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JONAH debuts with IMPACT

JONAH debuts with IMPACT

JONAH is here

JONAH, the former Bronson Reed in WWE, debuted at Turning Point this past Saturday attacking Josh Alexander. The attack was brutal, and one hell of a way to debut the monster. Nothing has been announced but it appears that the two are headed for a match at Hard to Kill on January 8. IMPACT is feeding their top babyface Alexander monsters as a way to keep him separated from Moose until their eventual showdown.

JONAH was slated to appear at Bound for Glory last month but visa issues prevented him from working. He also appeared for New Japan Pro Wrestling for their Battle in the Valley event on November 13 confronting Moose and then attacking FinJuice. No word on how long he is signed here for but he is obviously not on an exclusive deal. This is an awesome pickup for IMPACT and JONAH will fit nicely in their main event scene.

Turning Point review

IMPACT presented Turning Point on IMPACT Plus on November 20, live from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. The event was sold out and they actually had to turn people away. I don’t know if the crowd was mic’d better or if they were just hotter than normal but this was the best the audience has sounded in a long time and really helped the show. This was easily better than Bound for Glory and one of their best events of the year. Unfortunately the show was marred by technical issues again. The feed cut out during the main event for those watching on IMPACT Plus and IMPACT didn’t load the replay until the next day. I personally finished the show a couple days after the fact.


  • Chris Sabin vs. Ace Austin: Outstanding match with Sabin getting the win. I could watch these two wrestle many. more times, and we may end up getting that.
  • Rich Swann vs. VSK: VSK filled in for Brian Myers who was not medically cleared. This honestly did not need to be on the show, but it was and it was great. Swann got the victory.
  • Rhino/Heath vs. VBD: The crowd was hot for this, specifically Rhino. Doering and Young won in a pretty good match.
  • Iinspiration vs. Decay: Maybe my expectations were lowered but I actually enjoyed this. IIsnpiration retained the tag titles.
  • Trey vs. Maclin vs. Laredo Kid: Another awesome match, as was to be expected with these three. Trey had a double pin on both but Maclin got his shoulder up. Looks like we will get Trey vs Maclin soon. Unfortunately Laredo Kid is becoming a geek.
  • Full Metal Mayhem: Moose vs. Eddie Edwards Having a Mayhem match was refreshing as we have not seen one of these in a long time. Eddie and Moose are great opponents and beat the crap out of each other. The first five minutes were a classic NOAH style match with hard chops and strikes and then turned in to a typical Mayhem match. Morrissey interfered but was thwarted by Cardona. Moose retained.


  • W. Morrissey vs. Matt Cardona: A WWE-style match with a weak finish. Moose interfered after a ref bump to help Morrissey get the win. This is all building to an eventual three way match and if I had to guess its at Hard to Kill. Moose is going to turn on Morrissey at some point to lead to a babyface turn. The fans are already cheering Morrissey.
  • The Good Brothers vs. Bullet Club: The Good Brothers are becoming a tired act. This division needs new blood and quick. Good Brothers won with a cheap finish.

IMPACT! on AXS TV review

IMPACT took a week off from their regularly scheduled programming this week and aired a two-hour “Wrestlehouse” special. Because of its unique nature I won’t be doing my typical hits and misses. I ended up watching, there were some funny moments with Swinger and Chris Sabin standing out. It was campy and mostly bad and not something I would have done in lieu of a normal episode. The story of the show is that Bravo wanted to cheer up Swinger so he talked Rosemary into using her magic and bringing back Wrestlehouse. Rosemary agreed and Bravo had to give up his virgin blood. They were held hostage until Swinger was happy again.

Decay, Alisha, Chris Sabin, Swinger, the Swingerellas, Hernandez, Eddie Edwards, Madison Rayne, and Kaleb were all in the house this year. Larry D returned as “Lawrence D”, his Stephon Ur-kel. Eventually it was revealed that Bravo was no longer a virgin and had been sleeping with Swingerella #1. They got married and then everyone ate Thanksgiving dinner. Honestly this was fun. Not proud of it and I hope this is the last one, but it was fun nonetheless. It’s also one of those shows where if one of my friends caught me watching I’d change the channel in a hurry and pretend it was on by accident.


