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Don King Presents: Ilunga Makabu Vs Thabiso Mchunu 2 Live Coverage

Photo Credit: David Martin-Warr/Don King Productions

Welcome to Fight Game Media’s live coverage of Don King Productions’ PPV card from Warren, Ohio, headlined by a WBC Cruiserweight title fight between Ilunga Makabu and Thabiso Mchunu. I’m Carlos Toro and I will be providing coverage and fight recaps on every fight on the card live from ringside, including the main event bout. Six fights are on the card, including a bout for the WBA “Regular” Heavyweight title between Trevor Bryan and Jonathan Guidry:

Fight Game Media previewed the Makabu vs. Mchunu main event with an article looking back on their first fight that took place in 2015. You can check it out here.

Here is the PPV fight card, starting at 7 p.m. ET:

  • WBC Cruiserweight Title: Ilunga Makabu (c) vs. Thabiso Mchunu
  • WBA “Regular” Heavyweight Title: Trevor Bryan (c) vs. Jonathan Guidry
  • Vacant NABA Gold Heavyweight Title: Dacarree Scott vs. Ahmed Hefny
  • Vacant NABA Cruiserweight Title: Johnnie Langston vs. Nick Kisner
  • Vacant NABA Welterweight Title: Cody Wilson vs. Tre’Sean Wiggins
  • Vacant NABA Middleweight Title: Michael Moore* vs. Anthony Lenk

* Moore came in over the middleweight limit and is not eligible to win the title. Lenk wins the title with a victory, title remains vacant with any other result. Fight scheduled for after the PPV main event.

Vacant NABA Welterweight Title: Cody Wilson vs. Tre’Sean Wiggins

Wiggins dominated the fight despite Wilson being the one applying pressure all fight long. Wiggins used the right jab to create some distance and set up the left hook. It wasn’t until the second round where Wiggins frustrated Wilson after Wilson was unable to make his opponent uncomfortable. Wiggins scores a knockdown at the end of the round and Wilson survived the round but he looked hurt going to the corner. Wiggins scored another knockdown in the third round thanks to two left hooks. Wilson got back up, but Wiggins landed another flurry of shots which prompted the referee to stop the fight. 

Tre’Sean Wiggins defeated Cody Wilson by TKO, round 3 (1:33) to win the NABA Welterweight Title

Vacant NABA Gold Heavyweight Title: Dacarree Scott vs. Ahmed Hefny

First few rounds featured a lot of clinching and not enough actual fighting from both sides. Neither took control of the action in the first three rounds, but the fight really began in round four. Hefny suffered a cut under his left eye that produced a lot of blood. The cut got contained, but it did energize Scott to the point he tried to find the stoppage, but was not successful. Hefny had been mobile throughout the entire fight, making Scott give chase to the much lighter boxer. 

Scott continued to chase Hefny throughout the second half of the fight, failing to cut off the ring. Scott did hurt Hefny late in the fight, but failed to capitalize. Hefny continued to use the ropes as leverage but appeared tired as he couldn’t do much outside of counter-attack. 

Dacarree Scott defeated Ahmed Hefny by split decision (96-94 Hefny, 96-94 Scott, 97-93 Scott) to win NABA Gold Heavyweight Title

Vacant NABA Cruiserweight Title: Johnnie Langston vs. Nick Kisner

Langston took control of the fight from the start, dictating the pace with fast combinations and pressuring Kisner. The overwhelmed Kisner hung around the ropes, waiting for the perfect opportunity to counter-punch but never found one. Langston took advantage of the mostly defensive Kisner to attack the body. Langston’s pressure forced Kisner to drop to one knee in round five, but once he got back up. Langston connected on a series of body shots to score a second knockdown. After Kisner got back up again, Langston let his hands go, hurting Kisner and then dropping him a third and final time as Kisner’s corner stops the fight.  

