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Scott E. Wrestling’s WrestleMania Weekend Diary – Day 4

wrestlemania weekend

We’ve made it. It’s the final day of the WrestleMania Weekend Diary and we are in for a whole lot of fun. If you missed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s entries, give those a spin.

Now, I’ll do my best to shake this one up as the 16-match opening round of Stardom’s Cinderella Tournament kicks off my day with WrestleMania Sunday (and a guest appearance on Bruise News) ending my night. I’m sure I will sprinkle in plenty of wrestling in between. Let’s get to work.

Sunday: 3:30 a.m.

Got about two and a half hours of sleep since the end of WrestleMania. Now I’m live for Stardom’s Cinderella Tournament. It’s 16 matches in rapid succession, over-the-top-rope rules apply with minimal time limits. This is why this tournament rocks! Upsets galore.

Now Watching: Stardom Cinderella Tournament (LIVE)

The venue is packed. The energy we’ll feel when big moments are bound to happen will be some of the best a Stardom show has had in a long while. Someone is going to be made through this tournament and I, for once, am excited.

Arisa Hoshiki… oh, how I miss her. I hope she’s doing well. It’s one of the biggest “what ifs” in pro wrestling history.

By the way, the bottom of my foot hurts for no reason whatsoever. Too much wrestling watching isn’t a viable injury.

Stardom presents its roster like a big deal. Honestly, there’s a reason I believe this roster is one of the best in the entire world. Top to bottom, there isn’t a weak spot. And a lot of the “weaker” spots are only improving by the day. A fantastic opening to the show to make everyone be special.

Unagi Sayaka vs. Hina kicks off the madness. Cheers!

There was a great near-fall that had me believing Hina won so it worked. Cool start.

Bringing out the big guns with the winless Waka Tsukiyama vs. Saki Kashima as the second match. Upset?

Update: There was not. Lasted maybe three minutes. Halfway to the destined second-round matchup between Saki and Mayu Iwatani.

H-A-N-A-N Hanan!

It was the best match so far. They had a good pace with multiple scares for Maika, who was able to escape with the win and will wrestle again later in the night against Saya Kamitani. It should be great once again between those two and is a finals rematch from last year.

If MIRAI loses, we riot.

High-speed MIRAI also known as the best in the world… some people say.

Joker-mode Mina Shirakawa is not good. I’d even say everything about it is really bad.

MIRAI won so it’s okay. Mina made it difficult but we got there. MIRAI hit a great lariat to win it.

From one favorite to another (the) favorite of mine — Mayu must reach the destiny of facing Saki. It’s the only way this tournament can go.

Lots of fun with that one. Momo Kohgo is getting better and better but, thankfully, Iwatani walked out with the win.

NATSUPOI VS. STARLIGHT KID — HERE WE GO!!! I’ve had Starlight Kid picked to win this tournament for months now so I am totally prepared to be horribly wrong.

Well, I was prepared! The match was tons of fun and that is the beauty of the Cinderella Tournament. Now we await a potential win for Himeka, Maika, or Hazuki. Easily the three favorites remaining. No question.

(I don’t know what to think anymore, but it might be because I took a long nap that I called my night of sleep and could be delirious.)

Utami Hayashishita vs. Tam Nakano in a 10-minute sprint. YEAH! (LA Knight voice)

Tam Nakano made an incredible save.

It’s a draw! The two women who led Stardom in 2021 have both been eliminated in the first round. Hoping they run it back because their chemistry is fantastic. Long live the Cinderella Tournament.

It’s intermission so let’s drop in a fantastic photo.

Intermissions get me because it is 5:15 AM and I’ve had two hours of sleep. TWO. I have a busy day ahead and would like some more. Sigh.

We back! OH, AND IT’S A ROUND TWO MATCHUP which is Saya Kamitani vs. Maika in the continuation of the rivalry (and the rematch of the 2021 Cinderella Finals).

It was a draw, meaning another favorite in Maika is out on night one! I can’t stress enough how great this tournament is live. It has never been before for the first round and these moments aren’t nearly as good when you are simply reading them off Twitter before seeing them days after. Saya Kamitani vs. Maika will be happening for the Wonder of Stardom Championship and it will be fantastic as always with these two.

Lady C vs. Mai Sakurai LOL

Well anyways… Saya Iida vs. Rina is up now.

I think Saya Iida will get a good run in this tournament. Not sure how far but she’s earned it.

A lot of matches in here all of a sudden with obvious winners. Koguma moving on into the second round by beating Fukigen Death is fine by me.

