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2022 Royal Rumble Live Coverage – Ronda Rousey Is Back

royal rumble ronda rousey

The Royal Rumble is here and there’s a lot of buzz surrounding Ronda Rousey coming back. Dave Meltzer and I talked about it last night on Wrestling Observer Radio. It looks like Ronda is going to be here for a little while longer than originally thought.

Steven Conway put together our Guide To The Royal Rumble, which is your one stop shop for all things leading into the big show.

Lastly, we did a preview show on our Fight Game Media Twitter account through Twitter Spaces.

We’ll be back with live coverage of the show.

There was no pre-show match, so we’re starting right with the show.

Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins

Seth came out in Shield gear.

It’s an early sprint. Seth put Roman through the table, hit a buckle bomb and then a curb stomp and got a two count. It was a great kick out.

Seth went for another curb stomp and Reigns clotheslined him to get the heat. Reigns hit the Superman Punch for a two count. Reigns was going to hit the Spear and Rollins turned it into a Pedigree for a two count. Roman hit a spear and Seth started cackling while offering a fist bump. Roman put the guillotine on and Seth reached the rope, but Roman wouldn’t let go and he got disqualified.

Winner: Seth Rollins by DQ

Roman grabbed a chair and started to hit Seth on his back as a way to get him back for Seth’s original heel turn.

Women’s Royal Rumble

Sasha Banks and Melina are the first two entrants. Sasha threw her out immediately. Tamina was next in. Kelly Kelly was next. Kelly Kelly did the neck submission move and Sasha tossed her out. Aliyah came out next and was excited. Liv Morgan was next. Queen Zelina was next. She eliminated Sasha in a surprise. Bianca was next in. She almost knocked Liv out while doing a moonsault on Tamina. Dana Brook was next in. Michelle McCool was in next. McCool looks like she’s in great shape. She tossed out Brooke.

Sonya Deville was number eleven. She immediately walked to the announcer’s table and didn’t get into the match. Natalya was next. Tamina went out though they teased Bianca going out. Cameron is out next. Sonya attacked Cameron because she was friends with Naomi and tossed her out. Naomi was out next. Naomi kicked out Sonya. Carmela was out next but hung out with Corey Graves. Rhea Ripley was in next and immediately ran over to Carmela and threw her in. Rhea threw out both Carmela and Zelina at the same time. Charlotte is out as number 17. Charlotte tossed out Aliyah immediately. Naomi didn’t have both her feet down, but Sonya pulled her out and now she’s out. Ivory came out as Right to Censor and Rhea tossed her out. Brie Bella came out next and started to get Yes chants. Mickie James came out with her IMPACT title and her Hardcore Country song.

James tossed out McCool to get payback from over 10 years ago. Alicia Fox was next. Nikki ASH was next in. And then Summer Rae came in. Natalya tossed out Rae. Nikki Bella was out at number 24. Nikki punched out Fox after Fox wanted a fist bump. Sarah Logan was next. Both Bellas tossed her out. Brie kicked Morgan out. Lita was out next. Lita DDT’d Mickie James and eliminated her. Molly Holly was in next. Nikki ASH attacked her. ASH threw out Holly. Ronda Rousey is number 28. She tossed ASH out. She had Nikki Bella ready to go but Brie hit her own sister and tossed her out. Shotzi is number 29. Ronda tossed out Brie. Shayna Baszler is last. Ronda threw out Shotzi. Ronda had Natalya in a key lock and Bianca rushed Ronda and she moved and she bumped out Natalya. Natalya came back in and Ronda then threw her out. Lita went to the top for a moonsault but Charlotte big booted her out. Rhea and Ronda were facing off. Charlotte dumped out Rhea.

The final four is Bianca, Charlotte, Shayna, and Ronda. Charlotte dumped out Shayna and Bianca and it’s Charlotte versus Ronda. Ronda tossed out Charlotte to win the match.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

Doudrop Vs Becky Lynch

This match was much longer and much more competitive than you’d think it would be. Doudrop hit a lot of her big moves and Lynch sold her stuff like a big woman’s little woman’s match.

Doudrop got a few close two counts, but Becky hit the Rock Bottom from the middle rope on Doudrop who was trying for a Vader Bomb like move, and Becky won.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Bobby Lashley Vs Brock Lesnar

They started off the match German Suplexing each other. Brock then went with two and Lashley has a cut lip. Lashley started throwing punches in the corner and then hit two spears. Lesnar took a powder.

Lashley went to spear Lesnar into the barricade but Lesnar moved and Lashley blasted through it. He then threw Brock into the post. Lesnar moved out of the corner and gave Lashley five more Germans. He went for the F5 and Lashley turned it into the Hurt Lock. Lesnar backed Lashley into the corner and they both squashed the ref. He hit the F5 which knocked out the ref. The ref wasn’t there to count the fall.

Roman Reigns came in and speared Lesnar and then Paul gave him title to blast Lesnar. Lashley pinned him to win the match.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

The Miz & Maryse Vs Edge & Beth Phoenix

The match was designed around Maryse being afraid of Beth. Maryse did get some offense in on Beth, but Beth and Edge hit Glam Slams and pinned both.

Winner: Edge & Beth Phoenix

Men’s Royal Rumble

The first two guys in the match were AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura. Austin Theory was number three. Robert Roode was number four. AJ tossed Roode out. Ridge Holland was number five. Styles eliminated Nakamura. Montez Ford was in next before Damian Priest came in. Sami Zayn was number eight. Of course, Johnny Knoxville was number nine. They all beat up Knoxville before Sami booted him and then AJ tossed Sami out. Angelo Dawkins was out next.

Omos was next and he threw out both Street Profits. Ricochet and Chad Gable were out next. Omos threw out Priest. They all threw out Omos with AJ putting on the finishing touches. Dom Mysterio was next. Baron Corbin was next. Corbin threw out Ricochet. Dolph came out next. Corbin threw out Dom Mysterio. AJ tossed out Theory. Sheamus came in right as Holland was thrown out. Boogs was next. Boogs press slammed Chad Gable and did one arm presses and then tossed him out. Madcap Moss was next. Moss threw out AJ. Matt Riddle was number 20. Corbin threw out Boogs.

Drew McIntyre is back at number 21. McIntyre tossed out both Moss and Corbin. Kevin Owens was next. Rey Mysterio was number 23. Kofi was next. Owens launched him and he tried to hang on the barricade before his feet touched but they touched. Otis is number 25. Big E is number 26. Bad Bunny was number 27. Bad Bunny ducked down and Sheamus went out. Bad Bunny and Rey eliminated Dolph. Shane McMahon was 28 and eliminated Kevin Owens. Randy Orton is 29. RKO Bro threw out Big E. They also threw out Otis. Brock is number 30. Brock clotheslined Orton out. He gave Bunny a F5 and tossed him. Then he caught Riddle and tossed him. He clotheslined Shane out.

It’s down to Brock and Drew. Brock threw Drew out with a F5.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

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