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RECAP: Zicky Dice’s Outlandish Paradise

IMPACT Wrestling’s Zicky Dice hosted his first ever show this past Saturday from the Action Building in Canton, Georgia. The show was appropriately titled “Zicky Dice’s Outlandish Paradise” and featured some of the biggest names in wrestling, including Thunder Rosa, Evil Uno, Effy, Taya Valkyrie, Chris Bey and more. 

I was fortunate enough to win a ticket to this show, but I was planning on going anyway, as the Action Building is a place I frequent for other wrestling shows. 

Here are my thoughts on the show after both attending and watching it back on Twitch.

Zicky Dice’s Outlandish Paradise Review and Results 1/15/22

A good majority of the talent had merch tables before the show started.  Thunder Rosa and Effy had the longest lines here. 

Attendance seemed to be around the 350 mark, which is quite good for a show that unfortunately was second in buzz to Sunday’s Terminus show. 

As previously mentioned, the show streamed exclusively on Twitch—which meant there were some ‘interactive’ parts for the people watching the stream. I’ll touch on that later and get into the positives and negatives. 

Chris Bey defeated AC Mack, Darian Bengston, and Myron Reed in a Quadrupal Cataclysmic Clash 

This match was originally supposed to be Alan Angels vs. Trey Miguel vs. Chris Bey vs. Lee Johnson. Angels and Johnson had to pull out due to the AEW Dark taping that was scheduled on the same day, while Miguel pulled out late due to injury. 

In the end, it didn’t really matter because this was a very good opener and the best match of the night. Bengston was the star performer of the match, hitting a lot of impressive high-impact moves. AC Mack, being the ‘hometown’ favorite, got great reactions for the big spots he had. Myron Reed showed off some very calculated striking ability. 

Everyone got a chance to shine in a match that was essentially a non-stop display of sheer athleticism. Bey got the win in about 12 minutes after hitting a springboard cutter on Bengston.

NZO defeated John Skyler

Dice had the worst luck when it came to cancellations on this show. This match was supposed to be Rich Swann vs. Peter Avalon, but changed to Rich Swann vs. NZO after Avalon had to pull out for the previously mentioned Dark tapings. The rumor was that Swann caught COVID-19, so he missed out on facing the “Real 1.” Skyler, assumingely, because he’s in the Georgia area, was subbed in as NZO’s opponent. 

There was quite a bit of a dead period between the opener and this match where nothing was going on. It was explained that the Twitch stream was essentially like a live television product with had commercials and interactive questionnaires and such. I think the stream should have been shown on the big screen to keep the audience entertained, but that’s just me. 

This match was OK. NZO had a great pre-match promo just hyping himself up and to my personal surprise, the crowd ate it up. NZO had some really good spots here, specifically where he took a dropkick to his knee coming off the top rope and sold it excellently. Skyler was fine, but didn’t do that much that was ‘impressive’ per say. NZO picked up the win in about seven-ish minutes. 

Carlie Bravo won the Hey Brother 👀 Battle Royal 

This 20-man battle royal was very ‘over-the-top’ and added to the appeal of Outlandish Paradise. 

Notable entrees in the match included: Ashton Starr, Dillon McQueen, Donnie Janela, Jonah Turk, Manny Lemons, Nasty Leroy, Owen Knight, Stunt Marshall and the winner, Carlie Bravo. 

Eliminations came slowly, but the more ‘non-popular’ players went out first. There was an interactive Twitch thing where the chat had a chance to vote and “save” someone who was eliminated. This happened to Manny Lemons and Dillon McQueen who both didn’t get enough votes to be saved. Stunt Marshall, however, was voted to be saved. 

The final three were Bravo, Knight, and Marshall. The entire match was centered around Knight and Bravo going at it and seemingly creating a rivalry that will spill throughout 2022. Marshall was eliminated shortly after being saved, but Bravo eventually threw Knight over the top rope. After the match, he was awarded with a check for one million ‘Exposure Bucks’. Good stuff overall, thoroughly entertaining throughout. 

Effy defeated Dalton Castle

This was pure comedy throughout the first three minutes or so, with both guys acting like they were two godly forces coming into contact with each other for the first time. I like this stuff personally, so I was into it. 

As the match went on, it got more physical. Castle tried to hit his “Bang-A-Rang” finisher multiple times, but Effy found a way to counter it every time, including the finish of the bout where he turned it into a schoolboy pin, which warranted the 3 count. Effy was busted open (from the tongue?) halfway through the match after a knee strike from Castle. I enjoyed the dynamic here and would love to see a rematch in the future, preferably with a bit more time. 

Thunder Rosa defeated Taya Valkyrie

Taya Valkyrie’s first match following her departure from WWE was an absolute delight. Thunder Rosa got a monster reaction; probably the loudest of the night. 

Early on there was quite a bit of fighting on the outside, with both women throwing each other into the barricade. Rosa delivered a double running knee strike onto Valkyrie while she was positioned against a barricade. When the match ended up in the ring, it turned into a strike fest with Rosa lighting up Valkyrie’s chest with repeated blows. 

Taya had a really nice pump handle driver near the end of the bout, but Rosa snuck in a win with another roll up pin. Didn’t care for the finish due to the previous match’s finish being the same, but the overall match was well put together and enjoyable. 

Evil Uno defeated Zicky Dice in a Barely Legal Circus Of Evil Match

Cool match title, eh? 

Uno and Dice have been in an online feud in recent weeks over Uno’s ‘disrespect’ of Dice on his Twitch stream. Dice started the match by demanding that Uno apologize — but Uno did not oblige and spiked Dice in the head with a microphone. 

Uno dominated throughout the match and gave Dice an ass-beating (which he’s really good at taking). Uno smacked Dice around the ringside area with multiple chairs before placing him on the ringside table. Uno then stood on two chairs and did a splash of sorts, completely demolishing the table.

Uno asked the Twitch stream what move he should hit Dice with, to which they chose a piledriver. Dice kicked out of it. Uno seemed to stall after this which allowed Dice to climb back into the match and take control. 

Weapons started coming from beneath the ring. More chairs, a ‘Eat Clean Bro’ table (which prompted a ‘Sponsored Table’ chant from the crowd), a stapler and a cinder block all made an appearance. Dice was stapled in both the forehead and the crotch and also took a drop toe hold onto the cinderblock. Uno even allowed some fans in the crowd to chop Dice in the chest. 

A ton of other stuff happened in this twenty two minute encounter, but I recommend watching it on Twitch because I can’t do this spectacle justice with my own words. It was a pure display of entertainment. 

Overall thoughts: 

Zicky Dice’s Outlandish Paradise was an event that I’ll personally remember for quite some time. It wasn’t just a standard run-of-the-mill Indy event, but rather an extravagant spectacle that surely puts Dice and Twitch in a good space to run more events in the future. As always, there is room for improvement, specifically with the weird pauses between matches, but I think it was a hell of an effort for his first ‘rodeo’ as a promoter. 

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