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Why Kevin Owens’ New Deal with WWE Makes Sense for Him

kevin owens re-signs

Kevin Owens revealed he’s signed a three-year extension with WWE, as reported by Fightful Wednesday and confirmed by Owens during a podcast with Pat Laprade that dropped Thursday. The announcement ended several months of speculation regarding Owens and his future.

There were hints left on Twitter that he might leave and follow the path of Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole to AEW. While the hope of fresh Kevin Steen matchups within a different booking system in AEW was intriguing to fans, everyone’s situation is different. Owens felt comfortable enough with WWE to stay on, and his words over the past several years show this is where his heart is.

While Owens starred for indie promotions and prestigious companies such as PWG and Ring of Honor in the past, WWE was always his end goal.

It’s the promotion he grew up watching in Quebec. He said on multiple podcasts and in interviews watching WWE helped him learn English. In fact, he thought “slobberknocker” was a common English term because he grew up hearing Jim Ross say it on WWE TV.

He named his son Owen as well, so his stage name and his son’s name both came from one of his favorite WWE wrestlers.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported the new deal is in the $2-3 million range. WWE doesn’t want all its stars jumping ship, so he got good money to stay. It’s clear the company thinks highly of Owens, and he enjoys being a WWE star.

While it’s true WWE can cut most of its workers at any time, Owens is the type of star who would get offers immediately if that happens. The three-year contract means he will be 40 when it runs out. Barring serious injury or health issues, he likely has one more big contract left after this one.

Owens has another reason to stay that many others don’t. The company has treated him well since his arrival. While sudden roster cuts, poor booking and bad character ideas dotted the WWE landscape for other recently-departed stars, Owens’ spot has been strong for much of his tenure.

He started with NXT in 2014 and was put in the top heel spot immediately. After defeating CJ Parker (now Juice Robinson) at TakeOver R Evolution, he first congratulated, then attacked Sami Zayn after Zayn won the NXT title from Adrian Neville (now Pac).

The attack on Zayn vaulted him into NXT’s main event program immediately and he stayed there until he moved to the main roster in 2015. Once he made that move, he went straight into a feud with top babyface John Cena. He’s held the Intercontinental title, the U.S. title and the Universal Championship. He’s been in all but one WrestleMania since coming up to the main roster.

Over the course of six years, his spot on the cards has risen and fallen. Only Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns seem to stay in the main events constantly. Still, Owens is often figured into a feud or a title picture. It hasn’t been perfect by any stretch. Not all his storylines have been top quality, but WWE has been good to him.

It helps he’s capable of making bad stories a little better with his performance.

He’s currently part of the WWE Championship picture and the RAW brand’s top storyline. He’s scheduled to be part a four-way match for the WWE title at the upcoming Day 1 show on Jan. 1. Owens will face WWE Champion Big E, Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins in that match.

His stated feelings on WWE, the money and his renewed push pointed him toward staying. Others, due to creative frustration and other factors, needed WWE to convince them to stay. In this case, other companies would have had to work hard to convince Owens to leave.

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