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WWE Day 1 Live Coverage – Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar

We’ll be here for live coverage of WWE’s brand new pay-per-view, Day 1. Steven Conway wrote a preview of the show.

Something changed on the way to Day 1.

Which now means that Brock has been added to the Fatal Four Way match.

In the pre-show match, Sheamus and Ridge Holland beat Ricochet and Cesaro in a tag team match that turned into a handicap match after Holland got his nose busted up. And yes, Sheamus still won, making the babyfaces look really dumb.

The Usos Vs New Day

This match is paced much more slowly than you’d think. Lots of heel offense and then posing early on when they had the heat on Kofi. Kofi finally made a hot tag to Woods who ran wild for a bit. Good underdog babyface hot tag stuff from Woods.

Jey Uso got a nearfall from a big splash on Kofi. Woods hit a double stomp from the top rope on Jey and got a two count. Crowd is really into it. Usos hit a double big splash from the top rope on Kofi, but Woods broke it up. They beat Kofi with a 3-D.

Winner: The Usos

Madcap Moss Vs Drew McIntyre

Moss and Baron Corbin did some Drew-specific jokes before the match.

This match was much better than it had any right to be. And I’m not sure, but Drew seemed to go out of his way to make sure Moss looked as good as humanly possible.

McIntyre did a running cross body and Moss caught him which seemed tough because he was running so fast and is such a big dude. Drew hit the Future Shock DDT for a two. Then hit a Claymore for the pin.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Street Profits Vs Team RK-Bro

This match didn’t overstay its welcome at all. The Migos came out with Orton and Riddle and stood on the turbuckles.

As a way to show the Migos that he can also entertain, Montez Ford did a pretty awesome Harlem Shake.

The match was really a Randy Orton showcase. Orton had a great tan and looked slim Orton had a great hot tag, hitting his powerslam. Orton made a hot tag and hit a powerslam. Ford did a great dive over the corner ring post. He barely cleared it, but it was fantastic.

Ford missed From the Heavens and was tossed in the air by Riddle and hit with the RKO to end the match. It was predictable that the finish would be the RKO out of nowhere, but it was still great.

Winner: Team RK-Bro

Drew was attacked backstage by Moss and Corbin and was Pilmanized.

Brock Lesnar said he was winning the title tonight.

The Miz Vs Edge

Edge came out to his half Brood, half Edge entrance.

This was a Miz match. Edge worked really hard to make the match believable, but the crowd didn’t buy anything the Miz did and were sort of quiet.

Miz tried to steal a pin with both feet right on the ropes and in front of the refs eyes. She caught him and only counted two and he celebrated like he won the match. That stuff was dumb when I was a kid. It’s even dumber now.

Edge got the crossface on and Maryse put Miz’s foot on the bottom rope. Edge missed a spear as Miz leap frogged him. Maryse hit Edge with her purse and Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale for a nearfall.

Beth Phoenix came out and ran Maryse off. Edge hit the spear and won.

Winner: Edge

Liv Morgan Vs Becky Lynch

Not great early on and the crowd is not into it. Liv missed a knee strike by a mile. Becky did a leg drop off the ropes and over Morgan who was draped over the middle rope. It wasn’t good at all.

Becky Lynch also seemed a bit off in the match. No real fire from her at all.

Liv was a fighting babyface getting some near falls and putting Becky in the Rings of Saturn. She then jumped right into Becky’s Rock Bottom. Not a great match in any way.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Seth Rollins Vs Kevin Owens Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Big E Vs Brock Lesnar

Brock was taken out of the match right away. Big E sent him over the top and Lashley speared him through the barricade. Owens gave him a frog splash from the apron to the floor. Seth and Owens teamed up to take out Lashley too. Big E then gave him a Rock Bottom through the announcer’s table.

Lesnar got back in the ring and gave everyone except for Lashley a F5. He ate a spear from Lashley but kicked out at two. Big E gave Lashley the Big Ending. He then ate the F5 and Lesnar won the match.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

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