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AEW & WWE Ratings Report: Average TV Ratings Numbers Across the Board for Everyone

average tv ratings

The big news

Even with AEW coming off a very successful Revolution PPV and WWE ramping up on the road to WrestleMania, the viewership and 18-49 demo numbers were remarkably similar to the 10 week averages for the major shows with the exception of NXT, which was slightly up. That show had several main roster performers making special appearances which was likely the reason for the small uptick. Even that show was not significantly up from the average, just more than the other four, which were almost exactly statistically average.

This week’s numbers

  • AEW Dynamite averaged 993,000 viewers, up 5.1% from the previous Wednesday and the sixth highest total audience since the move to TBS. In the 18–49 demo, the show averaged a 0.38 rating, which was down 5% from the March 9 show and the fourth in the demo so far in 2022. Dynamite was sixth on cable in the demo, trailing NBA on ESPN and TruTV’s coverage of the NCAA tournament play-in games. Last week, AEW had strong increases with young women and this week, they were the only category that dropped. Women 18-49 were down 17.9% and females 12-34 were down 5.6%. The biggest increase was with males 12-34, which were up 19.1%. People over 50, which were down last week, were up 15.2%. 
  • WWE NXT 2.0 averaged 624,000 viewers, up 1.8% from last week. It was the largest audience for the show since January 11. In the 18–49 demo, the show finished 44th on the cable charts, on a night where cable news and NCAA basketball dominated the charts. NXT 2.0 did a 0.14 rating in 18–49, which was up 7.7% last week. The 18–49 number tied the best mark for the show since January 4. 
  • Monday Night RAW on the USA Network averaged 1,700,333 viewers for the March 14th episode. That’s down 4.2% from last week. It’s the third lowest viewership for a USA Network airing of the show in 2022. In the 18–49 demo, the show averaged a 0.48 rating, up 6.7%, and was the second highest rating in that category since November 22. They were second on cable, trailing an NBA game on ESPN which doesn’t usually air on Monday nights. 
  • Friday Night SmackDown on March 11 averaged 2,226,000 viewers on FOX, down 1.5% from last week. The show led all television with a 0.57 rating, down 3.4% from the March 4 show. That tied the fourth highest rating of the year in the key demo. They also led network programming in the 18-34 demo with a 0.37 rating, 19.4% higher than the second place show. 
  • AEW Rampage averaged 526,000 viewers, down 3.5% from last week. In the 18–49 demo, the show averaged a 0.22 rating, the same as last week, and finished 23rd on the cable charts in that category. It tied the fourth lowest viewership for the show in 2022.  

As shown in the chart below, the increases/decreases over the ten-week average, prior to this week, are as follows:

  • AEW Dynamite was down 0.5% in viewers and 2.6% in 18–49. It was almost a statistically average show as was everything else this week.    
  • WWE NXT 2.0 was up 7% in viewers and 7.7% in 18–49. The appearances of Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode and the Mysterios from the main roster was likely the reason for the increases.   
  • WWE RAW was up 0.4% in viewers and 9.1% 18–49. The show skewed much younger this week for whatever reason. 
  • WWE SmackDown was up 10% in viewers and 9.6% in 18–49. However, one of those weeks was on FS 1 and a best of show, so factoring that out of the equation and comparing to the other nine weeks, the show was up 0.9% in viewers and even% in 18–49. This is as close to statistically even as it could possibly be. 
  • AEW Rampage was down 1.5% in overall viewers and down 4.8% in 18–49. This coming week’s number will be interesting as it will air almost two hours later but also have the lead-in of the NCAA tournament.  


Year-over-year numbers

AEW Dynamite was up 29.3% in overall viewers and 35.7% in the 18–49 demo. These comparisons will be much more fair in a couple weeks as NXT switched nights in early April of 2021 which led to an instant increase in Dynamite viewership.  

WWE NXT 2.0 was up 4.5% in viewers and 7.7% in 18–49. It’s the first time in 2022 that the show has seen a year-over-year increase in both categories. 

WWE RAW was down 7.7% in viewers and 14.3% in 18–49. It’s the 23rd straight week of year-over-year declines in the demo. The average decline over that time span has been 20%. That’s almost half a year. With TV as a whole declining about 8%, this is very bad. 

WWE SmackDown was up 2.5% in overall viewers but down 6.6% in 18–49. That’s still okay with TV on the whole declining about eight percent.  

Ratings extra

Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics.com reported the quarter hour numbers across all demos for this week’s Dynamite, which I found very interesting. The show did not have as strong of an opening as usual but held the audience through the Chris Jericho promo segment and the Wardlow TNT title match. There was a huge decline for the Hardy Brothers first AEW match, which is not what you’d expect.

The main event between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa was interesting as the overall viewership was the second lowest quarter on the show. But with young men, it did very well. In 18-34, it was the second highest quarter for males and in 18-49, it was the third highest. But with females in those age groups, it was a different story. In 18-49, it was the fourth lowest segment (and only 3,000 viewers from the lowest) and with 18-34, it was the third lowest.

Viewers over-50 also didn’t seem to like the main event as it was the second lowest segment on the show and down 27.4% from the opening segment.

There is a theory that women wrestling in hardcore matches is appealing to young men while at the same time having the opposite effect with young women. These numbers lend a little credence to that theory but it is a small sample size. The other interesting thing is that the main competition was basketball which also does very well with young men. Without that airing head-to-head, these differences may have been even more pronounced.

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