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Powerbombshells Episode 21: We’re legal! Swerve in Our Glory wins gold

Powerbombshells Episode 21 is up and we’re celebrating our show being legal with adult beverages. (Our cover photo has confetti in it, which is why it doesn’t have Keith Lee)

While we sipped on our drinks, we talked about how smart it is for AEW to utilize Dark to show big matches from other promotions like they did with Thunder Rosa and PAC. It also gets more eyes on Dark than it would normally tune in.

We then switched our focus to the AEW tag team title change. Swerve in Our Glory winning was an unexpected and nice surprise. After their win, Keith Lee spoke about his close friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. In a moment where he could be celebrating himself, he used his platform to uplift his friend. His authenticity is one thing that draws fans to him and he is hard not to like or root for.

Keeping with AEW, we briefly discuss the women’s match on Rampage lasting just 28 seconds and how they could easily feature 2 or even 3 women’s matches on Rampage if they wanted.

Paul Wight has said that the Captain Insano character from The Waterboy has been approved to use in AEW. There wasn’t a lot of info given, but Mel & I discuss how this can work without taking too much away from other talent. They could have a lot of fun with it.

Jonathan Gresham turned heel two weeks ago and aligned with Tully Blanchard Enterprises. After his match last week on Rampage, he was challenged by Claudio Castanogli for his ROH World Title this Saturday on Death Before Dishonor. We discuss whether or not Castanogli can afford to lose his first big match in AEW/ROH. Before his big match on Saturday, “The Foundation” is set to face Konosuke Takeshita at TERMINUS two days before. Although it isn’t for the title, Takeshita has been on a tear during his US excursion and isn’t someone for the champ to take lightly.

The G1 has started. I hadn’t had a chance to start it before we recorded, but Mel has. We talked about “Filthy” Tom Lawlor’s impeccable fashion sense.

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