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The Challenge Season 37 Recap – Emy’s World (Ep. 12)

the challenge recap

What did we learn in episode eleven? Kyle is still the king of Pole Wrestle. And yes, he’s doing it for his unborn baby.

The Rundown

Nelson got in Kyle’s face and called him a snake and they went nose-to-nose. Nelson yelled and screamed for what felt like an hour and then right as Kyle left, Nelson apologized to the house for the screaming. He looked a little uneven there.

One would’ve thought Nelson would be happy to work with Cory. He said Kyle was now his target.

Kyle said his goal was to run a final with CT because all CT does is win. CT wasn’t so sure he and Kyle could work together.

CT tried to talk Emy into going down and coming to his team because he doesn’t think his female teammates are strong enough.

Amanda and Ashley were talking about Bettina who was straightening her hair and overheard. The scuttlebutt was that Emy was going to call out Bettina because she didn’t deserve to be in the game still. Cory gave her his ear. Look at the vet Cory helping out the young-ins.

The Daily Challenge

TJ called his mission very special. Because it’s the 500th episode, he went old school with Brush Contact. Of course, it started raining.

– The Emerald men got all the bags into the safe zone. Tori and Kaycee get $8,000 into the end zone, but Nany steps out of bounds.
– Team Sapphire only got $3,000 into the end zone and it caused Ashley to go off on her even though Betinna got her money across.
– Team Ruby didn’t get any money into the end zone.

Team Emerald has to nominate a woman to go into the elimination.

Bettina thought she was going in so she tried to politic with Tori to be the agency vote rather than getting nominated. She wanted to pick her opponent.

At club night, Nelson tried to tell Kyle why he was mad. He’s known to be a snake but also a good friend. Okay, there.

Bettina said she would choose Emy if it was a puzzle. They both had a chat which ended up with both of them getting upset and Emy screaming.


Amanda used an interesting strategy to stay out of the elimination. She said that if she won, she was going to infiltrate Emerald.

Emerald tried to talk Emy into going into elimination. In the end, they chose Emy to be the agency vote.


Emy called out Bettina.

The elimination is using a rope attached to a toy missile which has to hit targets. There are five targets to win.

Emy won easily. She chose to join the Sapphire team with Uncle CT and took Amanda’s spot. Amanda went to the Ruby team.

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