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Weekend Exit Survey: Re-ordering the top ten WWE moments of 2021 & more

Happy New Year! For the first survey of 2022, we had the best-of episode of SmackDown, AEW Rampage, and the WWE Day 1 “Premium Live Event.”

How would I re-order the top ten WWE moments of 2021?

Honorable mentions:

  • Charlotte Flair-Becky Lynch Belt Swap.
  • Lash Legend vs Sarray on 205 Live. 
  • Anytime Grayson Waller called someone “lad”.
  • Every Veer vignette.
  • The Miz’s WWE Championship reign.
  • The WrestleMania rain delay. 
  • The Undisputed Era reunion-oh wait that was on AEW. 

10) RK-Bro wins RAW Tag Team Championships (original spot: 10)

This just shouldn’t be on the list. It was a pretty pedestrian title win, but I understand why it was there.

9) Becky Lynch’s return (original spot: 3)

We all love Becky Lynch. We don’t love Bianca Belair being squashed after such a terrific build. Bianca Belair should’ve squashed Carmella and then you have the Becky return and confrontation post-match. This was incredibly counterproductive despite how good it was to have Becky back. 

8) Edge beats Seth Rollins in Hell In A Cell (original spot: 5)

If I was going to put any part of this feud on this list, it’d be when Rollins called Edge’s daughters’ artwork rotten. That made me laugh way harder than it had any right to. This Hell In A Cell match was pretty good, but they just aren’t special to me anymore. I forgot it’d happened until I saw it again on SmackDown. 

7) Charlotte wins Championship #12 (original spot: 7)

This was a clear “we need to get Charlotte on this list somewhere” move. I suggested a more iconic Charlotte moment in 2021 but for obvious reasons, it’s been forgotten about on WWE television. Winning twelve world titles is cool and all, but I’ve always thought holding one for a longer time is more impressive. We all know she’s going to get to 17 before she hangs it up.

6) Bobby Lashley murks Goldberg at SummerSlam (original spot: 8)

I think if fans were in the building for Lashley’s WWE title win it would’ve made the list, but I am all for seeing as little of the ThunderDome as we need to. Lashley’s title win was great, but what made it even better was the reign. I thought he was going to drop it to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania XXXVII for the lost moment of the prior year, but nope. Lashley killing Goldberg was pretty cool, it’s a shame they didn’t show him beating up Sonberg afterward. 

5) Bad Bunny at WrestleMania (original spot: 6)

Some celebrities do a wrasslin’ match because it looks like a bunch of fun to jump around in the ring and you’ll likely get a neat payday for it. This wasn’t the case with Bad Bunny, a life-long fan who respects the sport. Bad Bunny tagged with Damian Priest and had one of the best celebrity matches in wrestling history, and the Miz and John Morrison deserve their flowers for making him look as good as he did. 

4) Brock Lesnar’s return (original spot: 1)

This was cool and all, but you knew he was coming back eventually. I think what made it so great was the fact that he looked like he teleported from his farm in Saskatoon. Babyface farmer Brock has been ridiculously entertaining. 

3) Logan Paul gets stunned (original spot: 9)

Kevin Owens got to do what millions across this world have wanted to do for years. Owens at one point was slated to wrestle Chris Jericho in the WrestleMania 33 main event, but that was eventually changed. Four years later, he gets to hit one of the most polarizing YouTubers ever with a stunner. That’s not the worst trade-off, is it?

2) Big E cashing in Money in the Bank to win the WWE Championship (original spot: 2)

For over half a decade, Big E had been a beloved wrestler by all fans. A guy who is a remarkable human away from the ring, and immensely talented inside it. It’s a shame he wasn’t booked better, and that he’s not the champion anymore, but here’s hoping he gets the belt back.

1) Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair at WrestleMania (Original spot: 4)

This is one of the best matches of the year, and one of the most important matches in the history of pro-wrestling. Two black women went on last on the biggest show of the year for the first time ever, put in that spot solely on merit. It can’t be understated how overdue and significant this was for the sport of pro-wrestling. It was a fantastic match and it made Belair into a superstar, Sasha Banks did an incredible job here, too. 

Why is “Technique by Taz” not a weekly thing? 

As someone who remembers the “sports-based presentation with stats and analytics” promise from nearly three years ago, I love the Technique by Taz videos. Why do the wrestlers do these moves and what effects do they have? Explaining why someone uses this route in order to get the ever-important win is valuable and unique. 

How did I feel about the finish of the Day 1 Main event?

Boy, oh boy. My buddy Andrew and I were eating lunch as we watched the main event of the first-ever WWE ~Premium Live Event~ of 2022. Ever curious were we about how this match would go with the late addition of Brock Lesnar.  The change was made after Roman Reigns’ positive COVID-19 test prevented the scheduled Universal title bout between Lesnar and Reigns from happening. 

I tell no lie when I say Andrew dropped his food as the referee’s hand hit the mat for three, and Brock Lesnar had pinned Big E to win the WWE Championship. Not only was it a shock that Lesnar actually won, but the fact that he pinned E and not Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens. The big question is “what’s next?”. I haven’t been this intrigued by WWE in a very long time, but I’m also heaps sad that Big E took the fall. 

What was my favorite match of the weekend?

The SmackDown Tag Team Championship match on Day 1 where the Usos retained over the New Day. These four just do no wrong. No matter the New Day combination, these two teams always rip shit up when they wrestle each other. They should induct each other into the Hall of Fame. I’d watch them wrestle every week. 

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