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The WRLD on GCW Live Coverage – Jon Moxley Vs Homicide

the wrld on gcw live coverage

Game Changer Wrestling has gone from a revamped version of Jersey Championship Wrestling to becoming a highlight of WrestleMania weekend with Joey Janela’s Spring Break shows exposing a lot of new eyeballs to now hitting the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom. ECW made the venue famous with pro wrestling, but Ring of Honor has helped carry that mantle and its history will be on display tonight when the Briscoe Brothers face a mystery team for their GCW Tag Team Titles.

Jeff Jarrett makes his GCW debut in his “last outlaw” persona facing Effy after taking out Effy and his partner Allie Katch with guitars. Jarrett’s claim is that he is the true pioneer of intergender wrestling and he’s out to show everyone that he’s still got gas in the tank. Matt Cardona proclaimed himself the ECW World TV Champion and he’ll face Joey Janela for the first time ever. Two World Title matches are set to showcase completely different styles as Jonathan Gresham faces Blake Christian in a Pure rules ROH World Title match, while Jon Moxley faces Homicide for the GCW World Title one night after Homicide went into GCW’s Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame.

PBR Battle Royal

Psycho Clown, Dark Sheik, Cole Radrick, and Parrow start things out before Hoodfoot squares off with Parrow in a battle of burly men. KTB slingshots in before Juicy comes in and Steve Scott takes a selfie on his way to the ring. Janai Kai attacks Nate Webb before Dustin Thomas makes his GCW return and lands a tornado DDT and a 619. B-Boy hits the ring to a massive pop and Yoya flips him off, so B-Boy just basement dropkicks his face off in the corner. LuFisto goes from being inducted into the hall of fame last night to being the second-to-last entrant and hits a burning hammer on Yoya before Thunder Rosa comes out as the last entrant and quickly eliminates Parrow to a large chant.

911’s son Big Vin eats a beating from LuFisto and Thunder Rosa in the corner. Vin takes a Saito suplex and LuFisto throws Charles Mason around before LuFisto gets chucked out. Big Vin pays homage to his father by winning the battle royal with a chokeslam from the ring to the floor on Charles Mason. 911 cracks open a beer with his son before they share a hug. This was an enjoyable match – not exactly good, but it never got boring.

Winner: Big Vin

Grim Reefer Vs. Shane Mercer Vs. Alex Zayne Vs. Dante Leon Vs. Jack Cartwheel Vs. Ninja Mack – PBR Scramble

Nick Wayne is out and replaced by Shane Mercer. Zayne and Leon start the bout off with impressive dives before Reefer lights a joint and flip dives onto the pile mid-puff. Mack lands a handspring moonsault before taking a front-flipping cutter from Leon out of the corner. Zayne lands a top rope rana on Mack before hitting a German on Mercer onto Mack. Mercer X Plexes Mack onto the knee of Zayne awkwardly – his neck and the back of his head hit hard there. Dante Leon hits a shooting star cutter on Cartwheel but can’t follow up. Ninja Mack gets a run-up enzuiguri onto onto Leon, who is mid-poison rana on Zayne – so everyone goes down. Mercer powerbombs Zayne into the second rope before Cartwheel hits a shooting star press on the apron! Mercer teases a super Death Valley driver onto Reefer, but Reefer turns it into a tornado DDT onto a chair and wins it!

Winner: Grim Reefer

Brett Lauderdale hits the ring with Chris Dickinson and hypes up how they’re selling out shows everywhere – but nothing tops selling out in New York City! Lauderdale says when he started GCW, he was delivering Chinese food and pizza with a three-year-old in the backseat. He brings in a red chair from an older Jersey show and says it’s now here in NYC. He thanks Effy and Dickenson thanks GCW for making him what he is in wrestling. He thanks everyone who helped him when he needed it. Lauderdale goes with a roll call of GCW wrestlers who have passed away and tears up seeing Danny Havoc. This was a must-watch segment just to get a sense for what the company means to everyone in it.

G-Raver Vs. PCO Vs. Alex Colon Vs. AJ Gray Vs. Jimmy Lloyd Vs. Tony Deppen Vs. Jordan Oliver in a Grab the Brass Ring Ladder Match

Raver chucks a ladder at PCO in the corner and then PCO hits a ladder doomsday device to G-Raver! Oliver yakuza kicks Lloyd in the ropes before Oliver and Deppen eat dives! Old man flip dive by PCO sets up a pile for Deppen to double-springboard flip dive onto! PCO moonsaults off the top to everyone on the floor. PCO gets a smaller ladder and gets pulled off – which only makes sense as it would be odd for a ladder match involving PCO to be less-terrifying than one with Tanahashi and KENTA.

Deppen and PCO brawl on top of a pair of ladders before Deppen takes him out with a head bite and KOs Oliver with a knee strike. Handspring cutter off the second rope by Oliver onto Deppen off a ladder! Jordan Oliver takes a package piledriver from PCO right on the ladder to the point where his head bends a rung! Raver puts a ladder on Colon, but the ladder isn’t feeling that, brother and falls off him. Raver lands a senton off the ladder before eating an Awesome bomb to a ladder on the floor from Jimmy Lloyd!  AJ Gray for something off a corner ladder and then goes rib-first on another ladder. John Wayne Murdoch runs down and takes out Colon before AJ Gray grabs the brass ring and wins the mach.