Himeka vs. Ruaka time! Can another favorite be eliminated?

As you can tell, I am beginning to fade.

The clear remaining favorite wins. It has long been Himeka’s time to shine.

Hazuki had a solid match with Miyu Amasaki. Feels more determined than ever since the match with Momo Watanabe at Stardom World Climax. The intensity has been brought up and she is going to go on a run which is great.

Giulia vs. Thekla could be the best match of the first round. This or Momo vs. AZM has a chance.

It’s up there with Tam Nakano vs. Utami Hayashishita and Natsupoi vs. Starlight Kid as the match of the first round. They packed in a lot and made it count.

Momo Watanabe vs. AZM is about to be fantastic again.

AZM with the upset! Actually one I predicted so it’s a big win for me (maybe the only one of today). The match was fun but just an absolute sprint.

Time for Ami Sourei to make her debut… in the main event… against Syuri. Big stakes, huh?

An impressive debut for Sourei in Stardom. Can’t get much better than that besides winning. She made Syuri struggle to get the win with seconds remaining. Fun match to conclude the show.

Syuri’s new faction, God’s Eye, added MIRAI to the ranks to end the show. In my opinion, it’s the perfect way to go. MIRAI is suited and ready to be the number two in a faction and now she will be. Fantastic faction name and a great night.

I’ll be back later for WrestleMania!

Sunday: 8:00 p.m.

I took a break today from wrestling after watching the Cinderella Tournament to record a podcast and just enjoy my Sunday. But it’s time for WrestleMania Sunday and if last night is a hint of things to come, this should be a special show.

Now Watching: WrestleMania 38 (LIVE)

Cody Rhodes | WrestleMania Weekend Diary

Cool moment for Triple H. Subtle but fitting (and necessary).

This RAW tag team title match should be really good.

It was really good. So good. Let’s just say great. Randy Orton is having the time of his life and you can feel it. Such a perfect opener to follow up WrestleMania Saturday. You can’t ask for more out of those six guys. Keep building on it now.

BOBBY!!! Match worked perfectly. Omos felt unbeatable but Lashley’s ability to cut him down and win made the match worth every minute. “The All Mighty” is one of the special dudes in WWE still. That was cool.

The crowd is LOVING this. I’m blown away from that alone.

Sami Zayn is amazing. I think this will be the universal thought from the match tonight. He made all that work and it was pure entertainment.

I wish Sasha Banks had a big singles match.

Sasha Banks got a WrestleMania moment! Deserving is an understatement. The match was a major upgrade from the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match from last year. Banks and Naomi had a great finisher to win it so good for them. I wonder how long they last together but it’s good Banks has something to do.

Can we get a second dream match to deliver in wrestling this weekend? I’m not sure but I am hopeful.

More of what I expected going into it than what fans were hoping for in a “dream match.” The methodical pace was more boring than brilliant as it just feel like we were watching a wrestling match in slow motion. A shame but hey, the Edge-Damian Priest combination will be interesting… maybe. A real letdown overall.

It’s the New Day! Oh. Thanks for coming. Barely a match. Pretty expected though seeing it was cut yesterday.

This Cody replay is the best part of the last hour.

So happy for Pat McAfee, no matter how this goes.

Tough for WWE to not show any of Pat McAfee’s previous wrestling matches because his opponents work for AEW now. LOL

What a time. The first Pat McAfee match with Austin Theory was a quality match and experience for McAfee. The dude is an absolute star and had one of the loudest reactions of the night. I would complain about the Vince match but Stone Cold showed up and that’s all we can ever ask for. Another fun moment with Stunners to go all around.

Pat McAfee is perfect for professional wrestling. Hope he stays forever.



A main event that felt as big as they wanted it. The energy in the building fit the match and what we got from the match was exactly what you’d expect from these two. All bombs all the time. Signatures, finishers, and suplexes all around. Heel work by Roman Reigns, which has been a staple of his title reign to this point. My only real complaint is the sudden finish, otherwise it lived up to my expectations.

WrestleMania Sunday could not live up to the WrestleMania Saturday that we received. That being said, we did get some good in-ring action, a great couple of moments for Pat McAfee, and Roman Reigns standing tall as the Undisputed WWE Champion. It was one heck of a way to end what was an amazing WrestleMania Weekend of events.

If you took the time to read through all of these and join me on the journey, thank you. It was a blast to share my time watching wrestling with everyone and hope everyone loved the weekend we had. It was a fantastic couple of days.

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