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AEW: Dynamite #114 Recap

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This week’s episode of Dynamite was live in Atlanta and it was everywhere from great to absolutely bonkers. The main event of Winter Is Coming is set and the show did a lot to build towards that and other big match-ups. 


After a great reaction to Hangman Page’s entrance to do commentary, we got Bryan Danielson beating Alan Angels. Bryce Remsburg officiated this opener so I finally got confirmation that he and Angels are not actually the same person. I’ll forever marvel at how fantastic Danielson is as a heel, and how smart a wrestler he is. He’s been one of the most sympathetic babyfaces of the last twenty years, and here he is being the most arrogant prick on the roster. He gave Angels the perfect amount of offense and got an emphatic win.

The post-match was great, but with just one issue. Part of this build-up is the fact that Tony Khan has said that Page (and presumably Danielson) will be suspended if they even touch before their title match at Winter Is Coming. This wasn’t explained until right before they were about to fight. Hopefully Tony said something before to the audience they went live so the audience was aware, but the television viewers found out too late. However, Danielson cut a great promo as he always does, and got a ton of heat powdering out from John Silver. 

Following a fantastic Miro pre-tape, CM Punk beat Lee Moriarty to move to 8-0. MJF was on commentary for this one, saying the “CM” stands for “Cooking Meth”, calling his own mother a skank among other things. This match was pretty competitive, which has been a theme with Punk wrestling these young guys, and it was played up by MJF, but it is Punk’s eighth match since being off for seven years so it somewhat makes sense. The only way to get back into wrestling shape is by wrestling.

MJF and Punk had another war of words after the match, not as monumental as last week, but still as vicious. I can’t wait to see this match, but it looks like we’ll get Punk vs Wardlow first, as MJF hid behind his bodyguard when Punk went to check MJF for saying he’d put the beloved Larry to sleep. 

We had a Schiavone interviewing Britt Baker which was great as always. Jamie Hayter hasn’t been doing the DMD hand gesture to close interviews, and there was tension between her and Britt. I also loved Hayter’s Hockey hoodie. 

After a Tony Nese pre-tape ahead of his match with Sammy Guevara, Wardlow squashed a jobber with Captain America’s shield tattooed on his elbow. The jobber actually could not do this all day. 

Schiavone interviewed Death Triangle sans Rey Fénix, and we learned that Pac will replace Fénix in the match against FTR on Rampage. It’ll no longer be a best two of three falls match or for the AEW tag titles. Pac was great here and so was Alex Abrahantes.

Darby Allin and Sting beat Billy Gunn and his son Colten and the Atlanta crowd loved this match. The whole Gunn Club act leaves a lot to be desired for me but they were the perfect lot to do the job. Darby Allin looked awesome and sting did everything he needed to do. 

After the Jericho interview, we had an awesome segment with Tazz and Lio Rush going back and forth. Both guys were awesome here. I’m super intrigued by this Dante joining Team Tazz storyline. 

Thunder Rosa interrupted a Jade Cargill/Mark Sterling promo to let us know she’ll be replacing Chris Jericho on commentary for Jade’s match on Rampage. She berated Cargill in Spanish. This was really good. 

Ruby Soho beat Kris Statlander in a very good wrestling match. There was mutual respect between the two, and there was an awesome false finish after a faceplant hurricanrana from Ruby. After Ruby won she was attacked by her semi-finals opponent, Nyla Rose, as Vickie Guerrero shrieked at Statlander atop the ramp. 


Adam Cole did his whole entrance to do commentary before he was confronted by Orange Cassidy. The Young Bucks came out to ambush Orange, who did his stale gimmick, then the Bucks did lazy superkicks after Cole low-blowed Orange. The Best Friends made the save before a BTE trigger. This is a waste of Adam Cole, but it’s still better than a haircut and being a manager. 

Alex Marvez interviewed Chris Jericho, and before Jericho could completely explain his helping Eddie Kingston on Rampage he was attacked by Daniel Garcia and 2.0. I wonder if Jericho promised Marvez every interview as part of the deal for helping write the book? It’s just clear that Jericho sees Eddie as one of the most over guys right now and wants to get involved. Eddie is probably better off riding solo until Jon Moxley is back. 

This main event was a doozie. Cody Rhodes beat Andrade in a wild street fight, where Rhodes was booed in his hometown of Atlanta. The only pop that Rhodes got was when T-Pain, who was in the front row to help promote Go Big Show on TBS, handed him a steel chair to use on Andrade (I can’t believe I typed that sentence). My Fite TV stream cut out for a good 5-7 minutes and came back on when Cody hit someone with a golden shovel and Andrade dived off the top rope on Cody on the floor. I imagine what I missed wouldn’t be dissimilar to that. 

Rhodes vs Andrade was a miss for me due to some unprotected shots to the head and the reliance on weapons and flames when these two could have an amazing wrestling match. The big crescendo saw a hooded and masked Brandi Rhodes pour a swimming pool of lighter fluid onto a table before Cody Rhodes put himself and Andrade through it off the top rope. Rhodes and Andrade both had live flames on them as the pin was happening. 


There were a few bumps in what was otherwise a very good show. As a result of recent talent acquisitions the show’s getting more and more serious which is very much to its benefit.

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