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UFC 271 Live Coverage – Adesanya Vs Whittaker 2

We’ll have live coverage for the main card of UFC 271 featuring the rematch between Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker. If you haven’t yet, read Ryan Frederick’s Guide To UFC 271, your one-stop shop for all information on the show.

We also have our predictions for the main card.

We’ll be back when the main card starts.

Nasrat Haqparast Vs Bobby Green

Haqparast has a ton of cupping marks on his back. Early in an exchange, Haqparast poked Green in the eye. Green gave one right back to him. Green was too quick for Haqparast during the exchanges. He bloodied up Haqparast’s face simply by throwing jabs to the face. Haqparast has to figure out a different game plan than standing right in front of him.

Second round was similar to the first, but Haqparast came on later in the round. He threw a head kick and landed a few punches, which had some steam on them. But Green is outlanding him two-to-one in significant strikes.

Haqparast didn’t do anything different in round three. He stood right in front of Green and took every shot right to the face. He needed to vary his strikes so that Green had to worry about something else, but never did. Green handily won the fight.

Winner: Bobby Green by way of a unanimous decision

All three judges had it 30-27.

Renato Moicano Vs Alexander Hernandez

Hernandez was active and led all the exchanges while Moicano was focused on countering. Moicano got a couple takedowns and as Hernandez was more aggressive late in the round, Moicano’s counters started landing. It looks like they will be open.

Moicano rocked him with multiple shots and Hernandez tried a takedown after a knee as he was taking shots and Moicano sunk in a rear naked choke.

Winner: Renato Moicano by way of second round submission

Derek Brunson Vs Jared Cannonier

Cannonier was so reactive to the threat of Brunson’s takedown attempts. He dropped his hands several times and Brunson was able to land punches. Cannonier tried go get inside and Brunson dropped him with a right hook. He got the choke in, but Cannonier turned his head just enough to where it wasn’t going to finish him and the round ended.

Cannonier won the fight with an amazing comeback. Brunson got another takedown early, but the rest of the round was all Cannonier. It didn’t seem like he’d hurt Brunson much, but he was definitely landing shots. He changed the tide and rhythm of the fight. Late in the round, he landed an elbow and Brunson never recovered. He was out on his feet, went down, and was stopped in the ground.

Winner: Jared Cannonier by way of second round TKO

Tai Tuivasa Vs Derrick Lewis

Tuivasa started with leg kicks and Lewis didn’t handle it well. Lewis threw a right hand with bad intentions and it rocked Tuivasa, though he handled it well. They were in the clinch and Lewis tripped him down and started rocking him on the ground. Tuivasa got up and started fighting back. Lewis got another takedown and the round ended with them clinched and Tuivasa throwing knees to the body.

Tuivasa knocked him out. They were both having trouble with their footing and Lewis landed big again. They clinched at the fence and Tuivasa landed a left elbow that rocked Lewis. He was wobbly and then ate a right elbow and face planted.

Winner: Tai Tuivasa by way of second round KO

You know what happened next.

Robert Whittaker Vs Israel Adesanya

It was a slow first round. Very much a feeling out process. Adesanya threw a shot right down broadway and dropped Whittaker but he handled it well. Whittaker went for a couple takedowns and Adesanya handled them easily. First round for Adesanya.

Adesanya kicked the hell out of both of his legs. Whittaker was frustrated, but did secure one takedown during the round. Much better round for Whittaker, but Adesanya won it again.

Adesanya threw a high kick and Whittaker caught his leg and took him down. He tried to stay attached to him but Adesanya dragged him to the cage and got out of it. Whittaker has disrupted Adesanya’s timing enough to where I could see someone giving Whittaker the round, I gave it to Adesanya.

Whittaker got another timely takedown and this time, stayed on Adesanya’s back when he got up and tried for a rear naked choke, but Adesanya quickly fought it. Whittaker had him up against the cage, but backed off which was surprising. I gave the fourth to Whittaker ever so slightly and have it 3-1 for Adesanya.

Whittaker scored another takedown, but Adesanya got up quickly. Whittaker landed a left out of the break. He had two other attempts that came close, but Adesanya stayed upright. The fight ended with Whittaker trying to take him down up against the cage. I scored it 3-2 for Adesanya.

Winner: Israel Adesanya

The scores were 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46.

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