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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – The Game Done Changed (Ep. 10)

the challenge recap

What did we learn in episode nine? We learned that the vet alliance may be done.

The Rundown

TJ was vague on the previous episode about what the deal is with the partners after the last elimination. Coming off his elimination win, Cory said he doesn’t trust anyone.

Bettina is a small town girl from Sweden and told Priscilla she needs to get out of the small town. Priscilla said she’s doing it for her mom.

Josh asked Logan about Big T and Logan made it sound like he’s done with her. Amanda FaceTimed back home to speak to her infant son.

The Daily Challenge

TJ told the house that it was time to adapt. They are done playing in pairs. The goal of the challenge was to race down a trail and find a sledgehammer. They had to then unlock a safe to find a gem and wait for part two.

– Nelson was the first guy to get the gem.
– Josh was the second.
– Ed and Cory were third and fourth.
– Priscilla and Emy were the first two women to finish.
– Each person had to put their gem on a platform cell to create Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire teams.
– Each team then had to use their sledge hammers to break cinderblocks so they could put the pieces inside a crate that would weigh itself down to expose the specific colored gem.
– The Emerald team of Josh, Devin, Tori, Nany, Logan, and Kaycee won and are spared from elimination. They became the agency. Everyone from the other two teams can be chosen for elimination.

Logan put Big T in the friend zone. The Emerald team had a pow wow to figure out who is going up for elimination on one of the two other teams.


TJ said it was a woman elimination. That meant Emy, Bettina, Priscilla, Big T, Amanda, and Ashley are available to be voted in.

Priscilla was compromised.


TJ told Priscilla that the decision to find her opponent from any of the non-agency teams was hers. She called out Ashley. It was now Ashley vs Priscilla.

The ladies had to dig out tires out of the dirt. They then put the tires on a beam before having a memorize a color scheme to then put the tires in the correct color order.

Ashley won easily. She got to choose between going back to her team or choosing one of the other teams. She chose to stay with her Sapphire team.

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