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UFC 272 Live Coverage: Covington Vs Masvidal

covington vs masvidal

If you want to catch up on what you need to know about UFC 272, check out Ryan Frederick’s Guide To UFC 272.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the main card of UFC 272.

Sergey Spivak Vs Greg Hardy

Hardy got an early leg kick in, but Spivak immediately took him down and every time Hardy got up, he took him right back down. He then got the mount and wailed on him for the quick stoppage.

Winner: Sergey Spivak by 1st round TKO

Khabib Nurmagomedov is going into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Alex Oliveira Vs Kevin Holland

It was a back and forth first round. Holland was struggling early, but landed a big shot. Oliveira then came back with a shot of his own. Holland was successful with calf kicks, but ate some low kicks that knocked him off balanced. Oliveira got his back right as the first round ended.

Holland ended the show with a big right hand and followed him to the ground with punches before it was stopped.

Winner: Kevin Holland by way of 2nd round TKO

Edson Barbosa Vs Bryce Mitchell

Mitchell landed a big right which stunned Barbosa and he immediately shot in and after a big fight from Barbosa, he got the takedown and held him there for awhile, though didn’t really do much with it.

Second round was worse for Barbosa. Mitchell took him down again and bloodied his left eye with an elbow from Barbosa’s guard. He was way more active in round two from the top. Barbosa was able to get to his feet once but was immediately taken down again.

Third round was domination. Barbosa tried to keep it standing, but Mitchell ducked underneath him and took him down. Barbosa tried a triangle attempt and Mitchell picked him up and Barbosa lost it. Mitchell bullied him on the ground. Should be a clean sweep in rounds for him.

Winner: Bryce Mitchell by way of unanimous decision

30-25, 30-26, and 30-27 were the scores.

Renato Moicano Vs Rafael dos Anjos

Moicano tried to get his back standing and rode him for a second. But dos Anjos got a takedown and held the advantage for most of the round. Moicano, in taking the fight on short notice, is probably not going to do well at dos Anjos’ pace.

Moicano did a good job for much of the second keeping it on the feet, though losing the round that way, but dos Anjos did get the takedown with a couple minutes left and was methodical in his ground work to take a 2-0 lead.

Moicano ate a head kick and the fight looked like it was going to be over. dos Anjos dominated him on the ground and yet, Moicano kept fighting on taking a lot of punishment. His left eye was a mess by the end of it. The referee could’ve stopped it there and I don’t think anyone would’ve had a problem with it.

The doctor came into the cage to check on Moicano’s eye and he allowed him to continue. Moicano started out the round well, snapping dos Anjos’ head back, but was taken down again after about a minute and spent the rest of the round on his back with his face and eye being battered.

The doctor came into the cage again to check on him and the eye looked horrendous. The doctor said that the ref could stop the fight if he wanted, but he could see out of the eye. The ref told Moicano that he had 30 seconds to turn it around. dos Anjos got another takedown, but Moicano got back to his feet and landed a few punches. Moicano got the crowd into it at the end by landing some nice shots but dos Anjos wasn’t ever in danger.

Winner: Rafael dos Anjos by way of unanimous decision

Jorge Masvidal Vs Colby Covington

Masvidal landed a hard leg kick. Covington pawed at him and poked his eye and he stopped fighting for a second, but the referee didn’t call it and then Covington rushed in to grab him. He pulled him down and then Masvidal got up. It happened a few times. Colby worked for a rear naked choke and nearly got the mount, but Masvidal finally got up with about 30 seconds left. Easy round for Covington.

Herb Dean warned Colby for the eye poke to start the second. He checked the replay to see what he missed. Colby was warned for a groin strike that he smiled through, which pissed off Masvidal. Masvidal looked to get tired at the end of the round. They both closed well with strikes.

Covington got a takedown a minute into round three. He was able to score a lot from being in Masvidal’s guard. Masvidal eventually made his way to his feet and landed some good punches, but I have Covington up 3-0.

Covington had Masvidal up against the cage and was rocking him with shots. Masvidal landed a counter right hand and Colby’s knees were buckled. Masvidal seems too tired to be able to follow up. Covington smothered him against the fence. Great round.

Masvidal seemed to empty his tank in the fourth. Covington had his way with him in the fifth round to close it out. Covington ended the round controlling Masvidal completely and barely breathing.

Winner: Colby Covington by way of unanimous decision

After the fight, both guys still wanted to go at it. Covington was in great shape and Masvidal was breathing very hard.

The scores were 49-46, 50-44, and 50-45 for Covington.

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