  • The next IMPACT Plus special will be Throwback Throwdown II which will be a comedy show spoofing territory wrestling. The original version aired as a two-week special in 2019 around Thanksgiving in place of their normal show as IMPACT does not like to air regular content during the holidays apparently. The roster will cosplay as wrestlers from the ’70s and ’80s in a pretend company called IPWF. It will air live from the Davis Arena in Louisville, where Ohio Valley Wrestling holds their events. The show will also be sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  • Anthem Sports and Entertainment, the parent company of IMPACT, purchased Gravitas Ventures, which is an independent film and documentary distributor with over 3,000 titles in its portfolio. Anthem looks to be developing another streaming app now that they have purchased so much new content. If I were Anthem, I merge all their content into one major app with IMPACT content leading the way. I couldn’t imagine there being a market for an app that’s exclusive to low budget indy films.
  • Larry D and Lady Frost worked the tapings last weekend.
  • Morrissey’s contract has expired but he IMPACT are working on a new deal. Both sides want to work together going forward. He is figured in to their plans heavily the next few months so hopefully one gets done soon. Morrissey has been great here.
  • A rematch between Mickie James and Deonna Purazzo is set for Hard to Kill
  • Hard to Kill will also hold the first ever Women’s Ultimate X match with the participants to be determined.


The November 18 episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV averaged 129,000 viewers with a 0.02 demo according to Brandon Thurston of Wrestlenomics Total viewership is up 39% from last weeks 79,000, while the demo stayed the same. This was the highest average since June 3 (143,000). Minoru Suzuki vs. Josh Alexander was huge for the company. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving and airing Wrestlehouse will not be good for this week. The November 25 rating should be out next week.

IMPACT Ratings 2021

Date Total Viewers 18- 49 Demo Rating Notes
5-Jan 148,000 0.04
12-Jan 161,000 0.05
19-Jan 147,000 0.03
26-Jan 186,000 0.05
2-Jan 173,000 0.05
9-Feb 153,000 0.04
16-Feb 197,000 0.06 FinJuice Debut
23-Feb 170,000 0.04
2-Mar 134,000 0.03
9-Mar 144,000 0.04
16-Mar 146,000 0.04
23-Mar 116,000 0.04
30-Mar 148,512 0.04 Final Tuesday Night Episode
8-Apr 168,000 0.06 Thursday Night Debut, head to Head with NXT
15-Apr 132,000 0.04
22-Apr 145,000 0.05
29-Apr 120,000 0.05 NFL Draft Night
6-May 123,000 0.04
13-May 112,000 0.03
20-May 109,000 0.04
27-May 140,000 0.06
3-Jun 143,000 0.04
10-Jun 124,000 0.05
17-Jun 111,000 0.03
24-Jun 111,000 0.03
1-Jul 69,000 0.02 Technical glitch w/TV Guide
8-Jul 120,000 0.03
15-Jul 109,000 0.02
22-Jul 104,000 0.04
29-Jul 113,000 0.02
5-Aug 103,000 0.04
12-Aug 122,000 0.04
19-Aug 126,000 0.04 #122 in Top 150
26-Aug 93,000 0.03 Did not chart
2-Sept 126,000 0.04 #129 in top 150
9-Sept 111,000 0.03 #125
16-Sept 105, 000 0.02 Did not Chart (head to head with Dark Side)
23-Sept 117,000 0.03 #140
30-Sept 115,000 0.03 #142
7-Oct 111,000 0.02 Did not chart
14-Oct 89,000 0.03 Did not chart
21-Oct 93,000 0.02 Did Not Chart
28-Oct 100,000 0.03 Did Not Chart (Final Dark Side)
Nov-4 118,000 0.02 Did Not Chart
Nov 11 79,000 0.02
Nov 18 129,000 0.02 Alexander vs Minoru Suzuki

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