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AEW Revolution Live Coverage – CM Punk Vs MJF (Dog Collar Match)

cm punk vs mjf

Check out Skylar’s preview to the show.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the PPV.

On the Buy In show, Leyla Hisrch beat Kris Statlander, Hook beat QT, and House of Black beat Death Triangle.

Eddie Kingston Vs Chris Jericho

Ten seconds into the match and Kingston suplexed Jericho right on the back of his head. Jericho needed to get his bearings for a good minute.

The action was hard hitting with both guys killing each other with chops. Jericho went for Kingston’s injured eye. Jericho suplexed Kingston off the apron to the floor which looked brutal.

Jericho put the Walls on, but Kingston got to the ropes. Jericho argued with Aubrey and Kingston hit him with a couple Saito suplexes. Kingston hit Jericho with a spinning backfist for a two count. Jericho hit a Code Breaker for a two count. He hit a second one to set up the Judas Effect. He missed it and Kingston hit two spinning backfists. He put Jericho in the Stretch Plum and he tapped out.

Winner: Eddie Kingston

Jericho said he’d shake his hand if he beats him and Jericho walked away.

The Young Bucks Vs ReDragon Vs Jurassic Express

It’s two men in and one full team out which is not the easiest to follow from a psychological perspective.

Jungle Boy was a house of fire early on. The Bucks and ReDragon tried to work together, but it didn’t last long.

Luchasaurus ran wild. He ate a Canadian Destroyer but the Bucks waited too long to follow up and he kipped up on both of them.

Jurassic Express did a springboard Doomsday Device onto Matt. O’Reilly hit JB with a belt shot that he kicked out of. Then ReDragon hit their finish on him and Luchasaurus broke it up. The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger on JB and O’Reilly broke it up.

Jurassic Express hit the Thorassic Express on Nick to win the match.

Winner: Jurassic Express

Christian Vs Will Hobbs Vs Ricky Starks Vs Wardlow Vs Keith Lee Vs Orange Cassidy – Face of the Revolution

Lots of convoluted spots early in the match. Cassidy spun the ladder like a helicopter and smart guys were just running into it. Wardlow and Lee grabbed the ladder and Cassidy did a pull up to the top of it and nearly grabbed the brass ring.

Hobbs superplexed Cassidy from one of the bottom rungs of the ladder that was held perched by Keith Lee. All six men were on two ladders and guys were thrown off left and right with Wardlow and Hobbs grabbing the brass ring at once.

Cassidy was tossed over the top rope and over Starks and Christian who tried to catch him. Wardlow tossed Lee and Hobbs over the top rope but instead of going up the ladder to get the ring, he went outside to grab the 12 foot ladder.

They went up the ramp and toward the announcer’s table. Wardlow shoulder tackled them and then went through a table and down to the floor. Starks went up the ladder but was cursed by Danhausen. Wardlow powerbombed Christian and then went after Starks. He powerbombed Starks off the ladder onto the bridge and then grabbed the ring.

Winner: Wardlow

Swerve Strickland signed with AEW and asked whose house it was.

Tay Conti Vs Jade Cargill

This was a weird match. Conti came across more as the heel because of the double teaming with Anna Jay. And she threw everything but the kitchen sink at her to try and pin her, but she couldn’t pin her so the heat was almost entirely on Jade before she hit her finisher and won the match.

Winner: Jade

MJF Vs CM Punk

Finally, we’re at CM Punk vs MJF.

Punk came out to his old entrance.

It took Punk less than five minutes to be busted open with a crimson mask. He also took a chain across the bank that left a nasty cut/bruise. Punk worked on MJF’s right hand and MJF had to sell it the entire time.

Punk locked in an Anaconda Vice and MJF rolled him up. Punk’s knee was hurt so it was continually going out. They were both on the apron and MJF teased a tombstone on the side of the apron, but Punk versed it and got it.

MJF brought tacks in and they fought each other to not fall into the tacks. Punk got MJF on the top rope for the Pepsi Plunge, but MJF shook himself out of it. MJF hit a superplex from the top and Punk fell near the tacks. MJF couldn’t get the fall and he called out Wardlow. Wardlow came down. Wardlow couldn’t find the ring and MJF ran into the GTS. MFJ took a nice bump right into the tacks.

Wardlow left the ring for Punk to use. MFJ spit in Punk’s face and then Punk hit him with the ring to win the match.

Winner: CM Punk

Thunder Rosa Vs Britt Baker

The story of the match was that it was really three on one and Rosa didn’t have a chance and had to fight back as the ultimate underdog. Not sure that was the right story to tell.

There were a lot of false finishes and not all that well done. Rebel took a bump in the ring and they called the doctor in. It allowed Jaime Hayter to throw the new belt into the ring and Britt hit her with a curb stomp but she kicked out.

Thunder Rosa speared Rebel out of the ring. She clotheslined Hayter outside the ring. Then she came back in and was curb stomped again and pinned.

Winner: Britt Baker

Bryan Danielson Vs Jon Moxley

It was all Danielson early with kicks. Moxley was selling for almost the entire first eight minutes. Moxley exploded with some suplexes before eating a kick to the face.

They traded Muay Thai strikes as well. Moxley was busted open and Danielson has some blood on his head as well. Danielson hit a back suplex from the top rope. Danielson had a Dragon Sleeper in. Moxley turned strikes into a choke and then into a cross arm breaker.

Moxley reversed Danielson’s stomp attempt and they traded stomps. Then Moxley sunk in the Bulldog Choke. Danielson suplexed him and Moxley fired up and then Danielson hit the running knee for a two count.

Danielson put on the triangle and flexed. He then hammered Moxley with elbows. Moxley cradled him to win the match.
Winner: Jon Moxley

After the match, they started fighting again. William Regal came out and slapped both of them and told them to shake hands.

Matt Hardy, Andrade El Idolo, & Isiah Kassidy Vs Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, & Sting

This is a tornado match so it’s nothing but mad chaos. Andrade dropped Guevara from the vertical suplex position chest-first onto the barricade.

Butcher and Blade came out to take out Sting. Guevara did a Spanish Fly on Kassidy.

Matt Hardy took Sting into the stands. There were tables set up in the entry-way. Darby and Andrade were fighting near the table and Sting dove onto Andrade through the table.

Darby won for his team with the Coffin Drop onto Hardy. He was a little short on it.

Winner: Darby Allin, Sammy Guevara, & Sting

Adam Cole Vs Adam Page

Hangman started out very aggressive. The strikes were snug and he and Cole kept a nice pace early. Hard to follow everything we’ve seen so far.

Hangman threw Cole back first into the side of the apron and then hit a moonsault to the outside. He went for another moonsault inside the ring and Cole time it perfectly with a kick to the face. Page hit a Deadeye for a two.

Page did the moonsault powerslam from the top rope. It was majestic.

ReDragon came down and Page was distracted. Cole hit the Panama Sunrise to the outside. He went for one in the ring and Hangman caught him. ReDragon went to the apron and and Cole hit a low blow. He hit another Panama Sunrise and then went for the Boom but Page kicked out. Page didn’t take off the knee pad. He went for it again and took the knee pad off, but Page clotheslined him.

ReDragon got a table and set it up next to the ring. Page did the Deadeye through the table on Cole. Dark Order came in and ran off ReDragon. Page killed him with the Buckshot Lariat but Cole was too close to the rope. Page tied up Cole’s hand to the top rope. He hit him with super kick after super kick. He ran to the rope to do it again and Cole hit him with a Hail Mary super kick.

Hangman hit Cole with his own move in the Boom and then hits the Buckshot to win the match.

Winner: Adam Page

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