Garcia Vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Lots of cute spots that seem choreographed early on including a quadruple big boot spot. The match turned up a notch. There were multiple big time spots with all four guys including OC and Shibata sitting across from each other and slapping each other and ZSJ tying OC into knots. Shibata hit the PK on Garcia, but OC pushed Shibata to the floor and rolled up Garcia with a crucifix.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Jungleboy Vs. SANADA

This match was a huge disappointment. The story was that Jungleboy wasn’t in his league and even though he tried to use SANADA’s Skull End against him. SANADA then did the swinging Skull End, a poison rana, a Shining Wizard, and then a moonsault for the win. The crowd was stunned.

Winner: SANADA

Hook, who was ringside with Jungleboy, raised his hand and then Jungleboy turned on him with a clothesline.

Eddie Kingston, Tomohiro Ishii, & The Elite Vs. Blackpool Combat Club, Takeshita, & Shota Umino

Early spot to get the crowd going was Moxley and Kingston facing off for a chop battle. Kingston even took his straps down for it. It went on for a while and then everyone was in the ring, but soon out of the ring again while Kingston and Moxley were still chopping each other. Claudio Castignoli then started working on Kingston.

Umino and Takeshita worked together beating up on Ishii. Moxley came in and Ishii suplex him. Hangman knocked Takeshita silly and hit a running shooting star on him outside the ring. Takeshita gave the Bucks a double German suplex, but they hit a double superkick.

The finish was everyone hitting big spots on each other one after the other. At the end, it was Ishii giving Wheeler Yuta the brain buster for the win. Really fun match.

Winner: Eddie Kingston, Tomohiro Ishii, & The Elite

Willow Vs. Toni Storm

Willow looked like a babyface star in this match. She got a lot of offense early on and then late in the match, went to the second rope for a moonsault. Saraya and Ruby Soho were ringside and the referee found a spray can that they tried to use. He then kicked them out of the match. Willow hit the Pounce, but missed the moonsault and Toni raked her eyes when the referee didn’t see and hit her short piledriver for the win. Really good stuff.

Winner: Toni Storm

Will Ospreay Vs. Kenny Omega

Early in the match, Omega had upper hand as if he had Will’s number. He hit the You Can’t Escape moonsault. He went for the Terminator Dive but Don Callis grabbed his foot. He went after Don but Don high tailed it away from ringside. Don’s security guards stopped Kenny for getting closer to him.

Ospreay took over and they went to the outside. He slammed Omega’s head into the outside table three times and that was after hitting an Oscutter on the side apron. Omega’s head was busted wide open. Ospreay hit him with a V-Trigger that knocked Kenny out of the ring. Ospreay stole a flag from a fan and stuck it in his nose. Omega clotheslined him and then used the flag to choke him and throw him over the top rope. He hit a V-Trigger on Will against the barricade and Will’s face was bloodied up. Omega turned the steps vertically and hit a DDT on Ospreay.

After a series of both doing German suplexes to each other, Ospreay put the Sharpshooter on Omega. He also put on a Crossface.

They went back toe-to-toe, each hitting moves for nearfalls. Don Callis came back ringside. Kenny hit three V-Triggers. Callis tried to cover Ospreay so Omega didn’t hit him, but Omega did it anyway. Callis gave Ospreay a screw driver and he hit Omega with it, then hit the Hidden Blade and the Storm Breaker. Omega got to the ropes. Omega was out of it and Ospreay hit the V-Trigger and then the One-Winged Angel, but Omega kicked out at one. Ospreay hit the blade and then a Tiger Driver and dropped Omega on his head. He hit another Blade and then a Storm Breaker for the win.

Winner: Will Ospreay

Minoru Suzuki, Chris Jericho, & Sammy Guevara Vs. Tetsuya Naito, Darby Allin, & Sting

Suzuki and Darby faced off. Darby tagged in Sting and Jericho begged for the tag. Sting put Jericho in the Scorpion. Guevara hit a cutter from the top rope to break it up.

Later in the match, Jericho set up a table and put Sting on it. He ordered Guevara to splash off the top. Guevara fought it. But he did it anyway. Sting was up quickly and eventually after some spots that maybe didn’t go perfectly, Naito rolled up Suzuki to win the match.

Winner: Tetsuya Naito, Darby Allin, & Sting

Bryan Danielson Vs. Kazuchika Okada

Danielson came out to Final Countdown. Slow start to this one. Early Cattle Mutilation from Danielson. Okada did a dive over the barricade and then back in the ring, put on the Money Clip.

Danielson hit two running dropkicks in the corner and on the third, Okada hit his famed dropkick. Okada went to the top rope to hit his elbow, but Danielson caught his arm and put him in the LaBelle Lock. Outside, Okada hit the tombstone on the stage. Back in the ring, Okada hit the elbow from the top rope and Bryce Rembsburg called in the doctor. Danielson started convulsing a bit. The doc let it go and then Danielson hit a flying knee and then did it again. He went for the stomps on Okada. Okada hit another drop kick and then the Rainmaker, but Danielson kicked out at two.

Okada went for another Rainmaker, but Danielson got the LaBelle Lock, but his right arm is hurt so he can’t lock it quite in. He finally locked it in and all of a sudden, Okada tapped.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

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