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Get to Know Deadlock Pro Wrestling

If you’ve been on Twitter on a Thursday night over the last month or so, you might’ve seen #DPWFire trending (as high number five). Deadlock Pro has been getting a lot of buzz online and by word of mouth. The promotion is the brainchild of the guys behind the Deadlock Podcast: John Blud, James Darnell, and Anthony Douglas. You might also know them on YouTube as Jawnny from newLegacyinc, CM Puls3, and TonyPizza Guy, respectively.

DeadlockPro has had four episodes air on YouTube as well as their on-demand channel. I caught episode 3 just 8 hours after it aired and it already had 11,000 views (it now has 336,ooo views). Not bad for a new promotion that airs exclusively online.

The episodes last about an hour and move really quickly. It was filmed in Jacksonville, NC (roughly four hours from Charlotte) and utilizes talent from the Carolinas). I was drawn in because of talent I was already familiar with like Bojack, Andrew Everett, The Reality/NDA (Patrick Scott and Chance Rizer), Lucky Ali, KZT, and Diego Hill. Deadlock Pro has also featured Rosemary, Calvin Tankman, Kevin Ku, and Luther. 

They’ve had some bangers, starting with their very first match, Bandit vs. Ali. From the same show, another excellent match was Everett vs. Rosemary. Episode three featured a great match between Ku and Hill. Episode four had two bangers in the DPW Worlds Championship Eliminator tournament.

One of the standouts thus far has been Kidd Bandit. He’s a graduate of the Nightmare Factory and has gotten over on social media (particularly Twitter & Instagram). In episode four, there was a heartfelt moment between the Protagonist and Luther. 

Andrew Everett is getting a push as one of the promotion’s top stars and with good reason. He is facing Shawn Spears on the January 14th episode of AEW Rampage. Everett has been wrestling in the Carolinas for over a decade. His father was a co-founder of OMEGA Championship Wrestling with The Hardy Boyz. They also trained Everett. Billing himself as 7’4″, The Big Dog is the current PWI Ultra J Champion.

Another standout has been a passionate fan that is also a child. He very loudly booed the heels. He went straight up to Patrick Scott, which led Scott to tweet that he’d fight a child. In episode 4, Raychell Rose made the poor kid cry, like a true heel.

Each show featured tournament matches to determine who would be facing off for the DPW Worlds Champion at their first big event (pay-per-view?), You Already Know. The show was filmed in Raleigh on January 8. 

The #DPWYAK card:

  • Calvin Tankman vs. Blake Christian
  • Mikey Banker vs. Aaron Cox
  • Yuu vs. Ryo Mizunami
  • Lucky Ali vs. Diego Hill vs. Donnie Ray 
  • KZT vs. Raychell Rose
  • DPW Battle Royal  
  • Kidd Bandit vs. Ho Ho Lun
  • Bojack vs. Andrew Everett-DPW Worlds Title match 

Gringo Loco and Luther were also scheduled to appear. Alex Colon and Frightmare had to bow out due to COVID-19.

The show will air Saturday, January 15 at 6 PM ET on Deadlock Pro’s on-demand channel. It’s $14.99 a month for access to all of their content. 

There’s still time to jump on the DPW bandwagon and support independent wrestling.

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