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WWE Elimination Chamber 2022 Live Coverage

wwe elimination chamber live coverage

If you need to get all caught up on the build up to the Elimination Chamber event, you can read Steven Conway’s Guide To The Elimination Chamber.

In the pre-show match, Rey Mysterio beat The Miz. Roman vs Brock kicks off the show.

Roman Reigns Vs Goldberg

Goldberg hit an early spear but when he went for the Jackhammer, Roman turned it into a Rock Bottom. He also got a Superman punch in to set up a spear of his own, but his spear turned into a Goldberg spear. Goldberg went for a Jackhammer again, but Roman turned it into a guilotine and Goldberg went out.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Nothing special, but probably for the best as we’ve seen what’s happened with some Goldberg matches once they go a tick long.

Bianca Belair Vs Doudrop Vs Rhea Ripley Vs Nikki ASH Vs Liv Morgan Vs Alexa Bliss | Women’s Elimination Chamber

It’s Liv vs Nikki ASH in the ring first. The women aren’t wearing long t-shirts this time. They’re wearing body suits that cover up but their arms and legs are still not exposed. The time between the next competitor felt short.

Doudrop joins the match. She reminded Nikki that there were no friends in the chamber. Rhea was next and for some reason, Nikki acted like she saw a ghost. Haven’t they faced each other a few times already?

Rhea hit the Rip Tide on Nikki and we have a fall. Liv Morgan hit a Sunset Powerbomb on Doudrop for another fall. So two falls happened right before Bianca came in.

Bianca did a press slam on Liv and then pulled one arm away so she had her up with one arm before dropping her. Bianca and Rhea both did long standing vertical suplexes as a contest of who could hold Liv and Alexa up longer before firing up against each other.

Alexa hit the Twisted Bliss on Morgan and it’s down to three. Bianca hit the KOD on Ripley so it’s down to her and Bliss. They really made it seem like Bliss was going to win. But it was a bit wonky in some of the transitions to pins. Bianca finally hit the KOD to win the match.

Winner: Bianca Bel Air

The match wasn’t great, but it was easily good and there were some really fun moments in it.

Charlotte Flair & Sonya Deville Vs Naomi & Ronda Rousey

Ronda came out in her judo gi.

Ronda surprisingly worked a lot of the match with one arm. She did some nice judo stuff with Sonya. Ronda had to do everything with her left hand which I wouldn’t call great, but it looked like a real challenge. Ronda gave Deville the Piper’s Pit and set up the arm bar. She challenged Charlotte to come in while she was about to take Sonya’s arm and Charlotte decided against it. Ronda tapped her out.

Winner: Naomi & Ronda Rousey

I didn’t write much about Naomi there, but she and Charlotte have really good chemistry together.

Madcap Moss Vs Drew McIntyre

This is a match with no rules and falls count anywhere. It’s more like a handicap match as Baron Corbin can interfere whenever he wants.

Drew had Madcap up in an Alabama Slam, but he was going to be face planted rather than slammed on his back. And as Madcap was about to be slammed, he didn’t allow himself to be slammed flat and he took the bump right on top of his head.

Drew did a superplex where he just about launched the both of them and this is after he had some neck injuries.

He grabbed the sword and swing at it Corbin. Thankfully he missed. And then with sword in hand, he hit the Claymore kick for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Becky Lynch Vs Lita

The goal here was to make Lita look like a legend and make it competitive. I think they got there with this match. Becky worked really hard to make this match decent.

Lita hit the moonsault off the top rop for a near fall. The emotional reaction was that it was her last chance to win the title. Becky hit her version of the Rock Bottom for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Lita was crying after the match and got a nice ovation. Her music played her out.

The Usos Vs The Viking Raiders

I guess there was no match. The Usos attacked the Raiders and the Raiders couldn’t compete. Wasteful. Just do that shit on SmackDown.

Bobby Lashley Vs AJ Styles Vs Matt Riddle Vs Austin Theory Vs Seth Rollins Vs Brock Lesnar | Men’s Elimination Chamber

Seth and Theory start the match. Rollins “buckle bombed” Theory through the plastic of Lashley’s pod and Lashley was pinned underneath it.

Riddle was in next. They took Lashley out of the cage during the match. AJ was in next. Lashley was supposed to come in, but since he’s out, Brock didn’t wait and broke through his pod.

Brock hit Rollins with a F5 for the pin. Then he hit Riddle with one as well.

It’s Lesnar, Styles, and Theory. The announcers mentioned that Lashley is in concussion protocol. Lesnar gave AJ the F5 and pinned him. So it’s Lesnar and Theory.

They played cat and mouse. Lesnar had to chase him. Theory gave him a low blow and hit a DDT for a two count. Theory climbed up the cage and Lesnar caught him and then gave him a F5 from the top of one of the pods to the floor. Then he pinned him.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

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