Winner: AJ Gray

Bandido, ASF, and Laredo Kid Vs Gringo Loco, Arez, and Demonic Flamita in a trios match

Arez avoids a rana and gets a head scissor before Bandido runs in for Three Amigos. ASF gets a double springboard wheelbarrow armdrag to Loco. Arez hits a run-up dive to the floor onto Laredo Kid. Arez and Flamita lock on stereo Romero specials before Loco hits a flip dive onto them! Team Bandido lands a three-way deja vu headscissor sending everyone to the floor before suicide dives! We get a row boat before Bandido eats a rana and kicks out at 2.9. Bandido hits a rope-trap uppercut but eats a superkick before Laredo comes in for a Michinoku driver and 450 on Flamita for 2 before Arez double stomps him to break it up.

Arez hits a run-up the rope moonsault mid-ring for 2 leading to ASF hitting a DVD for 2. X Plex to ASF gets 2.9 when Bandido saves. TRIOS CHICKENFIGHT SPOT! We get craziness off of that before a call to go home just hits over the PA. LAREDO KID HITS A SPANISH FLY ON AREZ TO THE PILE! After all of that insanity, a Gringo Loco piledriver ends it. This was complete insanity, and the fans throw cash into the ring to show their love and this deserved it.

Winner: Team Gringo

Blake Christian vs. Lio Rush

Ian Riccobani is out to announce the ROH World Title match, but Jonathan Gresham isn’t here.  Blake Christian will get a future ROH World Title shot and Christian says he’s here to show the world that he’s among the best in the world and he wants to face his best foe in GCW – Lio Rush. They adhere to the code of honor before an armdrag from Christian and a slick enzuiguri from Rush. Christian evades a sliding D to the neck and S grips his hands around the neck after a crucifix for a mid-ring submission.  Lio Rush hits a big misdirection spear and Michinoku drivers him for 2. Ripcord Spanish Fly is avoided by Rush before Rush Hour is avoided.

A ripcord Spanish Fly hits and a springboard 450 gets 2.9 for Christian! Rush lands a poison rana before the Final Hour frog splash gets 2.999! Rush wants a German off the apron, but Christian avoids it and avoids a sunset bomb. Fosbury flop by Rush, but he’s caught into a tombstone on the floor! 450 double stomp hits for Christian and gets the win! This was outstanding! Ian puts them over as a battle of the two best under 30 in wrestling today and they proved that point here – and gave Blake Christian his biggest win to date.

Winner: Blake Christian

Matt Cardona vs. Joey Janela

An “If Cardona Wins, We Riot” banner is set over the balcony before “Enter Sandman” hits for Matt Cardona. Kevin Gill gives Carona grief for using PBR and wearing an “F Mick Foley” flannel. Cardona says you can’t boo him because his parents are here and he’ll end Joey Janela’s career before TK can say “you’re fired!”. Cardona hits Radio Silence for 2 to start. Janela hits a corner death valley driver through a door in the corner. Janela lands a round kick to the chest and sends Cardona out for a suicide dive. Janela aims for a chair-assisted dive, but Cardona moves and Janela eats it. Chelsea kicks Cardona low before Janela goes up for the elbow, but she crotches him to reveal that Cardona has a cup-like structure on.

Cardona broski boots him with a chair over his face for 2. Janela runs wild with axehandles before “Smart” Mark Sterling comes out in a neck brace and states that Janela can’t use Cardona’s belt or he’ll be DQed. Sterling brings out Wrestling Superstar Virgil in a Vince McMahon mask to his theme before Cardona hits Sterling with a belt shot trying to hit Janela. Superkick sends Cardona down for 2 with a superkick. Death Valley driver on the ring frame by Janela! Swoggle comes out from under the ring and throws Janela into the post. Sam Stackhouse tosses Swoggle into the ring before Swoggle palm strikes the belly and gets trucked! Avalanche by Stackhouse, who misses a second rope moonsault.

Marko Stunt comes in and tosses a chair at Swoggle’s head before Janela DDTs Cardona. Stunt double stomps Swoggle through a door mid-ring before Janela diving elbows Cardona through a table on the door. Stunt eats a Green destroyer and Janela wants one on her, but Cardona chairshots him. Joey chairshots Cardona on the back of the head before Green smacks Janela with a kendo stick a few times. Janea plays the role of Dreamer and piledrives her. Bryan Myers plays the role of Edge and spears Janela through a door. Super Radio Silence hits and CARDONA WINS IT! Then Sean Waltman comes out and hits a few kicks, but Myers prevents a bronco buster – so I guess the next big match will be Waltman vs. Cardona.

