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Sacrifice Go Home

Sacrifice Go Home

Sacrifice Go-Home Review:

The Sacrifice go-home edition of IMPACT! on AXS TV was mostly good but was their poorest effort of the year. In defense of the show, IMPACT has set a pretty high bar in 2022, so while not being as good as the rest, it was still pretty good. The show was bookended by two very good segments. First, Eddie Edwards and Steve Maclin had a hard hitting match that ended in a disqualification, which left me wanting more. To closeout the episode, Bullet Club, Violent by Design, and The Guerrillas  of destiny had a fun and wild brawl. Every segment was geared towards a Sacrifice show that does not have much of a build despite the deep card, due to it being just two weeks after their last major show.


  • Eddie Edwards vs. Steve Maclin: Very good opening match. Maclin hung with one of the top stars in the company. This was Eddie’s first match as a heel and he looked great. Heel Eddie hit Maclin with a cane late in the match to cause a disqualification. I’ll be needing to see this one again.

  • Masha Slamovich squashing another victim: This was taped before Russia’s war in Ukraine, which is why we still saw her come to the ring wearing Russian colors. I don’t think we will see much of a change in her character, but I do think it would be wise to remove the flag and colors amid all the tensions. That said, she looked awesome as usual and I’m curious whats next for her.
  • Cassie Lee vs. Madison Rayne: Not a classic by any means, but I thought Lee looked very good here. She at this point is ahead of Rayne and even Chelsea Green. Plus Kaleb catching Jessie on the outside and setting her down oh so gently popped me.
  • PCO turning babyface (kinda): After JONAH destroyed Johnny Swinger in about minute, he was about to hit a second Tsunami splash when PCO made the save. The two monsters are set to face-off at Sacrifice. PCO came out to big cheers and has been positioned as the babyface in the feud despite being in a heel faction. This actually makes sense considering everything he does gets cheered anyway.

  • Jake Something promo: A simple but effective promo package to build up Jake during his semi-annual push. I assume that after he loses to Miguel he will head back down the card until his next push this fall.
  • Bullet Club vs. Violent by Design and Guerillas of Destiny: This match started off hot, like any blood feud should, and the momentum kept going with brawling all over the building. Excellent main event.


  • Chelsea Green vs. Tasha Steelz: This might just turn in to the “babyface Chelsea Green” section. Tasha Steelz was great as always. I hope she defeats Mickie for the title at Sacrifice. The James-Green feud is really dragging the show quality down for me.
  • Ace Austin-Mike Bailey skit: The acting here was not good at all. I really want to see these guys wrestle each other, but getting there has been painful.
  • Heath vs. Vincent: Poor Heath did not seem like he was doing to well. It appeared on screen that he was gassed out early and the match was not very good. Heath did not come across as a title challenger here at all. Vincent was great though.

Tony Khan buys ROH

AEW owner Tony Khan announced on Wednesday’s Dynamite that he had purchased Ring of Honor from Sinclair Broadcasting. This could get tricky for IMPACT as they are currently in the middle of a major story line featuring several former ROH talents. Deonna Purazzo is also the current Women of Honor champion and could potentially defend that title at Sacrifice this weekend. I’m sure Khan will want the women’s title back in his possession, how he gets it remains to be seen. IMPACT also had been using ROH announcers Ian Ricaboni and Bobby Cruise as well as ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham up until No Surrender.

Fortunately, IMPACT and Khan have remained friendly since they stopped working together last October. What the future looks like for ROH is up in the air. Cassiday Haynes is reporting that the company is set to become AEW’s developmental territory. The Honor No More faction is reportedly under contract to IMPACT so they are likely to stick around. Does this mean no more Gresham or the announcers going forward? What about Purazzo? How will this affect the Honor No More story line? Things are going to be very interesting.


  • Michael Elgin announced that he has filed a lawsuit against IMPACT wrestling for breach of contract. PWInsider reported that he is asking for $5 million for monetary damages and mental anguish. Elgin was accused of sexual misconduct in the speaking out movement of 2020, at which point IMPACT suspended him. Even though IMPACT decided not to use him anymore, they continued to pay him his salary and did not technically fire him. Several websites reported that he was fired, despite IMPACT stating he had only been suspended pending an investigation. Elgin has claimed innocence and said that being lumped in with those that were fired, like Jake Crist and Joey Ryan, it impeded his ability to accept bookings.
  • ROH tag team champions The Briscoes will be making their return at the Multiverse of Matchesevent, taking place April 1 during WrestleCon. They will be taking on the Good Brothers. Also announced for that event is the return of Ultimate-X.

  • According to Dave Meltzer, Hard to Kill did around 4,400 U.S. television pay-per-view buys. That number does not include streaming on FITE, which could be a lot. That number is ahead of what they were doing in the pre-Kenny Omega era.
  • Matt Rehwoldt has permanently replaced D-Lo Brown on the announce desk. D-Lo will be focusing on his backstage roles.
  • Ticket sales for Sacrifice in Louisville, Ky are doing well. As of this writing there were less than 20 reserved seats available out of 268. They are selling general admission tickets for the balcony, which is standing room only. The television taping the next night had 90 reserved seats still available. I get the feeling those that attend night one have a good chance at entering night two at little to no cost.
  • The Philadelphia events at the 2300 arena on March 18 & 19 are moving slow for the market. Night 1 has sold just over 200 tickets so far out of 642. Night 2 has sold just over 300.


The February 3 episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV averaged 131,000 viewers with a 0.04 demo.  That is up from last weeks 111,000 with a 0.03 and its their second best number of the year.  The show ranked 133rd in the Showbuzz Top 150.

New Japan on AXSTV averaged 71,000 viewers with a 0.01 demo. This was their debut of first run episodes, which has to be a disappointment.

IMPACT Ratings 2022

Date Total Viewership Demo Notes
Mar-3 131,000 0.04 Sacrifice Go-home; #133 on Showbuzz
Feb-25 111,000 0.03 No Surrender fallout; #141 on Showbuzz
Feb-17 109,000 0.03 Bullet Club vs VBD; #131 on Showbuzz
Feb-10 117,000 0.03 W. Morrissey vs Brian Myers; #145 on Showbuzz
Feb-3 114,000 0.02 Bullet Club vs IMPACT
Jan-27 182,000 0.05 #104 on Showbuzz; PCO vs Chris Sabin
Jan-20 126,000 0.03 Josh Alexander vs Charlie Haas; #147 on Showbuzz
Jan-13  111,000 0.03 Deonna Purazzo vs Rok-C. #144 on Showbuzz
Jan-6 104,000 0.02 Hard to Kill “go-home”

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