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AEW Dynamite #115 Recap: Bryan Danielson vs. John Silver

AEW Dynamite

AEW Dynamite was live in Long Island, NY, the hometown of who is usually the despicable All Elite Wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman. On this show, however, such wasn’t the case. This was another solid show with only a few hiccups.


  • This opening segment was an all-timer. MJF’s music was the first to hit, eliciting a response akin to CM Punk in Chicago, Edge in Toronto, and Bret Hart in Calgary. But when it was Punk that walked out instead of MJF, you’d think it was MJF anywhere else on the planet. Punk walked out, mugging and laughing before cutting a great promo getting the loudest boos so far in his All Elite run. One of the most notable parts of this was Punk essentially saying that his match against MJF would be a #1 contender’s match for the World title. I genuinely don’t know who goes over here and that’s part of what makes this so exciting. 
  • Next, there was a great VTR with a voiceover for MJF listing all his accomplishments, including a 93-second keg stand, which was great. Any time the usually-serious voiceover guy says stupid stuff it’s a hit for me. Following this was the real MJF entrance for the Dynamite Diamond Battle Royal. The 1969 Beatles could’ve teleported to the middle of the ring and started playing a set and I don’t think they would’ve gotten a pop as big as Max did here. 
  • This was maybe the best battle royal in AEW history. It was short, it wasn’t overbooked and everyone in it was great. There were multiple stories advanced throughout. We got a hoss fight between Wardlow and Will Hobbs, Dante Martin turned his back on Team Taz (which could be a legal issue seeing as he signed a contract), and MJF did close to nothing and got the biggest response of anyone in the match. The two winners were Dante Martin and MJF who will wrestle for the Diamond Ring next week. 
  • We had an eight-man tag with the Jurassic Express and Varsity Blondes getting a win over 2point0 and the Acclaimed when Jungle Boy submitted Max Caster with the snare trap. It was a solid match with everyone shining. It was good to see Brian Pillman Jr. again. Eddie Kingston stopped Daniel Garcia from providing distraction and after the match’s conclusion brought the camera operator to the back and Ortiz was there too. It ended up in a brawl with Garcia and 2point0, I can see them booking a six-man tag with them against Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz.
  • There was an excellent FTR promo with Tully Blanchard. It feels like the right time for them to win the titles back and have a lengthy heel reign. There are a bunch of babyface tag teams they can elevate by giving them career matches on big shows.
  • Trent Beretta made his return with a shaved head and looking jacked. He’s always been my favorite of the Best Friends and they were hurting without him. 
  • After a great VTR for the remaining competitors in the TBS tournament, we had Jamie Hayter vs Riho. Hayter gets better every week and has so much confidence, she looks like she’s been wrestling for far longer than she actually has. Riho, who is Tiny, took some amazing bumps in this match and eventually got the win. Britt Baker beat Riho up afterward ahead of their World title match. I loved this. 
  • Following a nice VTR for the Hikaru Shida vs. Serena Deeb rematch (this match will rock), you’re not going to believe this, but another interview was interrupted. This time the lights went out on the Varsity Blonds, and upon them coming back on Malakai Black would appear and spit the mist into their eyes with young Julia Hart taking the worst of it. I don’t know which of the Blonds Malakai will feud with, but if I don’t see a roundhouse kick hitting both Blonds in one motion I’m canceling my AEW+ FITE subscription.
  • The main event was rightfully the best match on the show. Bryan Danielson continues his stellar run and gave John Silver his best AEW match to date. Silver got plenty, including a great heel hook/no-sell spot.
  • The result was a ref stoppage with Silver, unconscious, unable to escape the Dragon’s clutches. As Danielson hit his signature head stomps in the post-match, Hangman Page ran to make the save and claimed he’d stomp the Cowboy Shit out of Danielson at Winter is Coming next week.


  • We had the Young Bucks face CHAOS’ Rocky Romero and Chuck Taylor and this just wasn’t for me. I’m not the biggest fan of the Bucks’ matches and even less so when Rick Knox is officiating. It was just too long. The guy in the front row dancing to the Bucks’ music wearing a fedora and a King Diamond t-shirt might disagree with me. 
  • Alex Marvez interviewed Ruby Soho backstage (the most dangerous part of the arena) before being attacked by her TBS tournament opponent Nyla Rose, Penelope Ford, and the Bunny. Anna Jay and Tay Conti made the save. We just see this too much. Ruby didn’t get one sentence in.
  • Tony Schiavone was interviewing TNT Champ Sammy Guevara on the stage, and stop the presses, he was interrupted by Cody Rhodes. Cody challenged Sammy for the title, running back the first Dynamite match ever, and the one great thing here was when Cody teased exiting through the heel tunnel, but instead stopped himself and left through the babyface tunnel from which he came. The crowd clocked this and responded well. We then had the Men of the Year, who I feel like I’ve never seen win a match, cut a promo on Sammy, and tell us Dan Lambert is coming back. Shouldn’t they be going for the tag titles?
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