Johnnie Langston defeated Nick Kisner by TKO, round 5 (1:40) to win the NABA Cruiserweight Title

WBA “Regular” Heavyweight Title: Trevor Bryan (c) vs. Jonathan Guidry

The taller and bigger Bryan spent the majority of the fight moving forward and applying pressure to Guidry, who was fighting on the backfoot. Bryan’s power punching gave Guidry plenty of trouble, but neither fighter moved their head at all in the fight, allowing them to land their fair share of combinations upstairs. Bryan staggered Guidry at the end of the fourth round by cornering him and peppering him with a combination upstairs. 

Guidry appeared hurt coming into the fifth round, but fought his way back by taking advantage of Bryan’s lack of head movement and connecting on several right and left hooks to the chin. Bryan continued a steady pace of punching, but couldn’t replicate the same combination that initially hurt Guidry in the fourth. The best punch Bryan connected since the fourth was a straight right that landed flush upstairs early in the ninth round. An increasingly tired Guidry bravely fought through the end of the round, where he caught Bryan up against the ropes with a two-punch combination. 

Guidry’s reflexes slowed down a bit in the last third of the fight as Bryan was finding more success landing upstairs. Neither guy went down to the canvas and they continued to trade punches through the end of the fight, with Bryan winning a majority of those exchanges.

Bryan closed the fight with a flurry of punches that hurt Guidry and scored a knockdown at the very end of the bout. Guidry barely beats the referee’s 10-count and survives the fight. 

Trevor Bryan defeated Jonathan Guidry by split decision (118-109 Bryan, 115-112 Guidry, 116-111 Bryan) to retain the WBA “Regular” Heavyweight Title

WBC Cruiserweight Title: Ilunga Makabu (c) vs. Thabiso Mchunu

Ilunga Makabu started the fight with a lot of forward pressure, trying to avoid getting hurt early like he did when the two fought back in 2015. Thabiso Mchunu dropped the constant use of the Philly Shell that he used exclusively in the first fight. Makabu’s pressuring but isn’t connecting a lot of clean shots. 

Mchunu decides to fight off the backfoot form most of the first half of the fight, letting the fight come to him instead of forcing a slugfest. Makabu’s stamina appears to run out later in the fight as he fights a lot more flatfooted and Mchunu keeps landing the right hand throughout the bout. 

Mchunu kept landing clean shots upstairs while moving back and countering well, but the issue for Makabu was that he was running out of steam. Makabu wasn’t able to effectively pressure Mchunu outside of a few occasions where Makabu pushed Mchunu to the ropes. 

Makabu retained the title with a controversial split decision. Mchunu should have won most of the rounds in the second half, if not sweep the last six rounds. Still, Makabu name dropped Canelo Alvarez as Makabu’s name was in the mix for a potential shot at the Mexican superstar.

Ilunga Makabu defeated Thabiso Mchunu by split decision (115-113 Makabu, 115-113 Mchunu, 116-112 Makabu) to retain the WBC Cruiserweight Title

Vacant NABA Middleweight Title: Michael Moore vs. Anthony Lenk

Michael Moore had some success landing several short combinations to the body and pressuring Lenk to the ropes. However, both fighters had periods of success connecting on shots upstairs. Midway through the fight, Lenk started to press the action, but soon found himself back on the ropes on the receiving end of a pair of uppercuts upstairs. 

Soon after it looked like Lenk was finally done with being up against the ropes, he got pushed back to the ropes. Moore landed a big three-punch combination in round eight that might have staggered Lenk had Lenk not already had his back to the ropes when it happened. Lenk’s left hand kept him in the fight and allowed him to trade on the inside against Moore in the later rounds, but it was not enough for Lenk to get the win.

The NABA title remains vacant despite winning the fight due to Moore missing weight by four pounds the day prior. 

Michael Moore defeated Anthony Lenk by decision (99-91, 99-91, 99-91), NABA Middleweight Title remains vacant

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