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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – Kyle’s Baby (Ep. 11)

What did we learn in episode ten? That TJ loves to change the rules.

The Rundown

CT has already thought about the strategy aspect of being on the teams. That’s why he’s CT. Cory said he’s not sure his Ruby team is all that and he focused solely on Kyle for not taking it seriously.

Cory decided to create a boot camp for his team.

Amanda gave Kyle all the gory details of what will happen when his girlfriend gives birth to their child, mucus plug included.

Tory said that what she likes most about Emanuel is that they can be weird together. And then she gave the weirdest face ever.

The Daily Challenge

The daily challenge featured all the team members per team having to jump across pillars while being up in the air above a body of water. If they get through all the pillars, they have to pull the plug and the team with the most plugs wins.

– CT was the only one to finish on the Sapphire squad.
– Cory from the Ruby squad finished. Kyle finished as well, but he didn’t exactly go by the rules. And Logan also finished, even with a bad hamstring.

– For Emerald, Kaycee finished as did Devin. Emanuel was last and he didn’t finish.
– TJ verified that Kyle was disqualified so it was a 2-2 tie. Because of that, the tie-breaker went to who did it the fastest and that was the Emerald squad.
– In addition to being the agency, they also received $3,000. Kyle’s screw up caused his team to lose money.

Logan was worried about being thrown in because he was injured. The Emerald squad talked about voting in Ed, but worried that he would infiltrate their team if he came back.


Kyle apologized to his Ruby team. Cory has taken the lead role on that team and he told them he was proud of them.

Ed told the deliberation room that he knew one of the two rookies were going in but that they shouldn’t vote in Logan because he’s not 100%.

Ed was the pick.

Ed and Logan talked strategy and Kyle said that if Ed didn’t pick him, he would never vote Ed in.


Ed had a hard time choosing between Cory and Kyle and he chose Kyle. TJ said the game was Pole Wrestle.

Kyle was the savvy vet, letting Ed burn himself out and won the first round after a long tussle. Ed battled hard in the second round, but Kyle still pulled it out, beating him 2-0.

Rather than join Emerald, Kyle chose to join CT on Sapphire and replace Nelson. Nelson was mad. But Cory was happy to have his boy Nelson back.

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