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A new Fight Game Media Network and introducing Fight Game Media Network +

fight game media network +

We’ve made some adjustments to the Fight Game Media Network and are rebranding the Patreon as Fight Game Media Network +.

So what does that mean?

We’ve changed the pricing to one single tier which is just $5.00 per month. If you are currently subscribed to the $7.99 tier, you can now adjust it to the $5.00 tier. If you’re subscribed to the $2.99 tier, don’t do anything! You’re grandfathered into that price for as long as you stay subscribed.

We are changing what’s in the Patreon by making some of our shows free, which you’ll be able to find on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

We’ve also put Brace for IMPACT in its own feed on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. That version of Brace for IMPACT is just the IMPACT Wrestling show review portion of the podcast The Patreon version will still have the full BFI that you know and love as well as bonus content from Mike Gilbert and JD Oliva.

Please subscribe to those feeds wherever you listen to podcasts. If you’re not using the Apple Podcasts or Spotify app, just search for “fight game media network” and “brace for impact” on your podcast app or device.

So what’s in the new feed and what’s should you expect on the Patreon?

Here are the shows in our new free Fight Game Media Network feed linked above:
– The WRAP hosted by Keila Cash and her rotating cast of guest hosts
– In The Clinch hosted by Paul Fontaine and Ryan Frederick
– Pound 4 Pound hosted by Carlos Toro and Robert Silva
– Write That Down! hosted by Justin Knipper and Fumi Saito
– Take It Home hosted by John LaRocca

We will also be debuting a weekly AEW show to the feed soon.

And here are all the shows that will be Patreon-only (Fight Game Media Network +):
– The Fight Game Podcast 1997 Raw Recaps hosted by GG and John LaRocca
– The Dynamite Show hosted by Paul Fontaine and Jeff Hawkins
– The Five Star Joshi Podcast hosted by Scott Edwards
– The full version of Brace for IMPACT
– Q&As with Dave Meltzer
– Observe This! hosted by GG
– PPV recaps for boxing, MMA, and pro wrestling
– Monthly bonus content from our shows that are now on the free version of our network
– The historical archive of everything we’ve done including shows with Jon Moxley, Dave Meltzer, and special shows such as the Karate Kid Podcast.

So, we made the Patreon cheaper, created access to a ton of free content, and added more content to the Patreon. To paraphrase Jay-Z, “To me that’s the win/win.”

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