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Tyson Fury Knocks Out Deontay Wilder To Retain WBC Title In Heavyweight Classic

In the sport of boxing, it takes two special fighters to deliver something truly unique. Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder’s third fight created one of the greatest heavyweight title fights in recent memory.

After nearly eleven complete rounds that saw as many twists and turns as the past 18 months that led to their trilogy bout, it was Fury who came out on top with a right hook knockout in the eleventh round to retain the WBC heavyweight title. 

Fury drew first blood in the third round of the fight with a big right hand that sent Wilder to the canvas. However, Wilder responded in a big way with two knockdowns in the fourth round, seemingly turning the tide in the former champion’s favor. 

But Fury’s superior boxing and footwork allowed him to quickly recover and he started outboxing Wilder, winning round after round after the fourth. Wilder appeared to be exhausted starting in the fifth round and was unable to defend against Fury’s heavy hands. 

Multiple times throughout the second half of the fight, Fury kept hurting Wilder, but Wilder refused to give up. Wilder showed incredible spirit at the end of the tenth round, moments after he got knocked down by Fury. Wilder fired off a rapid flurry of punches to end the tenth that seemed to even the odds, if only slightly. That flurry would be the last time Wilder had any success in the fight. 

Starting the eleventh round, Fury teed off on Wilder, hurting him once again with several heavy shots upstairs. Fury scored the deciding knockout with a big right hand to Wilder’s head that resulted in referee Russell Mora stopping the fight as soon as Wilder touched the canvas. 

Fury was ahead 95-91, 95-92, 94-92 on the official scorecards at the time of the 11th round knockout.

The fight capped off a heated rivalry between these two fighters that dates back to their first bout in 2018 that ended in a draw. They met again in a rematch in February 2020, which saw Fury score a TKO victory over Wilder. 

A third fight was supposed to occur immediately, but it was canceled due to COVID-19, leading to a tumultuous series of events that led to both sides going to arbitration that resulted in Wilder being granted the right to fight Fury a third time. 

This time, Fury made sure to end the trilogy with an exclamation point and proved that taking out Wilder in the rematch was no fluke. 

The heavyweight division has seen a number of champions since Fury ended Wladimir Klitschko’s decade-long reign as heavyweight champion. Now, only Fury and unified WBA, WBO & IBF titlist Oleksandr Usyk are the ones holding all four titles.

Usyk is more than likely going to fight Anthony Joshua in a rematch down the road, leaving Fury without an opponent at the moment. Dillian Whyte currently holds the interim WBC title, but he will be facing Otto Wallin, whom Fury beat back in 2019, on October 30.

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