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Devin Haney Vs Vasiliy Lomachenko – Live Coverage

Devin Haney Vs Vasiliy Lomachenko

Devin Haney Vs Vasiliy Lomachenko

Welcome to our live coverage of Devin Haney vs Vasiliy Lomachenko. Come fight time, we’ll give real time round-by-round coverage of the fight. As you can see above, we’re also doing a live stream post-show recap with Carlos Toro and myself. The audio will be on our Patreon.

You can listen to my discussion with the great Robert Silva about the fight on Fight Game Podcast Extra.

Round 1

Haney started out faster than Lomachenko throwing five punches before Lomachenko even threw one. Lomachenko was busier later in the first round and he had some flurries that were probably more entertaining than anything else. Neither guy really let anything go. Haney probably deserves it just a bit more.

Round 2

The second round was excellent. Because of his reach advantage, Haney is able to land long body shots that Lomachenko probably feels is out of distance. Haney landed some nice counter shots that looked flush and a deep dig body shot. Lomachenko found his footing in the last minute of the round, winning the last 60 seconds or so. Very close round no matter what, but I’d slightly give it to Haney.

Round 3

Round three was also excellent. There was a little rough play in the inside early. They traded headshots until Lomachenko landed his best punch of the night and maybe stole the round. I have it 2-1 Haney.

Round 4

Things got a little muddled on the inside as they both went down during a clinch like it was a wrestling match. Lomachenko’s movement on the inside is giving him angles, while Haney’s length is allowing him to measure his right hand. Haney won round four.

Round 5

Haney also won round five. He’s starting to impose his size more. He held Lomachenko’s head and was warned by the referee. Lomachenko had his moment on the inside and had Haney up against the ropes.

Round 6

Lomachenko won round six. Haney is landing the harder shots, but it’s usually one where he loads up his right to the body. Lomachenko is scoring in flurries, but it’s pretty clear that the punches aren’t doing much. Haney’s targeting the body, but Lomachenko doesn’t seem slowed down by them yet.

Round 7

For most of the round, it was roughhousing and trying to impose will. Lomachenko wanted to make sure Haney knew he couldn’t just push him around. There were multiple clinches as well. Lomachenko then threw a tremendous left-hand that looked like it may have hurt Haney. Close round, but I’d go with Lomachenko there.

Round 8

That was yet another really close round. Early in the round, there was a clash of knees where they both stepped in right at the same time causing Lomachenko to slip. Lomachenko caught him with a flurry, but Haney won it by landing stronger right hands both to the body and head.

Round 9

It looks like Lomachenko is tired, but then he’s really playing possum. He eked that round out by landing his straight left and then following it up. Haney isn’t seeing that well. Haney was much more defensive in that round. I have Haney up 5-4.

Round 10

Lomachenko throws his left hand and allows his body to close the distance and it’s too close of a distance for Haney to let go. And Haney isn’t stepping backward to increase the distance. And then Lomachenko is winning on the inside. I have the fight even after ten.

Round 11

Round 11 for Lomachenko was the best round for either guy tonight. Haney can’t get him to back up and Lomachenko was able to push him backward. Haney needs the twelfth.

Round 12

The 12th round was very close. I think Haney did enough to sneak out with the twelfth and that makes a draw fight on my scorecard. Lomachenko looked tired in the round and Haney didn’t.

Winner: Devin Haney

The scorecards were 116-112, 115-113, 115-113 for Devin Haney.

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