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DWCS Season 5, Week 6: Mallot’s shocking 39-second victory earned him a UFC contract

The latest episode of Dana White’s Contender Series featured some of the most exciting action of the entire season, which included a wild firefight between Genaro Valdez and Patrik White in the bantamweight opener, plus a shocking R1 submission victory for Canada’s Mike Mallot in the welterweight main event.

Welterweights: Mike Malott defeated Shimon Smotritsky via submission (guillotine choke), 0:39 R1

Smotritsky, 21, went for a takedown just seconds into the fight, but he didn’t get very low, so Mallot immediately locked on a guillotine choke, dragging Smotritsky to the mat. Mallot hooked Smotritsky’s thigh to block him from coming forward.

And that was it: Canada’s Mike Mallot submitted Smotritsky with a guillotine choke in 0:39. It was the second-quickest finish in Contender Series history.

In his post-fight interview, Mallot was emotional and admitted to being scared earlier in the day before of the fight. The win hadn’t fully sunken in yet.

Ironically, Mallot’s older brother, Jeff, signed an NHL contract with with the Winnipeg Jets. A very successful week for the Mallot family, indeed.

Flyweights: Carlos Hernandez defeated Daniel Barez via split decision (29–28, 28–29, 29–28)

This two let loose in the first minute. The whole round was dense with strikes, actually. Neither really let up nor got an edge. Spain’s Barez connected with a variety of low and mid kicks. Hernandez footwork and level-changes were hyperkinetic and he wouldn’t stay still for Barez. Hernandez clipped Barez with a clean flying knee but Barez ate it and kept trucking like nothing happened. Both are explosive strikers. Barez saved himself late in the round with a massive double-leg takedown. He immediately went to Hernandez’ back and tried locking in a choke but couldn’t sink it in all the way before the end of the round.

At the beginning of R2, they didn’t hesitate to get right back into it. Less than a minute into the round, Barez connected with a beautiful one-two combo that dazed Hernandez. Barez clearly smelled blood and stalked Hernandez, pressuring him back against the cage. Hernandez responded with a hammer of a right hand that knocked Barez onto his back. Woah.

While Hernandez held Barez in side control, Barez tried to muscle his way out from the bottom but accidentally gave up his back. Hernandez flattened Barez out and attempted a rear naked choke, but he couldn’t finish. Barez was able to stand up with about a minute left in the round. Hernandez landed a few punches before Barez once again finished the round with another successful double-leg. That strategy saved him in R1 but wasn’t enough in R2, which Hernandez pretty clearly won.

The pace continued to cool in round three. Hernandez out-boxed Barez. Barez couldn’t connect with most of his kicks. Barez caught Hernandez with an eye-poke and the match was stopped briefly. Barez scored his fourth takedown towards the end of the round, or five out of nine attempts, total. He couldn’t capitalize on any of the takedowns, though, as Hernandez was able to escape and stand up every time. Hernandez went for a sloppy takedown. Barez responded with another double-leg attempt but couldn’t stick the landing this time. Both would unload a barrage of strikes in the last thirty seconds which Hernandez looked to get the better of. This was a wild fight that could have went either way.
Hernandez would earn the win via split decision.

Bantamweights: Fernie Garcia defeated Josh Weems via TKO (punches), 2:10 R1

-Garcia caught Weems with a wide haymaker a couple minutes into the first. It landed behind Weems ear and knocked him on his ass. Garcia went ballistic, unloading machine-gun punches that Weems couldn’t defend against at all. Big win for Fernie.

Middleweights: Joseph Holmes defeated Shonte Barnes via submission (rear-naked choke), 2:46 R2

Holmes is a self-proclaimed submission fighter who isn’t interested in flashy finishes. He came through on what he said in his vignette before the fight and stuck himself to Barnes’ back, then choked him out.

Backing up a round: Barnes was knocked silly with an inadvertent headbutt in R1. How much of an effect did it have on the outcome?

Barnes got sloppy on his feet in R2, which led to him exposing his back to Holmes, who locked in a rear naked choke to score the tap-out before the end of the round.

Lightweights: Genaro Valdez (10-0) def. Patrik White (9-2)—TKO (Punches) 0:44 R2

What an opener. This was wild from out of the gate. White blitzed Valdez at the horn, but Valdez hung in there without a problem and ripped White with shots of his own. Valdez pushed White against the corner, then slammed him to the mat with a high crotch. White countered quickly and both were back on their feet. 

The rest of the round was a chippy fight in the clinch until Valdez took White down again with a trip, then jumped onto his back and locked in a rear naked choke. White escaped to his feet and the two were again jammed against the cage, Valdez aggressive in trying to drag White back to the ground.

With two minutes left, these two again unloaded on each other. It was a volley of punches. Valdez knocked White’s mouthpiece out. He took White down again, and the two scrambled back and forth on mat until they were back on their feet.

They had another wild exchange in the last minute of round one with White having a crazy second-wind here. He was able to connect with at least a dozen shots in the final seconds, really damaging ones to the body and head. Valdez was bleeding from the forehead after getting caught with a shot in the final flurry.

Valdez looked like he was out on his feet in the last few seconds. He threw wild Hail Mary haymakers that didn’t coming close to connecting with White, who made him pay each time.

Round two picked up where round one left off, with White not letting up on the gas pedal as he headhunted for the knockout. Valdez continued to throw big shots that missed the mark like earlier.

In a split-second, the tides turned: Valdez caught White with a hard left that again knocked White’s mouthpiece out of his mouth. Valdez connected with the rest of his punches, which were massive, and they knocked White out cold. Herb Dean waved the fight off; Valdez comes back to win via TKO 0:44 seconds into R2.


Dana White awarded four contracts after the show., with Genaro Valdex, Fernie Garcia, Carlos Hernandez and Mike Mallot.

Despite winning his match earlier in the night, White revealed that Joseph Holmes had already committed to a fight at Fury FC in Denver, which will be a part of the Dana White’s Lookin’ For a Fight series. Holmes’ Fury FC match will be available to watch on UFC Fight Pass on Nov. 14.

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