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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – Is It Cory’s Time? (Ep. 13)

What did we learn in episode 12? Just like Wu-Tang, Emy ain’t nothing to fuck with.

The Rundown

Emy said CT is one of her idols like Lady Gaga.

The Ruby team is frustrated that they had to trade Emy for Amanda.

Emmanuel and Tori decided to get busy in the bathroom. Lots of naked Emmanuel.

Josh and Logan vibed because they both speak Spanish and Josh considered him a brother.

Cory told Nelson that people in the house were ready to go to war and he name dropped Josh and someone who was ready to turn on the vets.

The Daily Challenge

In yet another super contrived challenge, the teams went underwater to find a diamond in a chest on a sunken ship.

– The Emerald team went first and they’ve been winning everything so they set the pace.
– The Sapphire team had its struggles with teamwork. Amanda had to let Kyle know a few times that he was doing the wrong thing.
– The Ruby team didn’t want Amanda to do much so she goofed off throughout and didn’t help.

The Emerald team won again, though the Ruby team was a close second. They must compromise one male agent.

Amanda and Nelson had a big blowout over her effort in the challenge. She blamed them for not being leaders. They blamed her for not caring.


Cory was hopeful that the Emerald team would just vote the rookie in and get it over with. CT was feeling down because he was worried about going in, but he said he had to snap out of it. Nelson apologized to the women on his team for blowing up, but Amanda especially thought it was just strategy.

Cory was compromised. They didn’t vote in Logan the rookie. Devin told Nelson that he wanted to vote in Logan last week, but Josh saved him twice. He told Josh that he was the reason that Fessy went home and now he’s the reason Cory is in the elimination and those were two of his friends.

Cory chose to go against Logan.


The elimination was a bit of a long distance tug of war. There’s more slack in the rope than normal and they’re further way from each other than a normal tug of war. They also stood upon a sphere so balance was tough.

Cory lost his balance and lost the first round. Cory took one hand off the rope for a second and Logan pulled him off. Logan won in two straight rounds.

Logan infiltrated Sapphire and pushed Kyle over to the Ruby team.

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