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Scott E. Wrestling’s WrestleMania Weekend Diary – Day 1

wrestlemania weekend diary

WrestleMania weekend is always exciting, but this will be the first year since 2019 where it feels right again. It feels as though every wrestling promotion has a show of some sort somewhere in the Texas area. I’m here to do my best and watch as much of the great wrestling as possible and will be documenting it for the next four days in my WrestleMania Weekend Diary. Let’s enjoy the ride together!

Thursday: 11:00 a.m.

The calm before the storm is what I like to call this wonderful morning. The Collective and WrestleCon are kicking off today which means my eyes are going to be focused on wrestling pretty much the moment I walk out of work until I head back on Monday which is great and of course, totally normal behavior.

I’m kicking off the diary with SEAdLINNNG’s Shin-Kiba Night! show from this morning because somehow with all the wrestling that is on the next four days, Joshi is still my calling. Or it is simply the only thing available to watch at this time… yeah. It’s that one. Uh huh.

Now Watching: SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba Night! (Not live)

Buffering… buffering… hot start to the day!

We’ve made it to the actual show. Ryo Mizunami is in this match so all you AEW fans know what’s up.

I just remembered all the main matches are tag matches. K.

Who else doesn’t wake up and immediately watch the most obscure wrestling show of the weekend for general wrestling fans? Guess it’s a “me” problem. Or a win because this random trios match has been fun.

THEY’RE TRADING FOREARMS!!! This is why I watch this. I could hear the thud echo around the venue. Might sound a bit twisted but listen, I am watching Bloodsport later — that alone sounds questionable if you’re reading this out of context.

Is Cody Rhodes going to show up at WrestleMania? It feels like every report says yes and then no and yes and then no. I’m going to start the “Is Cody Rhodes going to show up at WrestleMania?” tracker from now until WrestleMania Saturday.

I would just like it if someone had a concrete idea because I am looking forward to it but if I hear, “Here Come’s The Money,” I swear…

Here comes the money?

Current Cody tracker: I’m saying yes.

Oh hey, Mizunami won her match so AEW wins even on the Joshi indies. Go figure.

Miyuki Takase might be the best wrestler I watch wrestle today and that includes being in a match with Tsukasa Fujimoto and Arisa Nakajima. It also likely includes Jon Moxley. Wack reality but I am telling the truth.

Okay so for context — Fujimoto and Nakajima are singing themselves to the ring and I was impressed. They will proceed to destroy Takase and Yuu now because they hold nothing back. If this doesn’t encapsulate Joshi then I’m not sure what does.

I just winced in my chair because of a chop. It was loud and terrifying… but also fantastic. LOL.

The match was exactly what I was looking for. Great action from start to finish so no complaints here except Takase got pinned so now I must be sad and complain online.

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Now back to your regularly scheduled Scott E. Wrestling programming.

Now it’s time to do normal human activities like have lunch and go to work so I will be back for Bloodsport 8 and whatever I can fill in after an eight-hour shift!

Thursday: 12:30 p.m.

Dropping in to say everyone should go listen to the Five Star Joshi Show right now! Okay, away I go.

Thursday: 11:37 p.m.

Alrighty, the eight-hour work shift is done and now it is wrestling, wrestling, and more wrestling for the next three days. HERE WE GO!! (I am exhausted, by the way.)

Now Watching: Bloodsport 8 (Not live)

I don’t know many people who are as high as I am on Masha Slamovich but I’m so happy she has a spot on these shows. Janai Kai is pretty cool, too.

Thank god #TheCollective is indoors this year because remember boy oh boy how bad it was last year because of the lovely Florida heat.

Shout out to Masha with the big dub! As someone who has watched plenty of UFC, that was actually a fantastic-looking armbar (not cross-arm breaker; get that **** out of here).

Ninja Mack took off his mask. Nope. Can’t say I was ready for that one.

Can we get a move on here? Please? The odd thing about Bloodsport is way more often than not the undercard goes for the boring parts of the MMA fight rather than cool knockouts and submissions in quick order. Like Josh Barnett is allowed to do this because he is *good* at this.

