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Powerbombshells Episode 10: Becky Lynch Comments On The AEW Women’s Division

In episode 10 of Powerbombshells, we discussed Becky Lynch’s comments on the AEW women’s division, NJPW’s Best of Super Juniors 29 participants, and DEFY’s free show on Pluto TV.

We opened the show giving a shout out to Kyle VonKubik (@obeykube) for our amazing new logo. Seriously, it’s great.

Last week, Lynch made comments (possibly in character) about the AEW women’s division and pointed out some of their flaws. We discussed why some of her points were incorrect and talked about how both divisions have a lot of work to do. Sam also brought up a new women’s wrestling project, Women’s Wrestling Army. It’s from Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Bobby Cruise.

While we didn’t get to watch Wrestling Dontaku prior to recording, we did see the participants of this year’s BOSJ tournament. It’s a favorite of both of ours and we excitedly went through the field.

DEFY Wrestling aired their show, “Wild Ones” for free on Pluto TV. The show featured Sw3rve Strickland, Nick Wayne, and Christopher Daniels. The main event was a bloody affair between show favorites “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Jon Moxley. Sam talked about watching DEFY for the first time and her delight of Lawlor coming out to a song by NKOTB.

To wrap up the show, we previewed what we’re planning for Episode 11.

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