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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – The Vets Start Turning On Each Other (Ep. 9)

the challenge recap

What did we learn in episode eight? We learned that according to CT, Priscilla is a sneaky mofo.

The Rundown

As the vets are humbled by Priscilla’s move, it’s one they respect, but also think sets her up as the biggest target in the game.

Josh realized that he’s not on Cory’s priority list and threw his name out there for possible elimination.

Cory and Nelson split everyone into three groups. He, Nelly, and Jeremiah are trying to stick together. Devin told Cory that he wants to see a veteran non-champion win. So no CT, no Ashley.

Logan told Big T that he doesn’t think he’s very high up with Cory and Nelson and wants to work against them.

The Daily Challenge

The agents played a game called Bombshell Battle. The idea was to fetch your four team colored soccer balls and when you were done, to then get the silver soccer ball. But there were only enough silver balls for half of the teams in the first heat and it would go down until there was only one left. If you got the silver one, you stayed in the game. If you didn’t, you were gone.

– Emanuel and Kaycee were the fastest in the first heat.
– Ed, CT, Josh, Cory, Nelson, and Kyle were trying to get the last remaining silver one and it was an all out fight. Cory tried to help Jeremiah so they were working together. And Kyle and Ed worked together too. Kyle helped Ed advance.
– In the second heat, Amber had a chance to grab the last silver ball, Kaycee went after her, but Amber just sat on her while she helped Big T move through.
– In the last heat, the guys were gassed. Logan, Nelson, and Ed fought for the third ball and Logan told them both they’d be safe if they don’t fight him. He made it through after Nelson pulled Ed off him. Logan and Nany are the agency.

Logan and Nany discussed sending Jeremiah and Amber into the elimination after the house vote.

Kyle, Devin, CT, Tori, and Ashley deliberated on sending Cory in. Ashley was sure he was targeting her.


Cory and Ashley argued as to who should go in between the two of them. It became an argument of who tried to break up the veteran alliance and why. It got nowhere.

Cory and Bettina were the house vote.

Cory and Kyle went at each other, which was more Cory’s frustration than anything else.


Logan and Nany chose Jeremiah and Amber to go into the elimination against Cory and Bettina.

This is a balancing game where the partners have to walk across an unstable plank with puzzle pieces. Amber and Jeremiah jumped out to an early lead and figured out the balancing part. But Cory and Bettina made the adjustments, caught up to them, and won the elimination.

TJ made it clear that they weren’t picking new partners. But he didn’t tell those who don’t have partners anymore what the game was. We’ll see next week.

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