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GCW returned to Atlantic City this weekend for another set of doubleheader shows. These set of shows follows the Texas shows from the first week of February. The first show, titled Believe Me, premiered on Saturday, February 19 and featured a collection of matches that made the show thoroughly entertaining. There were a few matches that didn’t work for me here and there, but I enjoyed the entire body of work that GCW put out that was headlined by a fantastic deathmatch that pitted Hoodfoot versus Matt Tremont.

Nonetheless, let’s go on with the review.

GCW Believe Me Review/Results

The Briscoes defeated The S.A.T (Joel & Jose Maximo)

It’s always a treat to see The Briscoes wrestle. I’m still adjusting to them actually performing outside of Ring Of Honor, but it’s actually refreshing to see them get different opponents that they’ve never faced before.

Going into this match, I didn’t know much about The S.A.T aside from the fact that they were a really popular independent tag team back in the 2000’s and wrestled for CZW and ROH.

This was a good opening match, nothing more nothing less. The last five-ish minutes saved it from being an average tag match. Mark Briscoe got hit with an impressive double Spanish Fly from the Maximos, but shortly after Jay pinned Joel with a brutal Jay Driller.

Match Rating: 2.5/5

Blake Christian defeated Jimmy Lloyd

Blake Christian is racking up win after win in GCW. Christian is 7–0 (following this doubleheader weekend) in singles competition since he returned to the promotion at the beginning of December. Not only is he undefeated, but he is legitimately putting 120% into every single match that he wrestles.

This match showed a bit more of Christian’s heel side, as Lloyd is a heavy crowd favorite. Lloyd hurt his knee early on, leading to it being worked over by Christian. Lloyd’s selling was also impressive here.

The match finished in about eleven minutes after Christian cut off Lloyd’s momentum and hit a butterfly suplex driver for the win.

Fantastic stuff from both guys here.

Match Rating: 3.75/5

Nick Wayne defeated Jordan Oliver

I loved the pre-match promos that these guys had leading up to this match. There was history here, with the duo teaming in recent months in GCW.

Lots of non-stop action, with Wayne getting a 55/45 split of the action. Too much stuff happened and there wasn’t really a story—just a bunch of moves, which is fine for GCW. The Atlantic City crowd was on the edge of their seats for the whole match though.

The two were in the middle of a sequence when Wayne stacked up Oliver and scored the surprise win. This is Wayne’s first victory within the confines of the promotion.

Match Rating: 2.5/5

The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders, AJ Gray, Effy, Matthew Justice) defeated ASF, Gringo Loco, Jack Cartwheel, and Ninja Mack

The high-flying dynamic of Team Loco overwhelmed the SGC throughout the match. Ninja Mack had a lot of offense, but the match turned after he was powerbombed through a door by 1 Called Manders. The match turned from there, with SGC targeting ASF mainly. There was a cool spot shortly after where Ninja Mack was celebrating but AJ Gray, also wearing a Ninja Mack mask, entered the ring and attacked him from behind.

Gray even hit some lucha-style moves with the mask on. Ninja Mack countered with some more insane stuff, including a corkscrew senton off of Gringo Loco’s shoulders.

Unfortunately, Team ASF lost the bout after Cartwheel took a piledriver from Manders. A top rope splash from Justice secured the pinfall victory for the Second Gear Crew.

A great sprint match here that only lasted eight minutes.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Nick Gage promo

Gage has been missing a lot of GCW shows lately, mostly due to a reported injury. In this promo, he expressed that he’s been listening to the naysayers that say he’s “washed up” and “doesn’t have it anymore.” Gage then made it very clear that he will continue to ride with his gang until there’s a “bullet in his brain” and that he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

John Wayne Murdoch interrupted Gage as he was seemingly finishing up. Murdoch runs down Alex Colon and calls him a p*ssy for not showing up to the show to fight Reed Bentley. Murdoch and Bentley motioned to attack Gage, but the attack was put to a stop by G-Raver & Orin Vedit.

The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch & Reed Bentley) defeated G-Raver & Orin Vedit

This got violent fast. The two teams exchanged multiple light tube shots on the floor as the crowd ducked and dodged the flying glass. Once the match made it back in the ring, every competitor was bleeding heavily.

This quickly turned into a Glass Match, as everybody was either swinging around or going through glass. Murdoch and Bentley got the majority of the offense and looked very dominant. Eventually, Murdoch hit a Deep South Destroyer through a pane of glass (propped up by two chairs) on Orin for the win.

After the match, John Wayne Murdoch attacked commentator Kevin Gill and continued to talk trash to Alex Colon. Colon came out and ran down Murdoch before accepting Murdoch’s challenge for a match at Joey Janela’s Spring Break on WrestleMania weekend.

Match Rating: 3.25/5

Billie Starkz defeated Cole Radrick

Unfortunately, this was my least favorite match of the night. I have high hopes that Starkz can grow to be a really big force in independent wrestling, and with her age she definitely has time, but the magic isn’t quite there just yet.

The match was very back-and-forth centric, with neither person really ever gaining too much of an advantage. Radrick targeted the back of Starkz with various striking maneuvers, as well as presenting those moves with a very cocky attitude. Starkz didn’t take Radrick lightly though, picking up the victory with a swanton bomb in about eleven minutes.

Much of the offense here just didn’t connect the way you’d want it to.

Match Rating: 1.5/5

Mascara Dorada defeated Joey Janela

This bout was a great way to fire things back up. Janela was able to match the lucha-style of Dorada early, hitting a few topes. The striking game of Janela, which has gotten significantly better, really showed intensity — which Dorada matched. Joey set up a door on the outside, which would factor in later in the match.

Janela hit a masterful deadlift German Suplex after hitting a Spanish Fly, but Dorada found a way to kick out at 2.9. Soon after, Dorada would send Janela crashing through the door on the outside with a float over hurricanarana before picking up the win inside of the ring following a Falcon Arrow.

Janela continues to improve his in-ring product drastically and Dorada impresses in another GCW showing.

Match Rating: 3.5/5

Hoodfoot defeated Matt Tremont

This was a fifteen minute colossal clash of a deathmatch that was one of my favorite matches of the year thus far.

The match was kept clean until Tremont introduced a barbed wire bat and began raking it across the forehead of Hoodfoot. They continued to fight on the floor, where Tremont’s experience edge came into play. Light tubes came into play shortly after, with Tremont head butting them into Hoodfoot’s head.

A barbed wired door was introduced about half way into the match. Hoodfoot and Tremont fought on the turnbuckle before Hoodfoot was sent crashing through the door, which almost cost him the match. Hoodfoot would hit a series of Saito suplexes to put ‘The Bulldozer’ away shortly after the door incident.

Tremont grabbed the mic post match and said that Hoodfoot is legit and one of the best deathmatch wrestlers around right now. The two showed respect to one another as the show went off the air.

Match Rating: 4/5

Final thoughts:

This event was a good start to the doubleheader weekend in Atlantic City. There was only two matches that I didn’t care for, making everything else average or above average. In the case of Hoodfoot vs. Matt Tremont, it definitely felt like the match established Hoodfoot as a permanent threat in GCW. Tremont, despite coming out of retirement, regularly puts people over and did wonders for Hoodfoot’s presentation here.

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