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Atticus Cogar: The Future of Game Changer Wrestling

Game Changer Wrestling is currently in the midst of their hottest run as a promotion in their seven-year history. The promotion is selling out venue after venue across the United States and is currently led by a great collection of talent that includes Jon Moxley, Nick Gage, Joey Janela, The Briscoes, AJ Gray along with many others. 

There’s an aura around long-term storytelling in the landscape of today’s wrestling, especially when a few of the major promotions almost never tell those types of stories. GCW isn’t a hotbed for the most interesting and diverse stories either, but when they do strike on one, it can end up being something memorable and worthwhile.

Atticus Cogar, who’s been appearing for the company since 2019, is in the midst of rebranding a classic wrestling story that has been told many times throughout history. Cogar has put a chip on his shoulder by constantly calling out promoter Brett Lauderdale for relying too much on outside talent like Jon Moxley and the Briscoes, instead of leaning on the founding core of the company that “got them to the dance,” so to say. 

This has led the “Silver Teeth Satan” on a path of destruction through the company. Cogar has won his past six singles matches and boasts a record of 8–3–1 since September 2021, which was a time period that marked another one of Cogar’s signature feuds in the company, this time against Jordan Oliver. 

Personally, I love the direction that GCW is going with Atticus Cogar, and I hope he is the person to dethrone Jon Moxley and become the new GCW World Champion. If there was a wrestler that just represented the feel and spirit of Game Changer Wrestling, I believe that Cogar is one of the strongest candidates. He’s very charismatic, has great in-ring skills in both regular matches and deathmatches, and generates a great heel reaction due to his association with 44OH!

Nick Gage himself has admitted that he’s getting older and his body is giving up on him. Moxley can’t be the full-time face of the promotion due to his AEW commitments. I don’t really see anybody else that should be the clear-cut person to lead the company into the future aside from Atticus Cogar. Hopefully Brett Lauderdale and co. recognize what they have captured with the up-and-comer and continue to prep him to be the top star of the company in the future. 

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