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Brace for IMPACT: Scott D’Amore brings the wrestling world together

Scott D'Amore

Scott D'Amore

Scott D’Amore brings the wrestling world together

Scott D’Amore, IMPACT Wrestling’s Executive Vice President should be considered among the most valuable executives in pro wrestling. When he took over in 2018 along with former partner Don Callis, TNA/IMPACT was all but dead. Anthem purchased the company from the scrap heap a little more than a year prior and with Jeff Jarrett in charge, Anthem nearly cut bait. D’Amore and Callis with help from Chris Jericho got a meeting with Anthem to make a proposal to turn the company around the rest is history.

While IMPACT isn’t as popular as it was during its peak TNA years, its as stable as its ever been. They are owned by Anthem, which owns AXS TV and Fight Network in Canada. IMPACT anchors both networks and is their highest rated show. Without D’Amore stabilizing the brand and slowly rebuilding its reputation I don’t know that Anthem even purchases AXS TV in 2019.

Scott D’Amore’s legacy and reputation as an EVP was cemented this past Sunday when he brought together WWE, AEW, MLW, and NWA all on one pay per view. AJ Styles from WWE sent in a video praising IMPACT’s legacy, as did AEW’s Sting. AEW also sent Frankie Kazarian, NWA sent Nick Aldis and MLW sent Davey Richards all to wrestle on the event. D’Amore even organized a group photo with three former Presidents of TNA/IMPACT in Billy Corgan, Ed Nordholm, and Dixie Carter. Corgan and Carter had a significant falling out in 2016 which resulted in a messy and public court battle, that eventually led to Dixie selling the company to Anthem. Since 2018, D’amore has rebuilt the reputation among other wrestling promoters, wrestlers, and wrestling fans and IMPACT has become a product worth investing your time and money into.

MLW and IMPACT working together

Davey Richards appearing at Slammiversary this past Sunday is not the last crossover that we will see with the two companies. Sami Callihan appeared at MLW’s Battle Riot taping this week, and there are two MLW-IMPACT matches taking place at the “Flair’s Last Match” event at Starrcast on July 31 in Nashville, Tn. Josh Alexander will defend his IMPACT World Heavyweight Title against MLW’s Jacob Fatu. Which should be tremendous. Also, MLW’s Davey Richards and IMPACT’s Eddie Edwards will reunite as The Wolves once again and take on IMPACT’s  Motor City Machine Guns. This is not a typical independent show and both companies are actively helping to promote Starrcast so there is a legitimate partnership happening here.

Its long past due for these companies to work together. They use some of the same talent already and work the same venues. Whether that means a full blown merger (unlikely) or just syncing their schedules so as not to cannibalize each others audiences and send talent back and forth. MLW and IMPACT are much stronger working together than they are a part.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

The June 25 Slammiversary Fallout episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV was another middle-of-the-road show. It was mostly skippable yet again and was saved by the main event. The promos just didn’t click for me and it appears that the major angles did not get much needed closure at Slammiversary, as Callihan and Moose as well as Josh Alexander and Violent By Design are continuing their feuds.


  • Honor No More vs The Briscoes and James Storm: Edwards, Bennett, and Taven are such an awesome trio. I could watch them almost every week. Of course they worked well with the Briscoes who were great as usual. But the star of the show was James Storm, who reminded the audience that he never lost it. Should IMPACT bring him back full time he could be a main event player.

  • Mia Yim makes Chelsea Green eat defeat: My podcast cohost JD Oliva called this the best TV match of Green’s career and I don’t disagree. She has improved lately in her new role. Mia Yim also looked great and should be in line for a title shot soon.
  • Josh Alexander beats Deaner:  Deaner looked good here and the match had a nice story. Doering attacked Alexander, hurting him before the match, creating some doubt and sympathy for Josh. Good match.


