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ACTION Wrestling/S.U.P: Kevinnn! recap

ACTION Wrestling and S.U.P (Southern Underground Pro) took part in Beyond Wrestling’s “Wrestival” this year, traveling up from the southeastern part of the country to present their second ever super show together—KEVIN!!!. The show is named after the classic holiday movie Home Alone.

Below you can find match results, ratings, and what I thought about each contest. The event can be viewed in entirety at Independentwrestling.tv

Jaden Newman defeated Avery Good

Match Rating: B

This was a really solid opener between a veteran in Avery Good and an exciting up-and-comer in the south, Jaden Newman. Good controlled a good chunk of the match, but Newman showed a ton of resiliency and was able to pull off the win after tapping out Good with a reverse snare trap.

Rip Bryson defeated Bobby Flaco

Match Rating: C

This wasn’t very long. Bryson basically dominated with some impactful offense, although Flaco got a few moves in here and there. I thought Flaco looked good in the loss. I’ve never seen Bryson wrestle before, so this was a nice introduction to him. 

Austin Luke defeated Pete Youngblood

Match Rating: B-

Both guys really got their stuff in here. I think this was just about an even of a match as you’d want if you’re trying to make both guys look good. Pete Youngblood has a very good “superstar” type of look to him, while Austin Luke throws some really nice strikes. Luke ended up pinning Youngblood in about nine minutes.

Ashton Starr defeated Davienne 

Match Rating: B+

Ashton Starr is one of my favorites on the southern independent scene — and he really showed why in this bout. Starr showed more of an aggressive side here than he normally does in ACTION, wearing down Davienne with a slew of kicks and knee strikes. 

Davienne fought back in the later stages of the match, but eventually gave way to Starr’s very impressive springboard moonsault. 

Alec Price defeated Adam Priest 

Match Rating: A-

This was the best match of the night thus far. Before the bell rang, it was billed as a match between “the respective breakouts of their religion”. Priest had the majority of the offense because he was the heel, but Price played his role very well. All around — super entertaining stuff. 

Masha Slamovich vs. Anthony Henry went to a No-Contest

Match Rating: B

Anthony Henry dominated Slamovich from the get go with some genuinely brutal offense. There was a cool moment early on where Henry paid tribute to the late Jimmy Rave by delivering an STO on the ring apron. Henry delivered a solid onslaught of kicks to multiple parts of Slamovich for about nine minutes before AC Mack came down to the ring and attacked both Henry and Masha. 

Mack cut a promo about how it’s convenient that Alex Shelley disappears into the void whenever he becomes number one contender for Shelley’s IWTV belt. Shortly after, Slamovich and Henry teamed together and laid out Mack. 

AC Mack defeated Slade in a No-Disqualification match

Match Rating: B

While Mack was laid out, Slade made his entrance. With the clear advantage, Slade dominated the early portion of the match on the outside with Mack sneaking in a few strikes here and there. 

With Mack fluttering for the rest of the bout, Slade took his time and picked him apart. The match came to a sudden end though when Mack rolled up Slade after low blowing him — stealing the victory.

Violence Is Forever (Kevin Ku & Dominic Garrini) defeated Hot Wheelz (Tracy Williams & Wheeler Yuta) 

Match Rating: A-

This was just a solid technical main event between two really great tag teams. Both teams kept it simple and easy and it produced a really good match — the match of the night, I might add.

The “star” of the bout was Kevin Ku. His offense was off the charts but when he was on the defense, he sold the hell out of it. VIF picked up the win with their signature tag team maneuver, avenging their loss to Hot Wheelz from over three years ago. Personally, I get to see VIF regularly in ACTION and they impress me more every single time.

Overall thoughts:

Kevin!!! was a very solid show all around. I don’t recall there being a single bad match on the card, and like usual with ACTION shows, there was a style of wrestling for everybody in some way or form.

My favorite match of the night, as stated earlier, was Hot Wheelz vs. Violence Is Forever. It was one of the best tag team matches that I’ve seen all year — and it only solidified the fact that VIF should win the IWTV Award for “Tag Team Of The Year” for the third time in a row.

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