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DAZN Boxing – Usyk Vs Joshua 2 Live Coverage

It’s Usyk vs Joshua 2 and GG will have live coverage with updates after every round. If you’re unable to watch, follow along.

Usyk Vs Joshua 2

Round One

Usyk moved well in the first round. Joshua was calm, though started letting Usyk dominate with the action late in the round to take the round. Joshua threw two lead right hands, so that could be something to look for later in the round. Both men jabbed well.

Round Two

The second round was a good one for Joshua. He landed some timely right hands both to the head and body. Usyk wasn’t moving as much in the round and seemed to be an easier target to hit. The first two rounds are split on my card.

Round Three

The third round was razor close. Usyk was more active, but a lot of it was action to get Joshua to react and he didn’t really bite. Both men landed big power shots to close the round, but Joshua’s was a cleaner and bigger shot so he gets the round.

Round Four

The fourth round was yet another razor close round. Joshua still landed the bigger shots, but Usyk was more successful at penetrating his defense. He had to throw three or four shots to land one, while Joshua is much more efficient. Usyk eked out the fourth on my card.

Round Five

Usyk was much more active with movement in the fifth. He was upsetting Joshua’s rhythm and Joshua looked uncomfortable. Joshua hit Usyk low and on the hip mid-round. The fifth was a clear Usyk round on my card.

Round Six

There was a nice flurry by Joshua near the ropes where it was the first sense of trouble for any fighter, but Usyk got out and continued to have his way with Joshua to again win a very decisive round on my card.

Round Seven

Round seven was yet another clear round for Usyk. Joshua wasn’t nearly active enough or applying enough pressure to upset Usyk’s rhythm. Usyk is having his own way with Joshua now.

Round Eight

Round eight was very competitive and Joshua’s best round since early goings. He started to attack the body and then followed up punches rather than just throwing one body shot like he’d been. He had to eat some shots from Usyk, but that’s what it’s going to take for him to get back in this fight. Gave it to Joshua.

Round Nine

Usyk seemed to tire from the body shots from earlier and spent most of the round trying to keep Joshua off him. Joshua stalked him and attacked the body and stayed on top of him. Really big round for Joshua and he’s back in the fight.

Round Ten

Usyk came back with a vengeance in the first half of the tenth round. He had Joshua playing defense until he ate a right hand which stopped him in his tracks. But he found it again and dominated the last minute of the round. Great round for Usyk.

Round Eleven

Usyk’s best defense late her in this fight is offense. He wasn’t hurting Joshua, but Joshua wouldn’t throw because of having to defend all the punches coming at him. Joshua landed a great body shot that backed Usyk up but he couldn’t follow it. Usyk won round eleven which should give him enough rounds to win the fight as long as Joshua doesn’t get the knockout.

Round Twelve

Have to give credit to both guys who are leaving everything in the ring in this twelfth round. Joshua was so tired he was leaning on Usyk at times. He may have won the twelfth, and I did give it to him, but it wasn’t enough. Usyk should get this decision.

Winner: Oleksandr Usyk by way of split decision

One judge had it 115-113 for Joshua. The other judges had it 115-113 and 116-112 for Usyk.

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