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WWE 2021 Draft Night 2: A round-by-round analysis

The 2021 WWE Draft continued Monday on RAW. Night one took place Oct. 1 on SmackDown and left us with a few unresolved plot lines. Roman Reigns was picked first for SmackDown, but the Usos were still up for grabs. That put Paul Heyman on the spot to pull strings and make sure the Usos stayed with him.

We also saw the RAW Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, drafted to SmackDown. Would there be two champions on Fridays? We got some answers on RAW.

Here’s a round-by-round look at night two of the WWE Draft:


RAW selected SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch: After SmackDown took Flair, the red brand struck back and took the blue champion. Fair enough. Our questions from Friday stand, do they just switch belts? Do we pretend we don’t notice the champions and shows mixed up? It’s likely this will all shake out over the next few weeks since the draft picks don’t take effect until after the Crown Jewel pay-per-view on Oct. 21.

SmackDown selected Jay and Jimmy Uso: Paul Heyman seems to have come through for Reigns, keeping his family members and lackeys on Fridays to help protect the Universal Champion. This pick is a plot point in the Reigns-Lesnar-Heyman story. What did Heyman have to do to make this happen?

RAW selected Bobby Lashley: This is a status quo pick, keeping one of the brand’s top stars in place. He has a big grudge match with Goldberg coming, then it seems he will continue chasing Big E’s WWE title. New RAW acquisition Kevin Owens could also be a potential rival.

SmackDown selected Sasha Banks: Another interesting pick. She’s embroiled in a storyline with Lynch and Bianca Belair, both of whom ended up on RAW. This sets her up as the obvious odd woman out in the Crown Jewel Triple Threat match. Since she’s off to Fridays, she could lose that match and keep both Lynch and Belair from pinning one another. It will be interesting to see what they have in mind for Banks on the blue brand.


RAW selected Seth Rollins: A logical pick, seeing as how he’s still at war with another new RAW star, Edge. That feud some time to go, since Seth invaded Edge’s home on the Oct. 1 SmackDown. He and Edge need to be on the same show to play that storyline out. Speaking of that, do Edge and Beth Phoenix have a legit HR complaint toward the cameraman and sound guy who also waltzed into their house along with Rollins? Just curious.

SmackDown selected Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs. Fans seem to enjoy this duo and the show keeps its secondary titleholder in place with this pick. Sheamus is on the way over to Fridays, so he’s a possible new challenger.

RAW selected U.S. Champion Damian Priest: The previous pick telegraphed this one. Priest will remain on Mondays. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but the new version of Keith Lee would make sense as a rival for the title.

SmackDown selected Sheamus: As mentioned above, this gives the Celtic Warrior new scenery with an Intercontinental title chase as a logical program.


RAW selected AJ Styles and Omos: It’s smart to keep these two together. Omos is best used in short bursts, coming in and looking impressive for a few moves at a time. Styles, meanwhile, is a master worker who can carry a good match against nearly anyone and save Omos for those big moments.

SmackDown selected Shayna Baszler. This new acquisition for SmackDown brings a unique working style to Fridays with a fresh set of opponents. On her way off RAW, she might be used to launch Doudrop, a woman far more talented than any feud with Eva Marie could show, but Baszler is an interesting character and will add some variety to Fridays with her recent penchant for “injuring” others.

RAW selected Kevin Owens: With his contract coming up soon, it’s likely he’ll be used to put someone over since he might not be there long.

SmackDown selected Xia Li: One of the company’s goals is to make profitable inroads into the Chinese market. This is a step in that direction. Li was improving on NXT and has potential, but time will tell if she can be the star they have been hoping to build for Asia.


RAW selected the Street Profits: The Profits are athletic and charismatic, but they have been on both shows in their short time on the main roster, so it doesn’t make them particularly fresh.

SmackDown selected the Viking Raiders: This is a really good team that has been saddled with a bad gimmick and even worse comedy skits over the last couple of years. It seems if the company felt there was something in them, it would have put them in a more serious storyline by now.

RAW selected Finn Balor: Coming off a loss to Reigns, at least he won’t be having any bad matches. After taking that loss, it might be a while before he is up at main event level again.

SmackDown selected Ricochet: Tragically underused by WWE, his plight is similar to Keith Lee’s thus far on the main roster. Ricochet is a tremendously talented wrestler in a company seems to have no idea how good he is.


RAW selected Karrion Kross: From the false start during which he was buried, to the overwrought videos and retro-Demolition outfit, this show has been fumbling around with Kross for months. He’s a better act with Scarlett and has a look that could draw if used correctly for a change.

SmackDown selected Humberto Carillo and Angel Garza: This could be a terrific tag team if given a long-term chance. These two are strong workers and haven’t been teaming together too long. This gives the Friday night show some new tag team matchups.

RAW selected Alexa Bliss: After losing to Flair at Extreme Rules she had surgery and will be away for a few weeks. She’s likeable and while she’s not at the level of the top workers, the company loves her. Expect her to get plenty of screen time when she returns.

SmackDown selected Cesaro: He’s an excellent talent, with size and strength. Despite that, those making the decisions in WWE haven’t seen him as a main event guy. There’s no indication that’s changing.


RAW selected Carmella: She’s has a good look and can talk. She can fill out the mid-card and on a three-hour show, she’ll find steady work on TV.

SmackDown selected Ridge Holland: A main roster spot might be coming too early for NXT’s Holland, who has potential but could use some seasoning.

RAW selected Gable Steveson: There’s obvious upside in this Olympic gold medalist. He has outstanding size and athleticism. Considering he just signed with WWE and will still be wrestling at the University of Minnesota, he’s months away from being a steady presence on WWE TV.

SmackDown selected Sami Zayn: This is another example of a talented worker who has a low ceiling in today’s WWE.

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