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Powerbombshells Episode 7: The Greatest-O-Khan

Powerbombshells is back with Episode 7. This week is a very New Japan heavy show. Mel & I caught up on the last three episodes of New Japan Strong. Mel watched Hyper Battle and talked about SANADA having to vacate the IWGP US Championship. We’re also very likely to be watching Windy City Riot over Battle of the Belts.

Mel and some of the other Fight Game Media hosts got together on Cup of Joe with Grandpa Dez. Paul went to WrestleMania and Supercard of Honor and talked about his experience. Some of the other hosts discussed Mania Week. Paul also had on a special guest named “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

Speaking of Lawlor, we once again appreciate his short jorts. We discuss the developing stories between Jay White and Hikuleo and Lawlor and Fred Rosser. We also talk about AEW using a version of the NJPW’s Young Lion program with Wheeler Yuta, Lee Moriarty, and Daniel Garcia.

We brought back the “Getting to Know You” segment with a fun question about pay-per-views. This led to a discussion about fans in wheelchairs struggling to see at wrestling shows.

Finally, we talk about why Great-O-Khan is a hero and why he is actually the GREATEST-O-Khan.

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