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Hard to Kill Main Event Revealed

Hard to Kill Main Event Revealed

Hard to Kill main event revealed

Matt Cardona and Eddie Edwards defeated Moose and Morrissey during this weeks IMPACT! on AXS TV, with Cardona surprisingly pinning Moose. Morrissey then attacked Moose, who promised him a title shot should they win the match. Scott D’Amore appeared in front of the crowd and announced that Moose would be defending his IMPACT World Championship at Hard to Kill against both Cardona and Morrissey in a three-way match.

Pinning Moose this early in the title reign is just ridiculous. I understand promoting beatable champions has worked in the past but the problem is Moose is 6’5″, 270 lbs. and completely shredded. The chickenshit heel champion just doesn’t work for guys like him. He could have been a dominant heel champion but those days are long gone. The first person to pin Moose should have been Josh Alexander when he wins the title. Instead IMPACT needed to find an excuse to put Cardona in a world title match.

IMPACT, to fulfill their obsession just had to make this a three way. Its the same paint by numbers booking that we just saw in the X-Division. Moose versus W. Morrissey, who is one of the most improved wrestlers of 2021 would have been a fine main event that has a great story. Cardona has become a top act on the independent scene and has really seen a resurgence. He has never been in a main event for a world title before and that would have also been a great story. Instead we get a three way.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

IMPACT was back this week and presented a really good show. Despite how much I disagree with the booking in the main event the overall show was good. Much, much better than the presentation last week. The production crew has improved greatly as the crowd is lit and mic’d much better. Seeing and hearing the audience really helps.


  • JONAH squashing Vidal: What an awesome showcase for JONAH, who debuted at Turning Point. Whoever this Jai Vidal kid is really earned his money as he took a vicious beating. JONAH’s promo was very effective and even called back to his confrontation with Moose in New Japan. He stated that he was in IMPACT to become champion but first he wanted to beat Josh Alexander to prove that he is the best. IMPACT may have a star on their hands.

  • The IInspiration meets the Influence: I’m, embarrassed to say that I really enjoyed this. Everyone was funny in this bit and played their roles well. The two Aussies fit in great in IMPACT.
  • Moose calls Matt Cardona “Midcardona”: I may not have invented the nickname, but I have been the one calling him that on every platform imaginable. I can’t prove that the writing staff listens to Brace for IMPACT, but its definitely an odd coincidence. Fantastic segment with both guys.

  • Swann and Mack vs. Violent by Design: Solid match here with Swann and Mack picking up the victory. VBD attacked after and Heath/Rhino made the save. All three teams look to get back in the tag team title picture and I can almost guarantee that all three will get a shot in a four way at Hard to Kill, because its IMPACT.
  • Sabin beats Rehwoldt: Decent match but the highlight was Deonna Purazzo burying Stryker on commentary. Thank God Sabin won because the Drama Guy does nothing for me.
  • Trey Miguel and Steve Maclin brawl: I seriously cannot wait for these two to finally have a one on match for the title. Miguel climbed up on some boxes and dove on to Maclin in a cool spot.


  • Savannah Evans vs. Rachael Ellering: This match was clunky and a bit too long. I still like both wrestlers, this just didn’t work.
  • Lawrence D: Am excited to see Larry D get a shot in IMPACT again, but I’m not too sure about his gimmick. He should have stayed in WrestleHouse.
  • Cardona pinning Moose: Not going to harp on it again, but not a wise decision here.


  • IMPACT sold out of their limited edition Slammiversary VHS box sets. Talk about retro.
  • The guy running the chat on IMPACT’s YouTube Insiders service stated that two new sponsors will be jumping on board in 2022
  • Four weeks after Hard to Kill in Dallas, IMPACT will be headed to Fort Lauderale, Fla. for a series of shows.
  • Big Swole has left AEW. I think this is a talent worth giving a shot as a Knockout.
  • Mickie James will defend the Knockouts World Title against Kiera Hogan at NWA’s Hard Times 2 event.


The November 25 Thanksgiving episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV averaged an abysmal 48,000 viewers with a 0.01 (13,000) demo for the WrestleHouse special according to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics That is by far their lowest rated episode in history on AXS TV. The company had that ratings would be down ahead of time so they just tried something whacky and it completely bombed. Next year they should at least try to air an actual wrestling show. There’s a rich history of wrestling on Thanksgiving and if they tap in to that and load up a show with big matches they might surprise themselves.

The December 2 episode averaged 96,000 viewers with a 0.02 (30,000) demo. Exactly double the amount of WrestleHouse. One has to wonder that if they tried and put on a big Thanksgiving themed show if they could have kept the momentum from the November 18 episode, where they averaged 129,000.

IMPACT Ratings 2021

Date Total Viewers 18- 49 Demo Rating Notes
5-Jan 148,000 0.04
12-Jan 161,000 0.05
19-Jan 147,000 0.03
26-Jan 186,000 0.05
2-Jan 173,000 0.05
9-Feb 153,000 0.04
16-Feb 197,000 0.06 FinJuice Debut
23-Feb 170,000 0.04
2-Mar 134,000 0.03
9-Mar 144,000 0.04
16-Mar 146,000 0.04
23-Mar 116,000 0.04
30-Mar 148,512 0.04 Final Tuesday Night Episode
8-Apr 168,000 0.06 Thursday Night Debut, head to Head with NXT
15-Apr 132,000 0.04
22-Apr 145,000 0.05
29-Apr 120,000 0.05 NFL Draft Night
6-May 123,000 0.04
13-May 112,000 0.03
20-May 109,000 0.04
27-May 140,000 0.06
3-Jun 143,000 0.04
10-Jun 124,000 0.05
17-Jun 111,000 0.03
24-Jun 111,000 0.03
1-Jul 69,000 0.02 Technical glitch w/TV Guide
8-Jul 120,000 0.03
15-Jul 109,000 0.02
22-Jul 104,000 0.04
29-Jul 113,000 0.02
5-Aug 103,000 0.04
12-Aug 122,000 0.04
19-Aug 126,000 0.04 #122 in Top 150
26-Aug 93,000 0.03 Did not chart
2-Sept 126,000 0.04 #129 in top 150
9-Sept 111,000 0.03 #125
16-Sept 105, 000 0.02 Did not Chart (head to head with Dark Side)
23-Sept 117,000 0.03 #140
30-Sept 115,000 0.03 #142
7-Oct 111,000 0.02 Did not chart
14-Oct 89,000 0.03 Did not chart
21-Oct 93,000 0.02 Did Not Chart
28-Oct 100,000 0.03 Did Not Chart (Final Dark Side)
Nov-4 118,000 0.02 Did Not Chart
Nov 11 79,000 0.02
Nov 18 129,000 0.02 Alexander vs Minoru Suzuki
Nov 25 48,000 0.01 WrestleHouse/Thanksgiving
Dec 2 96,000 0.02 JONAH debut

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