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October Patreon Update

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October is shaping up to be a big month for the Fight Game Media Network Patreon. We are debuting a brand new show in our $7.99 tier and have two giveaways, one each for brand new subscribers and current subscribers.

If you don’t want to read this and instead want to listen to the update, we’ve put it on both our Patreon, and in the YouTube video below.


All current subscribers who joined the Fight Game Media Network Patreon before October 1 will be entered into a giveaway for Jon Moxley’s new book “Mox”, which will be released on November 2. I’ve already read it and it’s very good.

All brand new subscribers who subscribe from October 1 and keep their subscription for the entire month will also be entered into a giveaway for the book. We’re giving away two books; one for current subscribers and one for new subscribers. Just by subscribing, you’ll be automatically entered.

I will reach out to the winners and you can choose which version of the book you want, either on Kindle or the hardcover.

New show

We’re adding a brand new show to our $7.99 tier. As current subscribers know, we don’t have a weekly show that covers WWE. That changes this month as The Wrap debuts this weekend. This podcast will focus on the top 5 things you need to know about WWE TV in case you don’t have the time to watch all seven hours of their product weekly. It won’t be a segment-by-segment recap as there are many places that already do that very well. This is a focus on the top 5 things going on based on the TV, both good and bad.

On the debut episode which will come out this weekend, of course, we’ll be talking about the Draft, which starts tonight on Smackdown.

The show will have a revolving door of hosts like Keila Cash, Paul Fontaine, and myself and co-hosts will include Scott Edwards and Scott Young, among others.

You can always join the Fight Game Media Network Patreon by going to the Patreon page for as little as $2.99 per month.

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