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Brace for IMPACT: Josh Alexander re-signs with IMPACT Wrestling, Sacrifice review

Josh Alexander re-signs with IMPACT Wrestling:

Josh Alexander re-signs with IMPACT Wrestling

Josh Alexander re-signs with IMPACT Wrestling:

Former world champion Josh Alexander appeared at the end of Sacrifice to confront Moose and announced that he re-signed with IMPACT Wrestling. Alexander also announced that he will be challenging Moose for the world title in the main event at Rebellion. Alexanders contract expired in February and so did his united States work visa. IMPACT played up the real life situation on TV, with Scott D’Amore sending him home to clear things up.

Now that he is signed long term he immediately steps in as the top babyface in the company. With Eddie Edwards and Matt Cardona recently turning heel, Maclin staying heel, and W. Morrissey not being signed long term, the company really needs him. Was this whole thing a work? Some was and some wasn’t. But it was executed really well and added more layers and depth to the Walking Weapon character. When he defeats Moose at Rebellion (he will) it should be a fantastic moment.

No Surrender review:

So far in 2022, IMPACT is three for three with their major events. Sacrifice was another really good show. Honestly it was better than it had any right being considering it was the weakest card in comparison to No Surrender and Hard to Kill. Unfortunately the show flew under the radar due to it being just two weeks after No Surrender. It also went head to head with a monster UFC event and aired the same weekend as AEW’s Revolution. The show also featured the weakest main event of the year with Moose vs Heath, but the final payoff overshadowed it. There were three matches that I would rate four stars or higher, and only one match that I would say was bad, and it wasn’t even that bad.


  • Trey Miguel vs. Jake Something: An incredible match to open the show and this ended up being the match of the night for some people. Jake proved that he is on top of his game right now. Trey was excellent as the smaller baby face. They hit tons of big moves with fantastic false finishes with plenty of drama.

  • PCO vs. JONAH: Everyone already knows this, but PCO is a madman. He took a BRUTAL powerbomb off the steps to the floor that resulted in a sickening thud. These two hosses went at it in my match of the night. There was some sloppiness, but you get that with the big fellas. Tons of big moves, high flying, hard strikes, and drama. Go check it out.

  • Jay White vs. Alex Shelley: Another match of the night contender between two of the very best. If Jay White’s New Japan stalling and interference turns you off, he did none of that here. Beautiful match.
  • Tasha Steelz wins Knockouts title: The match between Mickie James and Tasha Steelz was solid, but Steelz winning gets a big thumbs up from me. She is a star and I’m glad people are seeing it.
  • Good Brothers lose tag titles to Violent By Design: This match was much better than I had anticipated. Ive been tough on the Good Brothers but they have improved in 2022 and this was another good match. This title change was long overdue however.
  • Josh Alexander comes home: Moose vs. Heath was a decent match that would have played better if it were a television main event. The champion looked impressive in victory over a challenger who had no business being in the ring with him. Josh Alexander making his return, attacking Moose, and announcing that he re-signed was the moment of the night.


  • The IInspiration losing the tag team titles to The Influence: The match was OK but the title change here means this never-ending feud will continue. The IInspiration are a great act and need to move passed this ASAP.
  • Chelsea Green accepting Purazzo’s “Champ-Champ Challenge”: Again, the match was not bad, but IMPACT has set the precedent that someone new might appear. Instead it was Chelsea, who just lost on IMPACT, here to get a shot at a different title.


  • Jake Something announced on Twitter that he is a free agent and is no longer signed to IMPACT Wrestling. Fightful Select is reporting that the two sides were unable to come to a deal, but they are friendly and a deal could end up being worked out. Something missed the taping after Sacrifice. Jake was awesome at Sacrifice but his run was filled with stop and start pushes. I do not blame him for seeing what else is out there for him.
  • PWInsider is reporting that Sacrifice had a range of 700–800 fans in attendance.
  • The Good Brothers contract are up on July 15 and are already teasing being free agents.

  • The Motor City Machine Guns teamed up at the taping after Sacrifice to take on Jay White and Chris Bey.
  • IMPACT opened up 268 reserved seats for Rebellion in th MJ Nesheiwat Convention Center in Poughkeepsie, NJ. Many of those are already sold. Most of the tickets put on sale are general admission and they should be able to get 1500–1800 people in there.
  • The speculation as to whether William Regal would accept Tommy Dreamer’s offer to join IMPACT is over, as he has signed with AEW.
  • Gail Kim told Busted Open Radio that Christy Hemme has returned to the company to help with production and branding.
  • Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella) is working here as an announcer.

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