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DWCS Season 5, Week 9: Omargadzhiev scores win with kneebar; Basharat punishes Kahlon for weigh-in comments

Gadzhi Omargadzhiev defeated Jansey Silva via submission (kneebar, R1, 4:19)

Omargadzhiev took Silva down relatively quickly and put an enormous amount of pressure on him while on the ground. Silva tried playing a passive wait-and-bait strategy on the ground and paid for it dearly when Omargadzhiev locked him in a brutal kneebar to secure the impressive R1 victory.

Christian Quinonez defeated Xiao Long (unanimous decision, 30โ€“27, 30โ€“27, 30โ€“27)

This was a somewhatโ€“close dogfight between two strikers, but Xiao had trouble finding the appropriate range to put Quinonez down in a way we could take seriously. Quinonez surely won the first and third rounds, though a case could be made for Xiao winning the second, which is when he dictated the pace and outscored Quinonez in strikes.ย 

Javid Basharat defeated Oron Kahlon via submission (guillotine choke, R3, 4:12)

Javid Basharat served idiot fighter Oron Kahlon an ice-cold dish of vengeance on tonight’s episode of DWCS. Basharat impressed in what was not a fight but an absolute mauling of the undefeated Kahlon, and rightfully so, after Kahlon’s unsportsmanlike conduct over the past week. After missing weight by three pounds ahead of the bout, Kahlon then called Basharat a “terrorist” at weigh-ins. Basharat, who is originally from Afghanistan, provided Kahlon with a three-round response, picking Kahlon apart from beginning to end. The now 16โ€“1 Kahlon looked frazzled and swollen for the entire bout. Basharat finished Kahlon off with a guillotine choke, but not before nodding his head in confidence before getting Kahlon to give up. A warning to anyone facing Basharat in the future: Do not piss him off.ย 

Karine Silva defeated Yan Qihui via submission (guillotine choke, R2, 1:44)

Silva caught Yan with an elbow above the eye that lacerated Yan. She bled all over her Brazilian opponent, so much so to a point where it was hard to tell where the blood was coming from. Yan’s athleticism was impressive, and it was on display tonight, particularly when she used a massive double-leg takedown slam on Silva. Unfortunately for Yan, though, Silva’s fight IQ was clearly on a more advanced level: Silva sunk in a textbook guillotine choke before hitting the ground, which led to Yan tapping out soon after. Silva will become a serious player in UFC going forward, I imagine.

Manuel Torres defeated Kolton Englund via TKO (strikes, R1, 2:10)

This was the most controversial fight of the night. Englund claimed he was poked in the eye halfway through R1, but he erroneously stepped away to complain about it. Referee Herb Dean didn’t see it, nor did any of us watching at home, since it was at an obscure angle on camera. Dean didn’t stop the fight despite Englund’s protesting, and Torres capitalized, knocking him to the mat with a flurry of strikes until Dean made the TKO call. While it looked possible that Torres may have accidentally poked Englund in the eye, it was definitely clear enough for Herb Dean to stop the fight. This was an amateur mistake on Englund’s part, and he paid the price for it. Torres looked dominant in the win.

Olivier Murad defeated Xie Bin via split decision (28โ€“29, 29โ€“28, 29โ€“28)

The opening fight of the night was close. Xie circled fast and wide around the Octagon, but Murad’s boxing was precise throughout the fight. He caught Xie with a few devastating shots over the course of the match, constantly stalking and often connecting, which was enough to score him the split decision victory in the end.ย 


All but Olivier Murad were awarded UFC contracts after the fights tonight. Dana White put over the DWCS show by saying it was the “second-best MMA library” available, implying that the show has had better fights than PRIDE FC, Strikeforce and other promotions he wasn’t associated with. What we can reconfirm from this statement is that as long as your name is on the marquee, you can say anything you want, even when it’s painfully untrue.

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