Of course, as I finish that thought they FLY to the concrete floor and land solid. Maybe I should be patient. But then again this is my diary, I will do what… NINJA MACK WITH AN AMAZING KNOCKOUT I TAKE IT ALL BACK AGAIN.

Let’s fast forward this a bit…

Alex Coughlin vs. Slade has to be one of the weirdest matchups of the weekend and they further confirmed it to me as I watch this match. All I can think about when watching these LA Dojo young lions is what will they do when they get to wrestle in NJPW proper? Are any of them going to make it to the level of Will Ospreay? Who knows? I surely don’t.

Ah, the match of former WWE wrestlers even though it took me a few to figure out this is Simon Gotch.

Johnny Bloodsport. More like Johnny has too many names amirite? No?

I’m currently eating a piece of bread if anyone was wondering. And it’s pita bread for anyone who wanted even more details. My guess is John Hennigan/Morrison/Mundo/Bloodsport doesn’t eat much bread looking as lean as he does.

To think Hennigan could have been facing Logan Paul instead of Simon Gotch…

Marina Shafir sticking with wrestling is cool. Never thought she had much of a shot in WWE which is shocking all things considered.

Zzzzzzz, sorry, I said I was exhausted after work.

The ending of her match was weird because Shafir’s move was cool but not a single person had any idea if the match ended and that gave me a chuckle.

Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa were such an awesome tag team last year. The team disappeared out of nowhere with no explanation but it was cool when we had it. This WrestleMania Weekend Diary is about me being sad about old black and gold NXT actually. Nothing more. What a run it was.

After this match, that will make the four matches I am watching this show for in the first place. Some good action along the way but no standouts (thus me not saying WATCH THIS).

There is blood and it makes JR Kratos somehow look even scarier.

Kratos and Timothy Thatcher was by far the best match of the show so far. Kratos winning is not only a great shock but these two channeled the Bloodsport mindset other than just grappling for minutes upon minutes (and not always well). Fans were angry which means they did well.

Inject “Speedball” vs. Yuya into my veins. Bailey is going to have himself an insane weekend while my guy Yuya is the future of NJPW. What’s not to love!?!

I’m going to start the “Is Cody Rhodes going to show up at WrestleMania?” tracker from now until WrestleMania Saturday.

Current Cody update: Still saying yes, though, it’s late and I’m tired. This might change tomorrow.

This was the best match of the night so far. Uemura just gets it. Mike Bailey was awesome in this as well. The kicks and knees making everyone (including myself) think it was going to be a win by TKO worked perfectly. I think Bailey is going to have the weekend for any non-WWE wrestler and he started it off just as I hoped. Definitely check this one out.

Josh Barnett vs. JONAH is what I like to call a “Big Meaty Men Slapping Meat” Hoss Fight. Insert Big E eating popcorn .GIF. Okay, we might as well insert it.

Big E eating popcorn

These two did a lot of feeling each other out but it got good halfway through. Barnett continuously convinces me he should be wrestling in top promotion because yes, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion is great at Bloodsport but he’s great at this other pro wrestling stuff too.

BIFF RULES!!! Moxley too, of course. Like the crowd said — “BOTH THESE GUYS!”

Moxley channeling Bryan Danielson popped me at this later hour. Didn’t think anything could, considering, you know, the exhaustion.

There is blood and a HUGE CHOP! Popped me again!

WHAT A FREAKING MATCH! It was far and away the match of the night and one of the best Bloodsport matches of all-time. Probably the best who am I kidding? Biff Busick is incredible and deserves all the love. Moxley is such a cool dude for doing this event every time. He clearly loves it and it’s such a great treat for the fans. Watch this match ASAP. Jon Moxley vs. Biff Busick (Bloodsport 8)

KAZE NI NARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! Chris Dickinson winning was a great way to finish the match. Suzuki gave it to him and he answered. The shocking finish was a great way to complete the show and day one for me for that matter.

Unfortunately, the day has ended and I didn’t get to check out Spring Break or AAA Invades WrestleCon or the massive Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow so make sure to follow along on day two of this diary for all my thoughts on that stuff.

Wait, maybe I’m not too exhausted. Maybe I have another match in me.


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