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The Lucha Bros’ AEW Tag Team Title reign was disappointing

Lucha Bros AEW

The AEW World Tag Team Championships have been at the center of a number of important stories in the company’s short history. Whether it was the marvelous reign that Kenny Omega and Hangman Page had that would be a key part in their near two year long story or the Young Bucks’ run with the belts that saw them have a number of classic matches, the belts have been very important to AEW over the past three years.

When the Lucha Brothers captured the belts at 2021’s historic All Out pay-per-view, the future looked bright. The Young Bucks really did their absolute best to make the duo of Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix look like superstars and put over the title win very well. With that being said, it’s a shame that the team’s reign with the titles was mediocre at best — which is very disappointing.

To start, the reign was only 122 days. The Lucha Bros have been built up within the confines of AEW since even before the first pay-per-view, Double Or Nothing, happened back in May 2019. They were presented as stars at both of the first press conferences and were regularly featured in high-stakes matches throughout 2020 and early 2021.

Over those 122 days, the belts were defended successfully four times. Two of those defenses came at the hands of their feud with FTR, which was largely fine, but felt unimportant and messy at times. The other two defenses were inconsequential matches against The Acclaimed and The Butcher/The Blade on episodes of AEW Rampage — both of which went under ten minutes.

The duo weren’t necessarily absent from TV, but rather were featured in pointless eight man tags frequently. While it works sometimes, it’s such a lazy way to get people/rivalries on the screen and it’s something that is becoming a trope in AEW. If you’re the Tag Team Champions, you shouldn’t be subjected to that many meaningless matches on such a consistent basis. Aside from the previously mentioned feud with FTR, there wasn’t a story that the Lucha Bros were involved with throughout the entirety of their reign.

My hope is that Jurassic Express, another team that has been focused on since day one, have a successful run with the belts that includes meaningful storylines, great matches and importance. Hopefully The Lucha Bros get another crack at the belts down the line and have a much better reign than their previous one.

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