  • Opening promo: The opening segment with Honor No More and Americas Most Wanted started off great. They started planting the seeds of PCO leaving the group and Matt Taven had an excellent promo. AMW being on my TV is always a good thing and James Storm continued to prove he is a great promo. But this went way too long and was very reminiscent of WWE. The Good Brothers appeared here as white-meat babyfaces in helping AMW brawl with Honor No More and that is not a good role for them.
  • Alisha Edwards and Gisele Shaw star in community theater: This was not good and for some reason Alisha Edwards started eating a cupcake.


  • According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, television buys for Slammiversary are estimated to be between 1200 and 1400. Thats unusually low according to Meltzer and 80% of cable buys came from Dish Network. Streaming buys however were said to be above last years Slammiversary.
  • Final attendance for Slammiversary was 526. Reports from fans in at the tapings on Monday at the Fairgrounds that estimated attendance was just over 200.
  • Gisele Shaw announced that she is transgendered. The announcement has been picked up by several news outlets, including TMZ. Good for her as that’s a very brave thing to do in this climate. IMPACT is pledging their full support.

  • Nothing has come of the Tommy Dreamer tease on Busted Open that there would be some big news coming out of Slammiversary about more places to watch IMPACT content.
  • Tickets have gone on sale for Emergence and Second City Slam on August 12 and 13. The events will take place in Chicago, Il at Cicero Stadium. Thats the same venue MLW runs.
  • Lady Frost announced that she has asked IMPACT for her release. She has been with the company since late 2021 and has not been used a whole lot.
  • Josh Alexander will defend his title against Joe Doering in the main event of Against All Odds. Also added is Jordynne Grace vs Steelz for the KO title, and Sami Callihan vs Moose in “Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match”, which likely means Raven will be there.
  • Honor No More will take on The Good Brothers, James Storm, and a mystery team now that The Briscoes were written off television this week. They may have been written off for good or Mark Briscoe might just be taking paternity leave.


The June 25 episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV  held steady 108,000 viewers with a 0.04 demo, the exact same as last week. The episode was ranked #127 the Showbuzz Top 150, down from #120 last week.

IMPACT Ratings 2022

Date Total Viewership Demo Notes
June-25 108,000 0.04 Honor No More vs Briscoes and James Storm; #127 on Showbuzz
June-16 108,000 0.04 Slammiversary Go-Home; #120 on Showbuzz
June- 9 121,000 0.03 Honor No More vs. MCMGs and Kazarian; #121 on Showbuzz
June-2 116,000 0.03 Morrissey/PCO vs. Maclin/Moose; #120 on Showbuzz
May-26 125,000 0.03 VDB vs. Josh Alexander/Briscoes; #130 on Showbuzz
May-19 119,000 0.04 Briscoes vs. VBD; #93 on Showbuzz
May-12 125,000 0.03 Gauntlet for the Gold; #116 on Showbuzz
May-5 108,000 0.04 Under Siege Go Home
Apr-28 107,000 0.02 Moose vs. Alexander; NFL Draft competition
Apr-21 112,000 0.03
Apr-14 123,000 0.04
Apr-7 89,000 0.02
Mar-31 149,000 0.04 Bullet Club vs. Motor City Machine Guns 2
Mar-24 100,000 0.02 Mickie vs. Tasha
Mar-17 68,000 0.02 Josh Alexander vs. Matt Taven
Mar-10 94,000 0.03 Sacrifice fallout
Mar-3 131,000 0.04 Sacrifice Go-home; #133 on Showbuzz
Feb-25 111,000 0.03 No Surrender fallout; #141 on Showbuzz
Feb-17 109,000 0.03 Bullet Club vs VBD; #131 on Showbuzz
Feb-10 117,000 0.03 W. Morrissey vs Brian Myers; #145 on Showbuzz
Feb-3 114,000 0.02 Bullet Club vs IMPACT
Jan-27 182,000 0.05 #104 on Showbuzz; PCO vs Chris Sabin
Jan-20 126,000 0.03 Josh Alexander vs. Charlie Haas; #147 on Showbuzz
Jan-13  111,000 0.03 Deonna Purazzo vs. Rok-C. #144 on Showbuzz
Jan-6 104,000 0.02 Hard to Kill “go-home” show

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