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WrestleMania 38 Night One Live Coverage – Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs. Kevin Owens

wrestlemania 38 night one live coverage

If you need a refresher on what is going on this weekend, check out Steven Conway’s Guide to WrestleMania 38.

We’ve also been doing a ton of podcasts, previewing and covering the weekend on our Fight Game Media Network and Patreon.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the main show.

Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs Vs The Usos

This was about at the level of an end of hour one SmackDown match. The Usos won fairly cleanly with the

Boogs tried to put both Usos on his shoulders and his knee buckled, and it may have been a legit injury. With Boogs hurt, Nakamura was going one on two and lost to the Usos version of the 3D.

Winner: The Usos

Baron Corbin Vs Drew McIntyre

Match started a bit slowly, but turned the corner nicely near the end. Corbin had the upper hand and Madcap Moss was on the apron which distracted him. Last night during the ROH show, we had Bandido telling the referee to throw his manager out of the match. And on this show, we had Corbin getting mad at Madcap who distracted him. What’s going on with managers these days?

Corbin hit a sweet End of Days that was a great nearfall.

Eventually, McIntyre hit the Claymore Kick for the finish.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The Mysterios Vs The Miz & Logan Paul

The Mysterios got the crowd into it with their inventive offense early on. Paul is a halfway decent athlete, but this isn’t his gig. He cut off Dom with a double axe handle to the back and it was way too light on replay. Dom sold it like he was hit by a brick.

Paul lost his headband at one point and rather than just let it go, he put it back on. He also did a British Bulldog inspired powerslam. He hit Rey with a vertical suplex and added two more amigos to it. He’s a very good heel. He went to the top rope and shimmied like Eddy and hit a nice frog splash. Maybe this is a little bit more of his gig than I gave him credit for.

The Mysterios hit a 619 on Paul. Miz hit Rey with a Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner: The Miz & Logan Paul

Miz turned on Paul after the match. Paul was pretty good overall out there and got real heat.

Stephanie McMahon came out to introduce Gable Steveson.

Becky Lynch Vs Bianca Belair

They teased the SummerSlam finish again, but Bianca kicked out.

Both women really worked their asses off. Early on, it felt a little too scripted and wasn’t smooth enough to where you don’t really think about it. There was some clunkiness early as well and even a few stiff shots/botches.

But they did pick it up as they got further into the match. They both hit some big moves with Belair hitting a 450 splash for a two count. Becky almost had a count out win after a Manhandle Slam on the steps, but Bianca got back into the ring at nine and Becky had a conniption fit.

Bianca hit a KOD after Becky missed a move and the crowd went nuts anticipating the finish. It wasn’t the great great match that I hope, but it wasn’t too far below that and the moment with Belair winning more than made up for it.

Winner: Bianca Belair

Seth Rollins Vs. Cody Rhodes

They even used his music from AEW.

The second he showed up on the stage, Variety published an interview with him.

Match has a slow pace to it. Cody’s trying to stretch out the moments and make them more meaningful, but Seth is such a dynastic wrestler, it’s a bit of a styles clash. Seth gave him a buckle bomb outside to the barricade. He hit a falcon arrow for a two count.

After a flurry of transitions and counters, Cody hit the Cross Rhodes for a two count. Seth hit an inverted suplex from the top rope and then kept the dragon sleeper position for another falcon arrow.

He missed the Phoenix Splash and Cody teased the Pedigree, but hit a powerbomb from the Pedigree position. Cody hit a top rope springboard cutter for two. He may have hurt his ribs. Seth hit the Pedigree for a two count.

Cody hit a Cross Rhodes and then held on and hit another. Then he hit some jabs and the bionic elbow like his pops. Then he hit the third Cross Rhodes for the win. Great re-debut.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

It was time for the Hall of Famers to be on the stage.

Ronda Rousey Vs Charlotte Flair

The crowd is dead to start. And it seems like it’s affecting them slightly. They’re both trying to do moves explosively as if this was a shoot, rather than in the dramatic pro wrestling way to show moves.

Charlotte chopped Ronda’s chest to shreds. They’ve missed a bunch of stuff including Charlotte missing her moonsault into a moonsault spot. They did a spot on top of the turnbuckle which ended up with Ronda doing a throw from the top rope.

Ronda got an ankle lock in and it was the first time the crowd got into it. Charlotte kicked her way out of it. Charlotte got the Figure 8, but Ronda turned it over and they fought toward the ropes.

Ronda hit the Piper’s Pit but Charlotte was too close to the rope. The referee made the three count but then immediately said it wasn’t the end. Charlotte hit the Natural Selection as Ronda was arguing with the ref.

She had Charlotte in the arm bar but the ref had just been bumped. She went to wake him up and ate a big boot and Charlotte retained. Weird.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

It looks like the New Day vs. Sheamus and Ridge Holland was cut according to Sheamus’ tweet.

The Kevin Owens Show with Stone Cold Steve Austin

Kevin Owens came out to cut down Texas more. Austin came out to a tremendous pop. He walked to the back and brought out the 4-wheeler.

Austin said he had a stupid haircut and talked trash about the state of Texas like a dumb sonuvabitch. Owens kept going on how dumb Texas residents were.

Owens said he tricked Austin. He was actually looking for a fight. He brought him out here to challenge him to a match. He’s challenging him to a no hold’s barred match. He asked the crowd for a hell yeah if they want him to wrestle. The crowd went nuts.

They started throwing blows and then Austin stomped him with kicks in the corner. He threw him to the other side of the ring and then drank a beer and hit more stomps in the corner. He threw KO over the top rope and drank another beer. Owens threw Austin into the barricade but Austin fired back with a clothesline.

Austin went to send Owens into the ring post but Owens reversed it and Austin hit the post. Austin reversed Owens trying to throw him into the table and then tossed him into the crowd. They brawled in the crowd. Owens reversed a suplex attempt and suplexed Austin onto the concrete.

Back toward the ring, Austin slammed Owens onto the announcer’s table. He drank beers over him and then mounted him with punches. Owens snapped his neck across the top rope. Owens tried to take the 4-wheeler but Austin drove him onto stage and then suplexed him onto the stage. He gave him another. He threw him down the ramp and back toward the ring.

Austin went to drink about his 6th beer and Owens surprised him with the stunner. He went to get a chair and swung and hit the top rope and it ricocheted onto his own head. Then Austin hit the stunner to win the match.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

He gave Owens another stunner and then gave one to Byron.

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