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Brace for IMPACT: Edwards re-signs; Sacrifice fallout; ratings drop

Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards re-signs With IMPACT Wrestling

Brace for IMPACT: Eddie Edwards re-signs

Eddie Edwards, the newly minted top heel in IMPACT and leader of Honor No More has re-signed with the company. Edwards delivered the news to Sports Illustrated. Previous to his recent heel run, the former world champion was known as the heart and soul of the company. He stated that he “been here for almost eight years, and I’ve done a and there is still a lot more for me to prove.”

No details on the exact length of the contract were provided. IMPACT has made it a point to re-sign their top stars, with Moose, Alexander, Callahan and others also re-signing with the company. Great news but kind of goes against the current storyline. Kayfabe, bro.

IMPACT! on AXS TV! Review: Sacrifice Fallout

The Sacrifice Fallout edition of IMPACT! on AXS TV was a driven by two long but excellent promo segments and an awesome main event featuring two of IMPACT’s most enduring stars. My podcast partner JD Oliva described what the show has been in 2022 vs 2021 and its “chaotic energy” and I couldn’t agree more. This episode was filled with it, and that’s a good thing. The show opened with the returning Josh Alexander cutting a fiery promo about his rivalry with Moose. Honor No More interrupted him and it looks like after Josh beats Moose at Rebellion (he will) we are headed for a showdown between Alexander and Edwards. It was at that point that Scott D’Amore decided to finally start booking the show and we got Willie Mack vs Kenny King and Edwards vs Swann for later in the evening.

Alex Shelley also returned to AXS this week, cutting probably the best promo of the week in a segment with the always incredible Jay White. Shelley had not been on the show since he left the company in January 2021. Shelley confronted White over his unprofessionalism after their Sacrifice match and disputed claims that the wrestling business revolves around White. The show was capped off by an awesome main event between Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann. They got over 20 minutes in and delivered. Big thumbs up from me this week.


  • Josh Alexander promo: The prodigal son returned and its great to have him back. Alexander has become one of the better talkers in the company and is the top baby face the company has desperately needed.
  • Alex Shelley-Bullet Club promo: Shelley was fantastic here. When White claimed the business revolved around him, Shelley corrected him saying to look at the top stars in NJPW (Okada) and AEW (Young Bucks) and his fingerprints are all over them. He told White, who Shelley took under his wing when White first started out “little brother, you happen because of me”

  • JONAH promo: Short but effective pre-tape. “I don’t believe in monsters, but they believe in me” was a great line. Looking forward to the next PCO-JONAH encounter.
  • Austin beats Crazzy Steve and John Skyler: Even though we all knew who was winning when the announcement of the match was made. These three guys can go. Austin won with the fold off on Steve who was on Skylers shoulders.
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Rich Swann: Excellent main event once again this week. I really like Heel Eddie because we are going to be getting a lot of matches that with babyfaces that we have been missing. These two tore it down with Eddie getting the victory.


  • Willie Mack vs. Kenny King: Something (not Jake) was missing during this match. Honor No More keeps taking loss after loss and I do not think its conducive to building a dominant faction.
  • Ghujjar promo segment: This whole thing was weird and out of place. Larry D ended up returning out of nowhere. HE literally just left the company.


  • Eddie Edwards will be facing Ishii at the “multiverse of Matches event April 1st. Eddie will be representing NOAH, even though he hasn’t competed there since 2017. Also added to that event this week was Jay White vs Chris Sabin.

  • According to Fightful, Fallah Bah is officially gone from the company. He hasn’t been with them since November.
  • Fightful is also reporting that other than PCO, none of the Honor No More members are signed with the company. Taven, Benne, Maria, Vincent, and King have been working on their old ROH deals, which are expiring soon. Maybe that’s why they keep losing.
  • The Briscoes, who will be competing at the Multiverse of Matches, will not be signing with AEW according to Fightful. According to the report, an exec caught wind of some homophobic tweets from Jay’s past (2013, which he apologized for) and let it be known they would not be welcome. I’m all about giving people a path to redemtption, and I hope IMPACT signs them.
  • Next weeks IMPACT is stacked with big matches. Last week was promo heavy next week its all matches. Great balance.


The February 3 episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV averaged 94,000 viewers with a 0.03 demo.  Viewership is way down from last weeks 131,000 with a 0.04 and its their lowest number of the year.

New Japan on AXS TV averaged 50,000 viewers with a 0.01 demo. This was also their lowest rating of the year. Tough week for both shows.

IMPACT Ratings 2022

Date Total Viewership Demo Notes
Mar-10 94,000 0.03 Sacrifice fallout
Mar-3 131,000 0.04 Sacrifice Go-home; #133 on Showbuzz
Feb-25 111,000 0.03 No Surrender fallout; #141 on Showbuzz
Feb-17 109,000 0.03 Bullet Club vs VBD; #131 on Showbuzz
Feb-10 117,000 0.03 W. Morrissey vs Brian Myers; #145 on Showbuzz
Feb-3 114,000 0.02 Bullet Club vs IMPACT
Jan-27 182,000 0.05 #104 on Showbuzz; PCO vs Chris Sabin
Jan-20 126,000 0.03 Josh Alexander vs Charlie Haas; #147 on Showbuzz
Jan-13  111,000 0.03 Deonna Purazzo vs Rok-C. #144 on Showbuzz
Jan-6 104,000 0.02 Hard to Kill “go-home”

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