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Richard Holliday: The new face of MLW?

The Dynasty, one time consisting of MJF, Alex Hammerstone and Richard Holliday, has been a major faction in MLW since 2019. The group has held multiple championships, have been both good and bad guys, and have carried the promotion through rough periods of programming where nothing else was interesting.

When MJF finished up with MLW in early 2020, Hammerstone and Holliday were still considered a duo but didn’t participate in many of each other’s storylines. As 2021 came about, Holliday spent some time as IWA Puerto Rico Heavyweight Champion while Hammerstone got his big title vs. title match with Jacob Fatu.

On a recent episode of MLW Fusion, Holliday did something that was long overdue — turning his back on his Dynasty bro and aligning himself with backstage correspondent Alicia Atout. Holliday and Atout have had a love-hate relationship on-screen for quite a while, but revealed that it was all fake and they had been dating the entire time.

While I’m not big into the whole relationship aspect of the story, I’ve believed for a long time that Richard Holliday is a guy that can carry MLW on his back—and he’s finally getting a chance to do it.


Holliday is very innovative with his character presence, as it seems like he comes up with a new way to ‘market’ himself every week. Whether it’s starting his own coffee brand, wrestling with AirPods in, or setting any other number of various trends—Holliday has consistently stood out as a highlight on the MLW roster. Now that he is seemingly slotted in the main event picture for the first time in his career, the possibilities are endless and there’s a very good chance he beats Alex Hammerstone and becomes the new MLW World Heavyweight Champion.

And that’s what should happen. Hammerstone reign with the strap, which started back in October, has been rather lackluster and hasn’t featured any real feuds, mostly due to injury. But Holliday is the ‘hot hand’ at the moment and giving him a three to eight month reign with the belt before losing it back to Hammerstone (at full strength) seems to be the way to go. It also gives MLW a clear chance to see if Holliday can sustain that momentum he’s captured in the main event picture.

I don’t think the company should lean too heavily into the relationship angle, as those types of stories have seen their day in wrestling. Instead, MLW should embrace the pure and natural charisma that Holliday gives off, while also playing off the story that is to be told with Alex Hammerstone regarding their near three year history with one another. Atout can more than hold her as a good manager, so they don’t have a need to play into the obnoxious over-the-top heel stuff.

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