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Who should be Impact Wrestling’s next X-Division Champion?

Impact Wrestling

Unparalleled is a word within the wrestling world that is used very scarcely. There are very few wrestlers, title reigns, weekly shows, managers, or storylines within the nearly 100 year history of professional wrestling that can be considered to be unparalleled – especially in the modern day product.

Josh Alexander recently had an unparalleled X-Division championship reign in the history of Impact/TNA, despite the reign only lasting 145 days. There’s a doubt among some wrestling fans that a long-term “babyface” champion can succeed in modern day wrestling, but Alexander easily put those claims to rest by having a strong run as the top dog in the X-Division. Alexander wasn’t booked to look dumb, had very strong wrestling outings (with a lack of great opponents), made the title feel a level of importance it hasn’t felt in years, and most importantly, elevated everything and everybody around him.

John Cena is often praised for his 2015 run with the WWE United States Championship for a multitude of reasons which can be applied to Alexander’s recent championship reign as well.

At the recent Victory Road special, Josh Alexander invoked his “Option C” and gave up his X-Division Championship. Shortly after, Impact Wrestling announced a tournament to crown a new champion.

A first round three-way match took place on the most recent episode of Impact television. The matchup saw Trey Miguel pitted against Laredo Kid and Alex Zayne, with Miguel coming out on top. There will be two other three way matches in the coming weeks, with the two winners of those respective matches meeting Miguel in a three way title match at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

Trey Miguel needs to be Impact’s next X-Division Champion. Looking up and down their roster, there isn’t a ton of talent that would be worthy or deserving of a title reign just yet – but I do believe Miguel is one of the exceptions.

The self-proclaimed “Fresh Prince Of Mid-Air” became a regular in Impact in late 2018, but his position on the company’s totem pole began to change in the mid-stages of 2019 when “The Rascalz” introduced themselves to the promotion. The trio experienced a sleuth of success together throughout multiple promotions in the short amount of time they were together.

After Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier departed for WWE and became Nash Carter and Wes Lee, Miguel’s contract with Impact expired shortly after. He weighed his options for a few weeks, but would eventually end up returning to the company. Throughout his tenure with Impact in 2021, Miguel has become a featured singles star and has vastly improved in multiple categories that make a well-rounded performer in today’s wrestling landscape.

Miguel isn’t the top performer in the company by any means, but he seems to get better as every month passes and a run with the X-Division Championship would only help him in the grand scheme of his career.

Impact Wrestling is a very mixed bag when it comes to using young talent to their fullest extent, especially when people like Tommy Dreamer were on TV regularly before his indefinite suspension from the promotion. While the company has done well with guys like Chris Bey, Rich Swann and Ace Austin, they have a track record of inserting older, “has been” talent into situations that aren’t necessarily deserved.

Miguel has been handled well by Impact so far, and I expect that to continue. The company seems firmly behind him as a future star and I believe that he checks a lot of boxes as a performer, including being charismatic and an overall good wrestler. Miguel would benefit from having a mouthpiece/manager along his side, as well as tapping more into his “heel” persona.

Trey Miguel is an essential part of Impact Wrestling’s future, and therefore he should be the person to fill the X-Division Championship’s vacancy and hopefully have a run as successful as the previously mentioned Josh Alexander.

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