Winner: Matt Cardona

Mance Warner comes out after being out for months due to a leg injury. He thanks all of the crew before Atticus Cogar comes out and insults the execs of the company. Mance Warner says he can’t wrestle, but his doctors didn’t say he couldn’t beat a punk bitch’s ass. Well, that would be strangely specific. Matthew Justice helps make a save until 440 jumps him. The lights go out and Sabu is here and the faces all launch chairs before Justice hits a Superfly dive for a pinfall that Fonzie counts while the fans all sing along to “Walk”. A slick Soho-Katch video airs talking about everything working itself out and some things just aren’t meant to be before closing to her in front of a SOHO mural ala Ruby’s AEW hype videos.

Allie Katch vs. Ruby Soho

Katch and Soho start with a handshake and Soho wants No Future right away, but Katch avoids it. Katch sends Soho into the corner with her own version of deadly night shade for 2. Katch avoids a ripcord and German suplexes Soho down before Soho lands a Saito suplex. Soho hits a ripcord flatliner for 2. Soho lands No Future and finally hits it – but it only gets 2! A double stomp from Soho is avoided by Katch, who gets 2 off a knee strike and piledriver! They go back and forth on a superplex, and Katch wants a super piledriver – but Soho pulls her into No Future off the top for the win.

Winner: Ruby Soho

Jeff Jarrett vs. EFFY

Jarrett’s out to a dark country remix of “My World”. EFFY is out to his theme “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” – which works for EFFY and seemingly no one else. EFFY puts a $20 in the ring to get Jarrett to leave and Jarrett just has the ref take it. Long tie-up and EFFY leapfrogs him and then drops down on his knees for…other reasons. Jarrett punts the ribs and then whips him with his belt to a “daddy likes it” chant. Speaking of which, Jarrett makes the mistake of trying to choke EFFY out and that just makes him Hulk up briefly before Jarrett ties him to the top rope with the belt. Jarrett goes to chairshot him, but EFFY avoids it and throws a flurry of punches Jarrett’s way.

Jarrett misses a corner charge and EFFY hits Under the Rainbow for 2. EFFY’s blockbuster misses, and Jarrett grabs the guitar, but a low blow stops that. EFFY grabs the guitar and goes for it but eats a low blow and a guitar shot hits! EFFY absorbs it, but can’t withstand the guitar-assisted Stroke and that’s it. This was one of the best matches on the show so far.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Jon Moxley vs. Homicide for the GCW World Title

Coming off of a hall of fame induction, Homicide is main eventing his first PPV in a 20-year career and it’s for GCW’s World Title against one of AEW’s top stars in Jon Moxley. After leaving TNA a decade ago, he hasn’t much national exposure being NWA Power – but he’s been very good in the ring when given chances to shine despite battling shoulder injuries for many years. Mox charges Homicide with a forearm shiver and rocks Homicide before Moxley goes for a round kick and Homicide catches it for a capture suplex.

Homicide sets him up top for a super cutter and gets 2. Homicide wants a Cop Killah, but Mox isn’t down for that and flips out for a forearm shiver before Mox wants a lariat exchange! Mox wins that one and gets 2 before grounding him in an inverted Salaverry position for some elbows. The bulldog choke is on, but Homicide makes the rope – minus a tooth. Homicide sends Mox into a corner chair and lands a hard lariat for 2. Mox lands the elevated Death Rider on a chair for 2.5! Homicide avoids a second Death Rider and jacknifes him for 2.9. Mox lariat hits and an elevated Death Rider on a seated chair ends it! This was a fantastic all-action match that showed everyone why Homicide was such a hot act in Ring of Honor many years ago and if it’s his final big singles match, it’s one to be proud of.
Winner: Jon Moxley


The Briscoes vs. Matt Tremont and Nick Gage for the GCW World Tag Team Title

The Briscoes are back out to “Gimme Back My Bullets” since GCW just doesn’t care about music rights issues. Matt Tremont comes out to a nice reaction before the roof blows up for Nick Gage. Tremont hits a Samoan drop and Prazak predicts that we won’t see chain wrestling. Everyone hits one another with doors before Mark gets choked with a chair by Trement on the mat. Froggy elbow by Mark through the door gets 2. Gage piledrives Mark through a door and a chokebreaker ends it. This was a plunder-filled match, but nothing beyond every weapons match we saw for a decade every week on TNA TV with Abyss. Gage thanks his MDK gang and the show goes off right at 11 PM EST.

Winners: Nick Gage and Matt Tremont

This was a very hit or miss show, with the best overall parts being the trios tag match, Jarrett vs. EFFY, and Lio Rush vs. Blake Christian. Matt Cardona vs. Joey Janela had a great 10 minute match thrown into a 20+ minute package with half the planet running in and causing constant mood whiplash. As a PPV show, GCW needs to tighten up the production and avoid things like the random periods of muted audio and just going to a test pattern. They’re playing fast and loose with the music too and I guess it’s like AAA where they’ll just use it until they get stopped. Having seen about a dozen GCW shows since the 2019 Spring Break events, this was the worst one by far and for being their biggest show, it was a disappointment. ECW had Barely Legal hit at least a couple of home runs – but this didn’t have that and had far more misses than hits beyond just people having to be taken out for safety reasons.

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