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MLW: Who are the top young stars of Major League Wrestling?

Since its revival in 2017, Major League Wrestling has been a key part in the wrestling landscape. Whether it’s preparing younger guys like MJF or Shane Strickland for the future, giving guys like Low Ki and Teddy Hart a second opportunity in their respective careers, or giving the spotlight back to veterans like LA Park and Davey Boy Smith Jr., Court Bauer and MLW have done wonders for the careers of many. 

With the league continuing to pile on what seems like a new distribution deal nearly every day, the future looks very . . . major

I’ve noticed an uptick in focus on the younger stars as of late. Rather than crumbling under pressure when stars like Tom Lawlor and Mance Warner go their separate ways, there’s a fresh crop of new and young talent that are hungry to take the spotlight.

Today, we’ll be highlighting MLW’s young core of wrestlers and how big they can be for the promotion in the near future.

The Von Erichs 

Although Ross and Marshall Von Erich have been a part of MLW programming for a few years now, I feel like the pandemic brought their momentum to a halt and we will see a second rise for the tag team happen very soon. 

The team has unlimited potential given their last name, but they’re actually pretty good wrestlers as well. Aside from maybe The Dynasty, the Von Erichs will probably be the top tag team in MLW for years to come. 

EJ Nduka

EJ Nduka has done nothing but impress since his arrival in MLW this summer. It’s another case of “how could WWE not find anything to do with this guy”, but a much larger case here. Nduka has the size, promo ability, charisma, and in-ring ability to be a future World Champion for the brand.

Bauer and MLW management have already shown an immense amount of trust of Nduka, given that he’s a featured man on Alex Hammerstone’s War Chamber match that will feature on MLW programming soon. 

Alex Kane

As somebody that has followed Kane since his training days in WWA4, it’s surreal to see him getting big opportunities left and right in MLW and beyond. Kane doesn’t really have a ceiling in wrestling as far as I’m concerned, and that’s with any bias aside.

Kane being inserted into a feud with Calvin Tankman right away was a good sign that he is a big part of the companies future plans, but he will have his first title opportunity on next week’s MLW Fusion when he competes in a ladder match for the vacant Openweight Championship. Kane capturing the title would be a massive step forward and is definitely the right direction to go in my eyes. 


I’m of the belief that Aramis is one of the more under-looked luchadors in the world. For whatever reason, the 22 year old standout hasn’t really found his footing in AAA — but that shouldn’t be the case in MLW. 

Although Aramis has only wrestled a few matches here and there so far, himself and fellow luchador Arez seem to be touted by the company. It’s also important to note that Aramis is listed in the Azteca Underground section on MLW’s website, meaning he’ll probably play a future role in that storyline. 

Calvin Tankman

With all due respect to all of the other names listed, I believe Calvin Tankman has the biggest future out of anybody on the MLW roster. Tankman is currently poised to be a finalist in the Opera Cup, which would surely kick his run with the promotion into a second gear. 

Like everybody else mentioned here, Tankman is just excellent at everything. He’s super athletic despite the heavyweight status, a genuine promo, and has the charisma to carry his own character. Since debuting for the company last fall, Tankman is 7-1 — with that one loss coming at the hands of the company’s bigger star Jacob Fatu. 

As long as MLW keeps these guys around for the long haul, I do believe that the future continues to get brighter and brighter. Although they may never reach the ranks of a WWE or AEW, they’re a very good wrestling program overall that could be considered an alternative for some. 

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